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style better adapted to the present state of in those islands of the Southern Ocean, learning than that formerly existing, has which, from their recent profession of been undertaken by a Greek ecclesiastic, Christianity, offer at the present moment and is carrying on at the expense of the so interesting a spectacle. Some copies Society in London. The Syriac, Arabic, of the Acts of the Apostles in the Tahitian and Armenian languages are used by nu- language, have just been received in this merous bodies of Christians in the Turkish country, the Gospels having been preempire, and for these also large editions viously printed. have been prepared, and extensive distri. Next to the operations carried on imbutions effected. The operations of the mediately by the Parent Society, it beSociety in this quarter of the world have comes necessary to notice those conducted been carried on by the Rev. H. D. Leeves, by similar institutions in foreign countries, and Mr. Benjamin Barker, the Society's not indeed auxiliary to it, but closely conagents, whose exertions, directed by pru- nected with it. Most of them have been dence and discretion, have been eminently established by the instrumentality of the successful. Nor must the exertions of the Society in London, have adopted the Bible Society in the lonian Islands be same fundamental regulations, and have overlooked in this survey. This institution been largely assisted by its grants of has rendered, as might, from its locality, money and books. be anticipated, very important services in Of these societies, that established the distribution of the Greek Scriptures. among the Protestants of France, is one

In South America, it was last year of the most interesting. The number of announced that the Holy Scriptures had its auxiliary and branch societies has infound admission. This opening has not creased to seventy-five; the associations been in vain; the demand for them in in Paris alone amount to the number of this quarter is now most extensive; and thirty-four; and in other places many the facilities for the operation of the Pa- new ones have been added. Nor is it the rent Society, in this new and almost un- least gratifying part of the statement to bounded field, great and encouraging. find that some of these are Ladies' AssoApplications crowd upon the Committee ciations. A very excellent address on with more rapidity than they are able to this subject has been published by the meet them. From Lima especially the ladies' committee at Paris, which will inost gratifying accounts have been re- be found translated in a recent number ceived. The Bible is eagerly sought there, of our work. The distribution duand a remittance of 2991. has been received ring the past year has extended to 4,050 from thence, accompanied with the most Bibles, and 8,304 Testaments. On occaurgent request for further supplies. 5000 sion of a supply of the Scriptures being Bibles were requested; and indeed one cor- sent to Paris from London, it is observed, respondent has written, that were 10,000 “ We saw the moment approaching when sent, they would all meet a ready sale. we should have been obliged to suspend Who can refuse to indulge the hope, that our issues of Bibles, had not your Society a day of clearer knowledge and purer light come to our assistance by this fresh grant. is beginning to dawn upon the benighted Our warehouses and our depositories, in inhabitants of this immense continent? various places, are unable to answer the

The indigenous population of some parts great demands." Many pleasing instances of these same countries seem likely soon of the beneficial operations of this most to participate in the benefits of similar important society and its auxiliaries have operations, a version having been proposed been from time to time recorded in the and commenced in their behalf in the Monthly Extracts. Peruvian language.

The Netherlands Bible Society have Before concluding a view of the Bible distributed in the last year above 8000 Society's operations, we must look lite- Bibles and Testaments; they have, morerally to the ends of the earth,” and the over, extended their attention to the most distant "isles of the sea.” Letters Indian possessions of their country, where have been received from the Missionaries a translation into the Javanese language in Labrador and Greenland, expressive of has just been completed under their their warm gratitude for the seasonable auspices. supplies of the Scriptures which the Es- In Germany and Switzerland Bible Soquimaux and Greenlanders have received cieties are established in most of the printhrough the intervention of the Society; cipal towns, which are making silent and

while the printing of the New Testament steady progress in supplying the inhabi· is at the sane time carrying on, by its aid, tants of their respective cantons and distriets with copies of the Holy Scriptures. second, a sixth, and even a fifteenth imWhere all are active in their own spheres, pression. One single circumstance, the it might appear unjust to particularize ; recent translation of the Scriptures, for but the societies of Wuertemberg and the first time, into the Modern Russ lanBasle seem peculiarly to deserve honour- guage, enabling at once so large a portion able mention, having so far enlarged their of the inhabitants of the empire to read of spheres of action, as to have found the the wonderful works of God in their own means of distributing, the former 97,811, tongue in which they were born, is almost and the latter 146,630 Bibles and Testa. in itself sufficient to indicate the peculiar ments in various languages. The tour of blessing of God upon this great society. Dr. Steinkopff in these quarters, during the When we consider the struggles which past year, has been productive of the best other nations of Europe, under circumeffects. It

stances not very different from those of To the Societies of Prussia, Denmark, Russia at the present day, have had to and Sweden, the same remarks are appli make for similar versions, we shall be cable as to those of Germany and Switzer- better able to appreciate the extreme im, land. A brief account of the proceedings portance of the peaceable acquisition of of each particular branch may be gathered such a work as the modern Russ translafrom the detailed Report of the British and tion. Twenty thousand copies of the Foreign Bible Society. Suffice it here to New Testament in this dialect have been observe, in general, that, by means of already printed; and an edition of 10,000 these institutions, depositories have been copies of the Pentateuch is now carrying established at every central point of Pro- through the press. testant Europe, which promise, under the One other important institution remains Divine blessing, to prove permanent to be noticed, the National Bible Society sources of supply, whence the inhabitants in the United States of America. Its of these countries may confidently expect auxiliaries amounted, by a recent statethat their children, and their children's ment, to 396; and 307,205 copies of the children, will be able to draw abundantly Scriptures had been distributed since the of the waters of Eternal Life. Nor are establishment of the Society. Many these benefits confined to any particu- places, however, it is remarked, have been lar communion. Many members of the discovered, where hundreds, and thouCatholic church enjoy them in common sands, and tens of thousands of families with their Protestant brethren: and many are still destitute of the Scriptures. The enlightened ministers of that church see exertions of the friends of the Society with delight their flocks enjoying the fruits continue, nevertheless, to increase, and to of the labours of such men as Dr. Leander be crowned with success in various quarVan Ess. Of this indefatigable servant ters. From Philadelphia especially, in of Christ, it will be sufficient to state one addition to domestic operations, opporfact, that, in the course of the past year, tunities being afforded of frequent commuhe has been instrumental in putting into nication with South America, supplies of circulation nearly 50,000 Bibles and Testa- Spanish Scriptures have been from time ments, making the grand total, since the to time forwarded to that interesting commencement of his labours, upwards quarter of the globe. of 500,000 copies.

Such have been the operations of the Of the great Bible Society established Parent Society, and of the foreign instiin the Russian Empire, it is difficult to tutions connected with it, during the past speak fully, and yet briefly. Its various year. The unlooked for opportunities auxiliaries, forming a chain of Biblical which have presented themselves, both institutions from Georgia to Archangel, for preparing new versions, and giving an and from Riga to the interior of Siberia, increased circulation to those already in continue their important operations. Du- existence, have seemed indeed to say, in ring the past year, the Moscow committee the language of Scripture, “Go in, and has distributed above 4,500 copies of the possess the land, for I have given it urito Scriptures ; that at Woronesh 6000; that you; fear not; " while, at the same time, at Riga'above 2000; and similar results they afford a pledge that every country might be collected from other points. now inaccessible to the light of Divine Versions have been completed, or at- truth, shall not always remain so. They tempted, in almost every dialect spoken encourage us to trust that He who before throughout this vast extent of country ; his anointed Cyrus opened the gates of and those before in existence have been brass, and cut the bars of iron asunder, reprinted; some of them have reached a and delivered Babylon, deemed improga nable, into his hands, will also grant his volumes circulated by the Society since its word a free course; that word which is establishment 42, 129, besides the copies a spiritual weapon, mighty through God which Auxiliary Societies may have obto the pulling down of every strong-hold tained from other sources. The number in which ignorance, error, delusion, and of Bibles and New Testaments issued by iniquity, have been, and now are, but too the different Bible Societies in France is firmly entrenched.

estimated at 50,000; “ yet," add the Committee,“ what has hitherto been done

is but trifling, when compared with what PARIS BIBLE SOCIETY. still remains to do ;" for, how much Whatever relates to the progress of true soever we may be inclined to underrate religion in France deserves to be regarded the Protestant population of France, we with intense interest, especially at the are far, very far, from having satisfied all present anomalous period of French his- the wants of our religious brethren in this tory. Amidst many dark clouds, we have country. had the satisfaction of witnessing various hopeful indications, of which the formation and progress of the Paris Bible Society are NEWFOUNDLAND SCHOOL among the foremost in importance. The

SOCIETY. Fifth Report of that Society contains the We announced in our Number for Aufollowing particulars of its progress during gust 1823, p. 521, the formation of this the last year.

Society, and presented an outline of the The sum received from auxiliary so proceedings which took place on that occacieties amounts to 9387 francs, and far sion. We cannot too strongly express surpasses their contributions in any pre our conviction of the great necessity which ceding year. By following up the system existed for such an institution; and we of establishing branch societies, which rejoice to find, that it is liberally patro. the Committee has uniformly recommend. nized by his Majesty's Government, and ed, the Auxiliary Society of Castres alone, is daily gaining the confidence and support in the department of Tarn, was enabled, of the public. The Society has just pubat the close of the first year of its esta- lished its first annual Report, from which blishment, to remit the sum of 1500 we collect the -following account of the francs.

progress of its operations during the “ Nor can we," says the Report, “pass year. over in silence another class of subscribers, The British population of Newfoundland who will no doubt awaken a lively interest is about seventy thousand souls, and there in their behalf; we mean the pupils at- are not more than sixteen schools in all the tached to our Protestant schools and in- island-that is, one to about four or five stitutions. We more particularly allude thousand inhabitants. It must be obvious, to those belonging to the churches of that such a state of things is utterly inBourdeaux, Nismes, Asnières, Chatillon compatible, not only with intellectual adsur Loire, the obscure villages of Sulzern vancement, but with moral and religious in the Upper Rhine, and to various esta culture. blishments in this capital. The donations In furtherance of the objects of the Soof these dear children will be regarded by ciety, the Committee have been engaged, you as doubly precious, when considered during the past year, in circulating inforas affording a speaking proof of the excel- mation throughout the country, respecting lent feelings which animate the rising the need of schools in Newfoundland, and generation, and as announcing the dawn have endeavoured to obtain the necessary of a new life and godly zeal among all the patronage and support to their institution. Protestant churches of France. May the Mr. Codner, the friend and founder of the Lord vouchsafe his blessing to these gene- Society, has advocated its cause, either rous children ; and preserve in their hearts personally or by his friends, at those places a holy ardour for distributing the word of which are more especially connected with life, and for cvery thing which is good and the Newfoundland Trade, namely, Edinwell-pleasing unto God!”

burgh, Glasgow, Greenock, Liverpool, The associations established in the capi. Birmingham, Lichfield, Bristol, Hereford, tal have already produced the sum of 1222 Gloucester, Exeter, Dartmouth, Bridport, francs by subscriptions, and 625 francs by Teignmouth, and Torquay. In addition the sale of Bibles. The number of copies to contributions at home, the Society has disposed of during the year amounted to called forth considerable interest in Trinity 12,251, making the aggregate number of Bay, Newfoundland, where an auxiliary 11. Des As

1 :,hatrangut

has been established, which has remitted stitution, they add, « fraught with incalthe sum of 351. The whole amount of culable benefits, not only to the present the receipts during the past year, is 11401. settlers in Newfoundland, but to genera

Encouraged by this success, and believ- tions yet unborn." ing it to be the promise of greater prospe- Subscriptions are received in London rity, the Committee have engaged two by Messrs. Whitmore and Co., Lombard schoolmasters and a schoolmistress, who street; Messrs. Hatchard, Piccadilly; have been duly instructed in Dr. Bell's Messrs. Seeley, Fleet street; and Mr. system of education, and have sailed for Nisbet, Berner's street: by Samuel CodNewfoundland.

ner, Esq., Teignmouth; Messrs. Sanders It having been represented by the Com- and Son, Exeter; Mr. W. Richardson, mittee to Lord Bathurst, the principal bookseller, Bristol; and by the Secretary, Secretary of State for the Colonial Depart. Percival White, Esq., Clapham. Comment, that the Society, in order to com- munications may be addressed to the mence its labours with advantage, would Assistant Secretary, Mr. Mark Willoughrequire a grant of land in some convenient by, at the Society's office, No. 13, Salisbury place in the colony, to be appropriated for square. the site of the intended schools of the Society; and also, that it would be exceedingly desirable to procure for the schoolmasters SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE WIDOW and schoolmistresses, going from this OF THE LATE REV. JOHN SMITH country to Newfoundland, a free passage

OF DEMERARA. on board his Majesty's ships of war or We are requested by the Committee transports; his Lordship was pleased to for managing this Subscription to state, communicate his compliance with their that the amount of the donations already request. His Lordship has also promised received for the benefit of Mrs. Smith is to issue such instructions to the local go- 8241, 195. 9d.; that, though disappointed in vernment of Newfoundland, as he may the smallness of this amount, the Comconsider adapted to the purpose of sup- mittee have sufficient proof that there is porting the extension of school establish- no want of proper feeling on the subject, ments on the proposed footing, within that but that the failure has originated in the colony. His Majesty's Government has supposition that the subscription would also testified its cordial approbation of the be so general as far to exceed what views of the Society by a pecuniary grant should be required; and that, to obviate of 5001. towards the expense of the build. this error, the Committee 'make a further ings, and of 1001. per annum for the salary and earnest appeal to the religious public of the master.

for subscriptions, stating, that their object The Committee particularly mention is to raise the sum of 25001. to provide the prospect of general advantage likely therewith a life-annuity for Mrs. Smith to result to the population of Newfound. of about 1501.; and that this sum it is land, from the wise and truly British sy- fully believed the friends of missions will stem of government lately established by deem but a reasonable provision for the the Legislature in its favour-a system widow of a persecuted missionary, having which, by substituting civil for naval au- herself also suffered in health to a degree thority, confers on our fellow-subjects perhaps irreparable. there an equal participation with ourselves in the civil and judicial privileges of our common country. By thus wisely

AMERICAN MISSION TO THE giving to Newfoundland a native govern

BURMAN EMPIRE. ment, a solid foundation is laid for the The differences with the King of Ava gradual rise of those institutions, which having brought the circumstances of the are at once the earnest and the effect of Burman empire prominently before the moral improvement and social order. British public, our readers will feel inte

The Committee remark, that, “ while rested in the following particulars respectthey record with feelings of the most ing the only Christian mission hitherto grateful respect the considerate and well. made to that extensive and populous timed liberality of his Majesty's Govern- country, that of the American Baptists. ment, they are nevertheless bound to de- We trust that the painful circumstances clare, that it is to the piety, benevolence, which have brought us into closer, though and feeling of the British public that they hostile, contact with that nation, will at least must look for the substantial and perma- have the ultimate good effect of exciting nent support of their institution;" an in- towards these unhappy Pagans the sym

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pathy of British Christians, and especially courtiers conversations were several times of our Anglo-Indian countrymen, their held on the subject of Christianity. About immediate neighbours, for the supply of four months were spent in Ava. Leaving their spiritual necessities, so soon and as that place in January 1823, the missionaries far as circumstances may permit. , arrived at Rangoon early on the 2d of Fe

The American Baptist Mission to the bruary. A piece of ground had been obBurmese was formed in 1813, at Rangoon, tained, and Dr. Price and Mr. Judson the chief sea-port of the empire, about 670 were to return to Ava, and settle there miles south-east of Calcutta; and several under the sanction of the King. No dismissionaries have been appointed to the position to tolerate the Christian Religion station. The necessity for native teach- had yet been manifested by him, but he ers to perpetuate and extend the mission, had never persecuted the disciples of any has led to the establishment of an asso- creed ; and it was hoped that the removal ciation in the city of Washington for the of the missionaries to Ava was only a premaintenance of a Burman missionary, liminary to the unimpeded introduction of the annual expense of which is estimated the Gospel into the Burman empire. not to exceed sixty dollars.

During the first half of 1822, Mr. Judson was chiefly occupied with the transla- WESLEYAN MISSIONS IN THE tion of the New Testament into Burman. · WEST INDIES. He had attempted this work after about The Committee of the Wesleyan Misfour years' residence in the country; but sionary Society have published an account laid it aside, from a conviction that a of the objects and effects of their misfuller acquaintance with the language was sions among the slaves in the West India necessary for the production of a good colonies, chiefly for the use of members translation. In the early part of 1821, of the West-India proprietary, who may after nearly eight years' study of the lan wish to obtain information on the subject. guage, he entered, with settled purpose, From this account we extract the followon the work. Family prayer also was held ing interesting statements. every evening, in Burman ; and public “ To those who think that religious worship on Sunday afternoon, when from 'principles are the basis of all improvethirty to forty persons attended.

ment in the condition of our fellow-creaAbout this time an important change tures of any class, we can appeal with took place in the circumstances of the mis- confidence for the proof of our success; sion. Reports of Dr. Price's medical and and can state, that in the minds of the surgical skill bad reached the ears of the many thousand Negroes we have enumeKing ; in consequence of which an order rated, and in upwards of 10,000 children was dispatched from Ava, requiring his of this description, 6,000 of whom at least attendance at the palace. The improving are taught in Sunday schools, and the state of the mission rendered the absence remainder catechized without being taught of any of the missionaries from Rangoon to read, either from objections on the part at that time very inconvenient, but their of their owners, or from the want of opduty was clear. Mr. Judson had pro- portunity, the principles of religion have ceeded far in the translation of the New displaced the darkness and ignorance of Testament, and thus writes of the state African superstition, and that they are of the people in August 1822: _" This made acquainted with all the leading morning I administered baptism to the truths of the Christian religion, and their eighteenth Burman convert. Two more application to the heart and to the life. still remain; the one deterred by the fear This, considering their natural ignorance of Government, and the other by fear of and their peculiar circumstances, has been her husband. Add to these a desirable a work of no small labour and sacrifice; number of hopeful inquirers ; and I feel a work of prayer, and tears, and persethat I am leaving, at least for a time, one vering exertion, by the men whose names of the most interesting fields of labour have been cast out as evil, and of whom that was ever opened to a missionary. But of late in some of the colonies the most the path of duty seems to lead to Ava.” opprobrious epithets have been thought

Mr. Judson and Dr. Price, leaving the fitting and characteristic. That work, mission in charge of Mr. Hough, set out however, has been achieved ; and from for Ava on the 28th of August, and reach year to year rays of indirect light and ined that place on the 27th of September. fluence have been shed into the surroundThey were favourably received by the ing mass of ignorance and vice, from those King, with whom and some of his chief who have exemplified in their holy lives CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 273.

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