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LONDON HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. tory in the course of the year amounts to The Eighteenth Annual Report of the 2005 English Bibles ; 12,297 English, and London Hibernian Society, read at its last 2000 Irish Testaments; presenting an annual meeting,announces that the Society increase of 890 Bibles, and 2368 Testahas in Ulster 326 day schools, containing ments, upon the distribution of the for31,702 scholars; in Leinster 31, contain- mer year; and a total of 108,902 copies ing 2,665; in Connaught 204, containing since the cominencement of the institution. 18,271 ; and in Munster 92, containing The Committee report a very general 8,719. Of these schools 188 are in con- and increased favourable disposition upon nexion with noblemen, or gentlemen re- the part of the clergy and gentry of the sident in the country, 274 under clergy- country to support schools and form men of the Established Church, ten under Auxiliary Societies. Even in Limerick, Dissenting Ministers, twenty-six under schools, containing upwards of 2000 chil. Roman Catholic Priests, and 574 without dren, have been connected with this Sothe benefit of local superintendance. No ciety within the last few months. fewer than 101 schools, and 9548 scholars, The last observation in the Report, of have been added to the list of last year. a general nature affecting Ireland, refers

It was proposed last year to connect a to the increasing opposition of the RomanSunday with every weekly school of the Catholic priesthood; but, it is added, in Society, where practicable; and this re- justice to the character and the disposi, commendation has been acted upon to a tions of the Irish peasantry, that the plan yery considerable extent. There are now of the Society is universally acceptable 238 schools, and 17,145 scholars. Inde- to those for whose benefit it was designed ; pendently of other advantages of the Sun- and that the advantages which it proposes day-school system, the benefits which re- to confer are eagerly accepted and gratesult from the Christian relations formed fully appreciated to the fullest extent they by the contact of the upper with the lower have been offered. With regard to the orders in the operations of a Sunday loose and indefinite charge of proselytism, school, are of the greatest importance to it is stated that no interference is permitthe welfare of Ireland. The Committee ted with ritual distinctions in the schools ; remark, that the general readiness of Ro- and that there is not probably a school in man-Catholic children to attend on the re- the Society's connexion, ramified as that ligious exercises of Sunday schools, has connexion has been through nine-andfurnished a most satisfactory refutation of twenty counties, where the parents of the the assertion of their hostility to a system Roman-Catholic children would not readiin which the Scriptures are exclusively ly depone to the good faith which has been used.'

kept by the institution in the observance In the Adult Schools, 10,117 persons of this particular understanding. Indeed, have been received under instruction dur- there are at this moment in possession of ing the past winter, making an increase the Committée, and the Society's princiduring the year of 1957.

pal agents, several hundred copies of voTwenty-two Scripture Readers were luntary attestations to this effect; each stated to be in connexion with the Society copy embracing the Roman Catholic palast year; the Committee now. report an rents of the children in connexion with addition of thirty-eight in the course of the particular School to which it has re'the present. To those who are acquaint. ference, ed with the moral condition of tie pea. Among last year's accessions to their santry of Ireland, and the almost insur- list of patrons, the Committee have pecumountable difficulties which it opposes to liar pleasure in adding the name of the the introduction of Scriptural truth, the Right Honourable Henry Goulburne, Chief Cominittee consider that it would be un- Secretary for Ireland ; a gentleman, they necessary to dwell upon the importance of add, “ whose official connexion with those facilities for doing good which be. the scene of the Society's labours is en long to the office of an itinerant reader. hanced by the still more important con.

In the circulation of the Scriptures, the sideration, that he is a sincere friend to Society has made a steady progress. The the cause of Christian education." . number of copies issued from the deposi- The Committee of last year reported a CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 269.


balance of 30001. in favour of the institu- guard against interference with the religion tion; which, in consequence of the in- of the children, teaching from the Scripcreased demand of the year, has been re- tures, by note or comment, written or oral, duced to 2,2001. The list of contribue by teachers or visitors, is strictly intertions for the present year, presents a total dicted. of 73381.

Ample time, however, is allowed, and

every encouragement given, for all classes DUBLIN IRISH EDUCATION SO- of Christians to attend to the religious CIETY.

education of their children. The ComThis institution, commonly called “the mittee conceive it an object of great imKildare Street Society," having lately portance, to train up the rising generation attracted much public notice, we present in habits of intercourse and mutual goodthe following abstract of its plan and pro- will, however they may differ in religious ceedings.

persuasion; and they consider that if it The receipts for last year were 12,6111. were permitted to persons of any sect, to including a parliamentary grant of 8,9991. inculcate their own peculiar religious opiThe disbursements were 14,2481. In nions in schools open for the reception of the “ Cheap Book” department 106,230 children of all persuasions, endless controvolumes have been sold and distributed versy, discord, and confusion would be the during the last year; making a total of inevitable consequence. 662,752 since the opening of the Deposi- The Committee remark ;tory in November 1817. The number of “We would say to the gentry-Educate scholars under the Society's care at the the people. Take up their own numerous commencement of 1823, was 51,637. In and ill-regulated schools. Establish new the Training School 154 schoolmasters ones. But let all be placed on a proper have shared the advantages of the institu- footing: the mere instruction of letters tion during the year. Applications for will not do: mere moral teaching will not admission into the Training School are do. Religion only will reach this deeply daily multiplying. The Gaol Schools in seated disease. Take care that they are connexion with the Society amount to se- imbued with the spirit of Christianity. venteen. In addition to 461 schools to Let them have the written word of God: which the aid was extended during the this is new to them, and it will do much past year, applications had reached the of itself. You will be opposed; but not Committee on behalf of 69 other schools, always : and you will succeed, if you pereither opened, or about to be established severe. Do this, and then do not expect in different parts of the country. The an instantaneous result. Be patient; and object of the Society is the education of be satisfied that the good effects are certhe people; and, in the prosecution of this tain-that they will come in due time, and object, it is their wish to remove every give peace to the country, and security to obstacle which may arise from the diver- property, and stability to the foundations sity of religious sentiment prevailing in the of society." country. In the earlier parts of education, they use such elementary books as contain MERCHANT'S SEAMEN’S BIBLE nothing peculiar to any religious denomi

SOCIETY. nation ; and when the pupils are advanced The Report of the proceedings of this in reading, so as to take their place in the Society, read at its last annual meeting, superior classes, the Scriptures are intro- conveys the following gratifying particuduced as the texc-book. The Society con- lars :sider this as a necessary part of the in- During the last four years, the Society struction of their schools: it is their ob- has been enabled not only to pay the ex- ject, not only to communicate to the youth penses of its establishment, which are necommitted to their care the ability to cessarily considerable, but also to pay its read, but also to direct their attention, debts to the parent society. The Combefore evil habits are formed, to the mora- mittee have received, during the year, an lity and religion of the Word of God, as a anonymous contribution of one hundred security against the prevailing vices of the pounds, with a second donations, to the age, to which so many of the rising gene. same amount, from the Court of Directors ration fall early victims. Where the chils of the East-India Company. During the dren are Protestants, the Protestant Ver- six years which have elapsed since its forsion of the Scriptures is used ; and where mation, 56861. have been raised to supply the children are Catholics, the Version of our merchant seamen with the holy Scriptheir own church is substituted. Lest tures; but as the loss to the Society on the this should not be deemed a sufficient Scriptures sold to seamen increases, in

proportion to the extent of their sales, and pecuniary emolument from the Society are as the agents employed in this important the two agents and the watermen employwork cannot be dispensed with, it is ed in carrying them afloat.-We may take strongly urged on all who take an interest another opportunity of extracting a few of in the Society's welfare, to endeavour to the interesting statements made by the increase the amount of its annual income. Society's agents relative to the reception

The disposition on the part of the sailors of the Scriptures by the seamen, and the to supply themselves with the holy Scrip- beneficial effects of their distribution. tures is not by any means diminished; for, although the exertions of the Society's MORAVIAN MISSIONS. agents in former years have been instru- The last Number of the United Bremental in furnishing thousands of seamen thren's “ Periodical Accounts” contains trading to the port of London, with the several interesting communications from holy Scriptures, and thereby diminishing the Society's missions in North America from year to year the number unprovided and the West Indies; with the partieuwith them, not fewer than 764 Bibles and lars of the last illness and decease of 144 Testaments have been sold to seamen Badma, one of two Saisangs, or nobles of at Gravesend in the past year. Besides the Burat nation, who came to reside in these, the Society's agent in London (who St. Petersburgh, in the year 1817, and has visited 4619 vessels in the port of Lon- who had become a true convert to the don during the year) has sold to seainen, faith of Christ. principally in the coasting trade,193 Bibles Appended to these communications is and 162 Testaments ; thus making an ag- the following Circular Letter from the gregate of 957 Bibles and 306 Testaments, Synodal Committee for the management or 1263 copies of the Scriptures sold in of the missions of the United Brethren, the last year; and if to this number be to the congregations and friends who added 35 Bibles and 133 Testaments paid assist in their maintenance, dated Bethelsfor in London, in the same time, the total dorf, Sept. 12, 1823. will be 1431. Independently, therefore, “ Dear Brethren,--Although the mainof numerous credible testimonies afforded tenance of the Brethren's missions among to the improved and improving religious the heathen, was not so expensive in the character of British seamen, the Commit- year 1822 as in the preceding year, yet it tee appeal to this foregoing fact; namely, amounted to the sum of 83211. Our rethat 1263 copies of the Scriptures were ceipts were 9646. in consequence of excold to seamen in the last year in proof of traordinary donations from friends and this highly gratifying conclusion.

benefactors, chiefly in England and Scot. In the first year of the Society's exist- land, which amounted to 55591. By this ence, not fewer than 1705 Bibles, and generous assistance we have been enabled, 4069 Testaments, were left by their agent not only to cover the expenditure of the at Gravesend without payment. Such past year, but to lessen the accumulated "was the lamentable destitution of sailors arrears of former years, so as to leave a as to the Scriptures! Whereas in the past deficiency in the general account of only year, such has been their inclination to 17311. You will unite with us in thanks purchase for themselves, and such the and praise to God for this extraordinary number found on board, either the property help, afforded us through the instrumenof individual seamen, or of the owners, tality of his children in other denominathat the agent at Gravesend has not tions, who so liberally contribute towards thought it necessary to leave more than 20 the support of his work, among the heaBibles, and 184 Testaments without pay. then, and rejoice with us in its prosperity. ment.

“ About the beginning of this year, As no expense is now incurred by (1823) 171 brethren and sisters were emgratuitous distribution, the Committee ployed in the mission, and there are now conceive that they are not expecting too two stations more than in 1821, with three much from the public, to be enabled by additional missionaries. There are at pretheir generosity to meet the loss incurred sent on our list sixty-two missionaries by the sale of Scriptures to seamen in the who have retired from activity, and sixtyforeign trade, and to pay the agents em- six children of missionaries educated in ployed in carrying this benevolent design our schools in Europe and America, for into execution; especially since they are whose maintenance we are bound to proable to challenge the closest scrutiny into vide. the economical expenditure of the Society's “ When we take a view of the course funds. The only persons who receive of our missions in the year 1822, we ac

knowledge, with deep humility and thank- culty attend the chapels, on account of fulness, that the Lord has again crowned distance. The last accounts from Barall our labours with success in Greenland, badoes give us hopes of a revival in that Labrador, North and South America, the mission. The distress occasioned by storms West-India Islands, and in South Africa and floods at the Cape, and, by a famine Two most valuable missionaries have en- which lasted two years, and caused inextered into the joy of their Lord, after pressible misery to the Hottentot populalong and faithful services : brother Jacob tion in and out of our settlements, has Beck, at an age of eighty-two years, fifty- been relieved by most liberal contributions, three of which he spent in the service of both in England, Germany, and Holland, the Greenland Mission, treading in the and by a good harvest last year, for which steps of his venerable father, one of the we unite with our dear missionaries in first missionaries in that country, and en. fervent thanks to our Heavenly Father. couraging two of his children to enter on The accounts from all our settlements at the same service; and brother Henry the Cape afford us the liveliest satisfaction. Marsveld, whom the Lord had endowed " It is indeed a remarkable and encouwith peculiar gifts for the renewal of the raging sign in these interesting times, that mission at the Cape of Good Hope, in the missionary efforts are more and more extenyear 1792. He was in tbe seventy-seventh sively made in many Protestant Churches; year of his age, and to the last period of and that by the British and Foreign Bible life, most active and faithful in his labours Society, and similar societies in different among the Hottentots. Tears of love and coumtries, the circulation of the holy gratitude followed these two worthy ser- Scriptures spreads in all quarters of the vants of God to their resting-places, in globe. As they are translated into all Greenland and at the Cape.

known languages, none need be left with“ In Greenland, we have the best hopes, out an opportunity of becoming acquaintthat the new settlement proposed to be ed with the word of life. We have reformed in the southern district will, byceived the most substantial benefit in Lathe mercy of our Lord, become the means brador, Greenland and other missions, of calling in yet more heathen, as the re- from the generous assistance of the Briception given by them to brother Klein- tish and Foreign Bible Society, for which schmidt at Narksamio was most favourable. may God richly reward them. Let us,

“ The small congregation of Christian dear brethren, continue to remember in our Indians of the Delaware tribe, residing at prayers, the great work committed unto Goshen, on the Muskingum, having been us, and entreat the Lord of the harvest, for several years on the decline, the few that He would also in future grant us the remaining Indians joined their brethren at favour to be helpful in gathering in the New Fairfield in Canada, and the settle. reward for the travail of Ilis soul, and ment. at Goshen has been relinquished. prepare in our church yet more labourers, Amor.g the Cherokees the seed of the whom He may send into His harvest.” word of God has not been sowed in vain, and its pleasant fruits appear to increase. PROGRESS OF EDUCATION IN At Paramaribo in Surinam, the mission

INDIA. among the Negroes is in a remarkably Every new advice from India confirms prosperous state, and the blessing of our the pleasing intelligence that education is Saviour has been manifest in all places making very rapid progrees among the naupon the labour of our brethren. In the tives. The establishment of the SchoolDanish West-India islands, as likewise in book Society has added greatly to this Antigua and St. Kitts, many thousand salutary impulse. The Calcutta School Negroes have continued to enjoy the pric Society alone has eighty-four schools vileges of the house of God, and consi- within the limits of the town. So perderable numbers have been added to the suaded is the Government of the great church by holy baptism. The ardent de- advantages that may be expected to result sire of the Negroes in the May-day-hills from the system of education which is in Jamaica, to have a missionary resident now in progress, that it has determined to among them, will, we trust, soon be ful appropriate a lac of rupees annually to this filled, if a place now offered, can be ob- object, in addition to all former grants. tained, and the means supplied for form - The Serampore Native Female Society ing a regular settlement. The new sta- meet with the greatest encouragement. tions in Antigua are Cedarhall and Mount. There are seventeen schools on the Sociejoy, and afford great convenience to the ty's lists, and three hundred and thirtyNegroes, who formerly could with diffi, five children. The average attendance is about two hundred and thirty. This is in The Address then concludes as follows : Serampore and the immediate neighbour- “ The undersigned having learnt, that hood. The extensive plans of the Church 'fears have been expressed, that applicaMissionary Society, the Society for pro- tions of the nature now made to this counmoting Christian Knowledge, &c. are fa- try might be considered by some as deromiliar to our readers.

gatory to the American Episcopal Church;

· and by others, as implicating it in a conTHEOLOGICAL SEMINARY IN ! nexion with the Established Church of OHIO.

the United Kingdom, injurious to the We mentioned with much pleasure, in integrity of its own political allegiance ; our last Number, that a mutual arrange- disavow on their own part, and venture to ment had been made among the friends of disavow on the part of the other friends the American Episcopal Church, in favour in this country of the American Episcopal of three important institutions, for the Church, any implication of this naturebenefit of that interesting portion of the tendering for themselves, and soliciting Christian communion. An Address has from others, contributions in support of just been circulated, signed by Lord Ken- measures which manifestly tend to the yon, Lord Gambier, the Rev. Dr. Gaskin, consolidation and efficiency of an infant and H. Hoare, Esq. in favour of one of church in a rising country, with no other these objects, the intended seminary at feeling than that of affectionate regard to Ohio, from which we copy the following it as sprung from their own, and labourpassages :

ing, in the midst of difficulties and dis“ The undersigned, having engaged to couragements, to maintain and extend that act as trustees of a fund now raising in system of doctrine and discipline which this country, to assist in the establishment they all judge most conducive to Christian of a theological seminary in the diocese of edification and the glory of God. Ohio, in the western territory of the United “ The undersigned cannot but notice, States of America, beg to solicit the con- as a strong additional motive for supporttributions of benevolent persons to that ing the plans of Bishop Chase, that the fund. Aware that some objections have Roman Catholic Bishop in the State of been made to this design, the trustees are Ohio, according to information lately rehappy to state, that those objections have ceived from that quarter, is now on a spebeen withdrawn; as will appear from a cial mission at Rome, in order to solicit circular lately issued under the sanction of the means of establishing a College in the Right Reverend Bishop Hobart, of Ohio; while it is announced, in the public New York, in which a similar application papers of this country, that the pope has is inade in behalf of two other important lately made an additional annual grant of and valuable establishments specified in 24,000 dollars (5000 guineas) to the Sothe following extract.

ciety De Propagandâ Fide, for the support ** In thus making known the general of the Roman-Catholic Church in North wants of the American Episcopal Church, America. As the great importance of there is no wish to interfere with the ex- making early efforts in the new settlements ertions which are in successful operation of America will, doubtless, cause much in favour of the theological school in the of this wealth to flow to the westward, diocese of Ohio. On the contrary, it was the friends of the Protestant faith will feel considered desirable to bring all these in- à peculiar obligation lying upon them to stitutions unitedly before the public: but strengthen Bishop Chase's hands. the subscriptions for the Ohio seminary “ Under these circumstances, and behaving commenced, that circumstance has ing convinced that the strictest conformity been considered by its friends as present to the general constitution and canons of ing an obstacle to this measure. While, the church, and the most scrupulous retherefore, the subscription for the diocese gard to the unity of that church, has chaof Ohio proceeds as a separate object, the racterized Bishop Chase's proposal, the General Theological Seminary, and the undersigned cannot but applaud the un. Episcopal College in Connecticut, are also dertaking, and heartily recommend it to now jointly presented to the benevolent the support of all who sympathize with cousideration of the friends of the Ame- their fellow-Christians, destitute of the rican Episcopal Church.'"

blessings attending the appointed means The Address proceeds to detail the pe- of grace, and are grateful to God for their culiar necessities of the diocese of Ohio, own spiritual privileges in this highly-fawith the particulars of whieh our readers voured country.” are already acquainted.

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