The Newspaper Press : Its Origin, Progress and Present Position, Հատոր 1

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Էջ 143 - I wrote it in Exeter Street, I never had been in the gallery of the House of Commons but once. Cave had interest with the door-keepers. He, and the persons employed under him, gained admittance : they brought away the subject of discussion, the names of the speakers, the side they took, and the order in which they rose, together with notes of the arguments advanced in the course of the debate. The whole was afterwards communicated to me, and I composed the speeches in the form which they now have...
Էջ 185 - ... he has — and I believe you have no reason to triumph in the encounter. In short, after carrying away our royal eagle in his pounces, and dashing him against a rock, he has laid you prostrate. King, lords, and commons are but the sport of his fury.
Էջ 57 - The ready and easy Way to establish a free Commonwealth, and the Excellence thereof, compared with the Inconveniences and Dangers of re-admitting Kingship in this Nation.
Էջ 93 - Wherever God erects a house of prayer, The Devil always builds a chapel there: And 'twill be found upon examination, The latter has the largest congregation.
Էջ 99 - These devils of Grub Street rogues, that write the Flying Post and Medley in one paper, will not be quiet. They are always mauling Lord Treasurer, Lord Bolingbroke, and me. We have the dog under prosecution, but Bolingbroke is not active enough ; but I hope to swinge him. He is a Scotch rogue, one Ridpath. They get out upon bail, and write on. We take them again, and get fresh bail ; so it goes round.
Էջ 411 - Ago," — which now relate to a period between seventy and eighty years since — some very amusing reminiscences of newspaper life at the close of the last and commencement of the present century.
Էջ 88 - Courant (as the Title shows) will be Publish'd Daily : being design'd to give all the Material News as soon as every Post arrives : and is confin'd to half the Compass, to save the Publick at least half the Impertinences, of ordinary News-Papers.
Էջ 394 - I gave thee so many talents, what hast thou done with them ?' Secondly, overwhelmed as I am with a sense of my direful infirmity, I have never attempted to disguise or conceal the cause. On the contrary, not only to friends, have I stated the whole case with tears, and the very bitterness of shame ; but in two instances, I have warned young men, mere acquaintances, who had spoken of having taken laudanum, of the direful consequences, by an awful exposition of its tremendous effects on myself.
Էջ 110 - Should Dennis publish, you had stabb'd your brother, Lampoon'd your Monarch, or debauch'd your mother ; Say, what revenge on Dennis can be had ? Too dull for laughter, for reply too mad : On one so poor you cannot take the law ; On one so-old your sword you scorn to draw ; Uncag'd then let the harmless monster rage, Secure in dulness, madness, want, and age.
Էջ 101 - This is the day on which many eminent authors will probably publish their last words. I am afraid that few of our weekly historians, who are men that above all others delight in war, will be able to subsist under the weight of a stamp and an approaching peace.

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