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crowded roThe Society has distri. he has disposed riof nobless than Obuted in the last years upwards of 33,000 copies of his New Testa13000 Bibles and Testaments. There ment, and other versions of the Holy Yare many of the merchants and Scriptures.19. Among Catholic pro- manufacturers who take a lively in- fessors and students, and more - terest in the Society's prosperity; bespecially among the parish miniraiding it by their money, ytheir sters, in almost every province of

counsel, dand their prayers. The Germany, the circle of his acquaint

collection amounted to 290 dollars ance is enlarging. ti ojai Ylisqerg Cat the doors, and 150 at the altar. ork. The Wurtemberg Bible Insti

1 « Taking a walk to a hill, from tution, compared with other contiwhich there is a beautiful prospect ynental societies,o is one of the most of the town and of the Wupper active. The King, the Queen, the

Valley, in which it is situated, I - Queenab Dowager, wo the Duchess - found a monument erected to the Louisa, with other distinguished first messenger of the Gospel to personages, have repeatedly enthese parts,' S. Switbert; who came couraged it by their donations. ad from England in 649 and died in 719. V604 Yesterday I took a circuitous triga The Darmstadt Bible Society road through the provincial town of is now in full activity. A regular Boeblingen, where I had assisted Committee has been organized, con--three years ago in the establishsisting of very respectable clergy and ment of an auxiliary.ou The veneralaymen. Leander Van Ess has been ble Dean, who presided on that inappointed treasurer and secretary. teresting occasion, has since been The demand for the Scriptures is removed from these lower regions wonderfully increasing. The Testa- of sin and sorrow to the celestial ments,distributed among the soldiers, I mansions of eternal rest and perfect promise a great and lasting blessing. bliss; but to my great comfort I Instead of spending their leisure hours found the present Dean equally at the public house, manyare observed favourable to thel Biblical cause.

sitting under the shade of a tree, There is not a single parish in his sisilently perusing the words of lifedeanery which has not sent in some Brand salvation. Many of the officers contribution, and also recei slare buying copies. Some general supply of Bibles and Testaments.

received a fr officers have been appointed mem-- Soon after the establishment of a albers of the Committee. The Mini- Bible Society, a Missionary. Assobister of Finance has been chosenciation was formed in aid of that al Vice-President. Two thousand co-existing at Basle." An apprehen

pies of the New Testament were sion prevailed, at first, lest the two 29 sent to the office of the war depart- institutions might clash; but so far ment; and afterwards distributed from proving injurious, they have on

to the colonels of the different regi- the contrary proved highly benefiWoments, by whom a certain number cial to each other. The schoolas were allotted for each company. masters have proved peculiarly usei The hospitals have likewise been ful, in discovering the want of the

furnished with copies. The Pro. Scriptures, and in collecting the offessor is indefatigable in his ex- mites of the industrious poor. xertions to complete the translation 5*I prosecuted my journey to bland printing of the Old Testament.wards Ebnath, the centre of the 11879There are still many of the Toggenburg Bible Society, where I al Catholic parish clergy who support met the Committee, consisting of - our intrepid friend Leander Van three clergymen and four laymen. boEss, in his noble enterprise of dis-" These friends labour and pray, to seminating the word of life, and that in their valleys and on their

since he first came to Darmstadt" mountains the word of Christ may (which is little more than a year) dwell richly, that it may be found in


every cottage, and rule in every They feel exceedingly cheered by heart, that even their dark, récesses the accounts of the zeal and activity may be illumined by this beavenly displayed by British ladies.': light!', I was particularly struck by « The meeting of the members the genuine regard and affection and friends of the Bern: Bible which our Toggenburg fellow-la- Society, which I attended after bourers felt and expressed for their wards, was numerous and highly British friends. - In their labours respectable. The Landamman exthey rejoice, in their triumphs they pressed bis astonishment and satriumph. Oppressed (said the pre- faction at the truly wonderful sident) as we sometimes feel, by the success which it had pleased God to discouragements we experience in grant to the labours of the British our sphere, we turn our eyes tos and Foreign Bible Society. The warda; the great, work of God in meeting of the Ladies' Associations Great Britain, Russia, and other proved peculiarly gratifying. To still more remote parts of the world; behold so many ladies of the higher and feel invigorated and cheered and middle ranks of society, en17" At Zurich I met, in the house gaged in tbis work of mercy with of the venerable Antistes Hess, the such cordiality and perseverance, members of the Committee of the filled my mind with joy and devout Zurich Bible Society, and a friend gratitude. They have sent consi ly deputation from Basle and Win: derable contributions to the funds terthur. The aged Antistes, now of the Bible Society ; furnished eighty-three, opened the transac- hundreds of female servants with the tions by an address, the principal word of life and salvation, prudently ideas of which he had written; but preferring cheap sale to gratuitous whieb beo delivered freely, with a distribution; and have discovered degree of intellectual strength and in most of their subscribers a readianimation which would bave as- ness of mind, not only to receive the topished you. He appeared like a Scriptures, but also to give their patriarch in the midst of a beloved money. Some of the ladies - pay familys, all present hanging upon a particular attention to female his clips, and catching, as it were, prisoners, some to orphans, others to every syllable he uttered, evidently peasants; and they have such satisunder an impression that those lips, factory proofs of real good done by from which so much matured wis- the circulation of the Scriptures, dom and such parental affection that they prosecute their work with flowed, would soon be closed in alacrity and pleasure. One indeath.

Eroti stance was mentioned by the I proceeded to Arau, where I venerable Wyttenbach, ofia promet with a truly paternal reception figace husband completely reformed from the president of the Argovian by the means of a Bible given za hisi Bible Society, the Rev. Mr. Hun- wife. Ons He now attends the worship ziket,si under...whose : direction a' of God, which he had totally neglectat Ladies' Association has been formed. ed before. in 1897 1 10 6 bune Imetait yesterday morning... Six " At Basle, the circulation of the marriedisandisas many unmarried New Testamgenpramongitravellingti ladies were present. They cannot mechanics, occupied the attentiou agt with the same freedom as ladies of the General Committee auton in England, but they cheerfully per- wards of an hour. bele wasortatet form, whatbtheirs peculiars circume: by the secretary, that only of laraq stances allow them ato dos. They an attempt had been made to insg have brought intoo circulation via troduce the Scriptures among this number of Bibles iand Testaments, numerous class of people and is and also made a present of 50 franos great was their desire to receiver to theo Argoviant Bible Society. them that within a short periode 1000 Protestant, and as many active auxiliary exists: there ; and, Catholic, Testaments of the version though it has lost by death its valuof Van Ess had been disposed of able secretary, who had translated among the young men belonging to the first. volume of Mr. Owen's almost every province of Germany, History of the Bible Society, God Prussia, and Switzerland. The has raised up, on behalf of this Antistes, in the name of all present, auxiliary, other active promoters assured me, with that genuine Swiss and friends. Two deans attended openness and sincerity, and those the meeting, one belonging to the truly Christian feelings, which Lutheran and the other to the Recharacterise him, that they felt the formed Church. Drill deepest obligation to the British and “I had to pass the provincial Foreign Bible Society for the gene- town of Vaihingen, where I had rous aid and cheering confidence succeeded three years ago in the which they had enjoyed on its part, establishment of an auxiliary. A from the very commencement of short Report of its proceedings was their Society; that they owed its read: several thousand forins had very existence to the example and been collected, and upwards of encouragement of their British 1200 Bibles and Testaments circufriends; and while they would never lated. A fresh collection in the cease to pray for the prosperity of deanery is to be made ; and an the parent of all Bible Societies, unanimous resolution passed, that they should) : also consider it a an address should be drawn up by sacred duty and high privilege to the Dean, immediately printed, and prove faithful stewards of what their copies transmitted to every clergy. own countrymen, as well as their man for circulation among his British friends, might be pleased to parishioners. The officer of governa place at their disposal. A solemn ment added his requests that each prayer concluded the whole; and clergyman would have the goodness we returned home more determined to recommend the cause of the to serve our God, and to render auxiliary from the pulpit to the ourselves useful in our day and attention and liberality of his generation. i ?"... . people, and also send in as accurate

6 I proceeded to Canstadt, a an account as possible of the want celebrated bathing-place,about three of the Scriptures still existing." ! miles distant from Stuttgardt. An


AMONG THE JEWS. FROM the last Annual Report of and anniversary sermons, during the this Society we extract the follow- past year, have been attended by ing particulars.. . , Jews. In the account of the Nort

The funds for the year amount wich anniversary it isi remarked to 12,4261., being an increase be- "A great interest' was excited at yond that of last year of 1,5021. several of the sermons, by the at.I

There is stated to be an increas. tendance of a number of Jews, who ing disposition to inquiry among the heard, with respectful attention and Jews in this country. Their rabbies lively interest, what was delivered not unfrequently discuss points of to themselves and respecting their controversy, and remark. upon the nation." At the Liverpool anniversi proceedings of the Society, in the sary, a sermon preached expressly pages of the Jewish Expositor, and to the Jews was attended by from these discussions and remarks are, thirty to forty of them, and some for the most part, conducted in a pleasing conversation was held with mild and temperate spirit. Several them afterwards in the vestrpels 506 of the Society's provincial meetings. The Monthly Lectures on the


Old-Testament Types, at the Epis- Jews at present, which we cannot .copal Chapel, Bethnal Green, have but consider as preparatory for always been attended by some, and greater things, and at least hail as a occasionally by several, Jews and sure token that we have not entered Jewesses. Three Jews, two Eng- upon the great work in which we lish, the other a Polish Jew, have are engaged at all too soon. We been baptized on these occasions. meet with abundant proofs that the A fourth Jew was baptized at Chi- time to sow the seed is fully come." chester, and a fifth at. Manchester. There exist, at present, two inThe Committee hope well of the stitutions for the reception of Jews sincerity of all these converts. . in the neighbourhood of Dusseldorf,

The following have been the is- both still in their infancy, and ensues from the depository of the tirely independent of each other. Society during the past year: He. One of them, at a place called Dusbrew, German-Hebrew, and Judeo- selthal, is under the sole direction of Polish, Testaments, 4,472; Pro- a nobleman of distinguished piety phets, German and Hebrew, 3,577; and benevolence, Count Von der Hebrew Bibles and Testaments to- Recke Von Vollmarstein, who has gether, 1,510; total Scriptures, in long been deeply interested in the whole or part, 9,559; Hebrew and cause of Israel, and has devoted a German-Hebrew Tracts, 99,682.; considerable part of his property to English, 36,940.

the promotion of their welfare. His · In the Missionary Seminary be- institution, however, is not confined longing to the institution, there were to Jews, but is an asylumfor destitute seven students. Four missionaries children of all denominations, as had gone forth in the service of the well as a kind of colony for Jewish Society during the year. The total proselytes to Christianity; who, number of missionary agents. em. however, are admitted only on the ployed under the direction of the condition of learning some useful Society, or in connexion with it, trade. The other institution is at a was eighteen.

place named Stockham, and is more · The Society's, foreign proceed- immediately devoted to the recepings have been carried on chiefly in tion of such Jews as are suffering Holland, Germany, Prussia, Poland, want and persecution on account the Mediterranean, Palestine, and of their profession of Christianity. India.

Clothing and subsistence alone are In Holland, a small association provided, and these on the indispenhas been formed in Amsterdam, for sable condition of learning useful the purpose of raising contributions trades. to the funds of the Society. The The Secretary of the Elberfeld Directors of the Jewish Synagogue Society writes; “Allow me to trans at a town in Guelderland, bad ap- mit to you some copies of a small plied for Hebrew New-Testaments, pamphlet, containing an account of and Tracts in Polish and German the solemn baptism of a Jewish Hebrew. Mr. Thelwall has em- convert, who had formerly been a ployed a converted Jew, who was rabbin. He is now on a tour among baptized many years ago, in circu. his Jewish brethren." Soome lating tracts among his brethren; The circulation of the Scriptures, and who finds, in every part where both of the Old and New Testahe visits, great readiness to receive ment, forms a principal means of and read the Society's tracts. carrying the Society's views into

From Germany Mr. Thelwall, who effect. On this subject a commo. had travelled in that country for nication has been received from Mr. the Society, writes: “ In every place Deiss, at Tambach, in which he we find some traces of the great says, “My Jew Rosenberg, after work that is going on among the an absence of seventeen days, came


home in safety from his missionary iliary and Branch Societies, pertoar. He carried (in spite of very mitted the correspondence to pass inclement weather) on his back, a free of postage-granted to a load of eleven Bibles, sixty-six 'Teg. missionary sent out by the Central taments, and many Tracts, which Society, a free passport through the her has disposed of among nine whole sphere of his mission and Jewish congregations. By this time condescended to accept the office twenty-nine Jewish congregations of god-father to two Israelites, who are provided with Bibles and New were publicly baptized in his ca-' Testaments; and the Holy Spirit pital.

THE 1912 will, I trust, prepare their hearts for The Berlin Society has printed the reception of the saving truths 3000 copies of the New Testament contained in them; for every sign in German-Hebrew from stereotype of our time evidently declares, that plates. Professor Tholuck has com the day to manifest his glory among menced a periodical work in GerIsrael is now at land. A large man, entitled, “ The Friend of number of Jewish congregations Israel.” The number of Jews inmight yet be provided with the structed and baptized in Berlin word of God, if I had a suflicient alone, in the course of eighteen stock of Bibles and Testaments." months, amounts to fifty. ponsor Co The cause of the Society advances Professor Tholuck, speakingoftwo steadily in the Saxon territories. interesting converts some monthis Mr. Goldberg, the Jewish convert, after their baptism, says, “ Our two is still engaged at Dresden, chiefly Jews from Berditcheff thrive to our in the work of a schoolmaster, satisfaction. They make a rapid which he prosecutes in a Christian progress in learning. We have spirit. Four grown-up persons were scarcely ever witnessed such eagerpreparing for baptism.

ness to acquire knowledge. Their Mr. Smith, the Society's mission inner man also grows in the grace ary at Leipsig, writes : « On my of the Lord. The Jews with whom arrival in Dresden, I received a let- they converse, they endeavour to ter from Count Dohna, saying, that bring to Christ. With several of on the Sunday following, the Jewess, them they have had very impressive Mrs.

and seven of her conversations, and two of them they children, would be baptized, and have brought very near to the light requested me to be one of the wit of truth. Even the more obstinate nesses. At the time appointed, the Jews do justice to these two young church, which is very large, was men, and declare them to begenuine crowded to excess." Sixteen Jewish Christians." 1930 od 280 converts were present on the oce Nor are these by any means the casioni 90 Woll A * 29.fimw xtipo 2

only evidences, in connexion with TeThe Committee next turn their at the Berlin Society, of the progress tention to Prussia : which yearly as- which Christianity is making among sumes a more important rank among the Jews. Professor Tholuck writes; the foreign associates of the So- It is in general a netv and cheer ciety, not only in reference to the ing phenomenon of our day, to see numerous Jews resident within the among students in divinity so many Prussian dominions, but also as a sons of Abraham. The number of centre of communication with the them at Breslau is considerable surrounding countries. aarot 1801

The Polish Jews continue to ens of The Berlin Society for promoting gage a principal share of the atten Christianity among the Jews con- tion of the Society, and of those con tinues to enjoy the most decided nected with it abroad. TOTAL marks of the favour of his Prussian Mr. Handes, a missionary sent Majesty, who has given his sanc- out by the Berlin Society, spent dion to the laws grayn tion to the laws drawn up for Aux- some time at Posen, In Prussiach

1952AUX: Sumerums no CHRIST, OBSERV. APP.

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