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See'st thou that rock, from whofe heath-cover'd


Melvina, three old bended firs look down?

Green is the plain which at its feet is spread,

The mountain-flower there fhakes its milk-white head;
Two ftones, memorials of departed worth,

Uplift their mofs-cap'd heads, half funk, in earth ;
The mountain deer, that crop the grafs around,
See the pale ghofts who guard the facred ground,
Then ftarting, fly the place, and at a distance bound.

On feeing the Earl of CHESTERFIELD at a BALL, at BATH,


N times by felfishnefs and faction four'd,


When dull Importance has all Wit devour'd;

When Rank, as if t' infult alone defign'd,

Affects a proud feclufion from mankind;

And Greatnefs, to all focial converse dead,

Efteems it dignity to be ill-bred :—

See! CHESTERFIELD alone refifts the tide,
Above all party, and above all pride,

Vouchfafes each night thefe brilliant scenes to grace,

Augments and shares th' amusements of the place;
Admires the Fair, enjoys the fprightly ball,

Deigns to be pleas'd, and therefore pleases all.
Hence, tho' unable now this ftile to hit,

Learn what was once politeness, ease, and wit.


ROWN'D be the man with lafting praise,


Who first contriv'd the pin

From vicious fteeds to loofe a chaife,

And fave the necks within.

See how they prance, and bound, and skip,

And all controul difdain;

Defy the terrors of the whip,

And rend the filken rein!

Awhile we try if art or ftrength
Are able to prevail;

But hopeless, when we find at length

That all our efforts fail,

With ready foot the spring we press,

Out flies the magic plug,

Then, difengag'd from all distress,
We fit quite safe and snug.

The pamper'd steeds, their freedom gain'd,
Run off full speed together;

But having no plan afcertain❜d,

They run they know not whither.

Boys, who love mischief and a course,

Enjoying this disaster,

Bawl, Stop them! Stop them! till they're hoarfe,

But mean to drive them fafter.

Each claiming now his native right,
Scorns to obey his brother;

So they proceed to kick and bite,


worry one another.



Hungry at laft, and blind, and lame,
Bleeding at nose and eyes;

By fufferings growing mighty tame,
And by experience wise;

With bellies full of liberty,

But void of oats and hay;

They both sneak back, their folly see,

And run no more away.

Let all who view th' inftructive scene,

And patronize the plan,

Give thanks to Gloucefter's honeft Dean,

For, Tucker*,-thou'rt the man.

Early in the unfortunate oontest between the mother country and her American colonies, the Rev. Dr. Tucker, Dean of Gloucefter, published a pamphlet, intitled, An Addrefs and Appeal to the Landed Intereft; in which he proposed and recommended to the nation a total feparation from the colonies, the rejection of them from being fellow members, and joint partakers in the privileges and advantages of the British Empire, because they refuse to fubmit to the authority and jurifdiction of the British Legislature; offering at the fame time to enter into alliance of friendship and treaties of commerce with them, as with any other fovereign independent

dependent ftates. Not any one of thofe who are recorded in the history of this country in the renowned lift of her ableft ftatefmen, had he lived at this time, could have forefeen with more fagacity what was likely to happen from that fad bufinefs, or with greater wifdom provided a remedy to prevent it, than what the Dean's propofitions contained. But, alas! they were not attended to by those who only at that time could endeavour to carry them into execution; and, after a long struggle, in which much blood was spilt, enormous treasures wafted, and two British armies compelled to go into captivity, the parent state fuffered the difgrace of being compelled to furrender that, of which the Dean of Gloucefter long before, with the foundeft policy, advised her to make a free-will offering.-This pamphlet was the foundation of the preceding short poem, written about a year after it, in which the author, with that concifenefs as to the matter, and humour in the manner, fo peculiar to himself, recommends and fupports the Dean's plan. E.


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