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Transmitted for the American Almanac, by Dr. J. G. Flügel, Leipsic.

At the close of the year 1849, the total length of all the German railroads opened for passengers amounted to about 918 German geographical miles * (of which eighty miles had been opened in the course of 1848). If both the tracks of the Maine-Weser line from Cassel to Frankfort, which were opened during the year, be added to this, there will be about 928 German miles of practicable lines of railroad, of which 335 miles belong to the different governments.

Of the individual German States, Prussia owns an extent of 340 German miles, Austria 187, Bavaria 82), Saxony 553, Hanover 48, Baden 42, the Electorate of Hesse 33, Wurtemberg and Holstein each 25, MecklenburgSchwerin 19, Anhalt 12, Brunswick 11), Saxe-Weimar 10.

The Wurtemberg Railroads, as well as the Budweis-Linz-Gmunder horse line, are at present quite isolated. The Upper Rhenish railroad system, which comprehends the Baden government line, the Maine-Neckar line, the Palatinate Ludwig's line, the Taunus line, and the lines from Frankfort to Offenbach, Hanau, and Friedberg, is separated from the large NorthGerman system of roads by the unbuilt portion between Friedberg and Marburg, as the Bavarian lines are separated by the tract from Plauen to Reichenbach, and the Austrian southern line by the tract from Gloggnitz to Muerzzuschlag (over the Sömmering).

The private lines belong to forty-one joint-stock companies, the funds of which amount to one hundred and fifty-eight and a half millions of thalers, to which other loans to the amount of sixty-two and a half millions should be added.

In the present year the incompleted portions of the Wurtemberg government line, as well as the whole Prague-Dresden Railroad (of which till now only two miles, from Dresden to Koenigstein are practicable), will be opened ; in addition to this, probably a further tract of the Maine-Weser line (from Marburg to Giessen), as well as the remaining part of the Mecklenburg Railroad, is expected to be finished.

Leipsic, May, 1850.

* A German mile is equal to 4.60 English miles.


Page 104. – William L. Hodge has been appointed Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and

has been appointed Treasurer, vice William Selden, resigned.

Page 105. — Edward C. Dall is Assistant Treasurer at Philadelphia, vice James R. Snowden, removed.

Page 106. — John Wilson is appointed Principal Clerk of Public Lands; John M. Moore is Chief Clerk of Surveys, vice John Wilson, and Robert G. Campbell, Secretary to sign Land Patents, vice E. M. Evens.

Pages 107 - 109.— Postmasters. — George W. Gordon is Postmaster at Boston, vice William Hayden; Joseph Mitchell at Nantucket, Mass., vice James H. Briggs; George W. Dole at Chicago, Ill., vice Richard L. Wilson; and Calvin Gold at Shawneetown, III., vice Joseph B. Barger.

Pages 109, 110. Collectors. – David Bronson is Collector at Bath, Me., vice Benjamin Randall; Charles J. Abbott at Castine, dice B. W. Hinckley; William Ketchum at Buffalo, N. Y., vice Levi Allen; Charles W. Hill at Maumee, Oh., vice. J. H. Forsyth; and T. Butler King at San Francisco, Cal., vice James Collier. Add, Samuel Barney, Monterey ; H. E. Robinson, Sacramento City; William C. Ferrell, San Diego ; and Madison Walthall, San Joaquim.

Page 111. – Jacob A. Cast is Naval Officer at San Francisco.

Pages 111, 112. Registers, 8c. - Blanton P. Fox is Receiver at Champagnolle, Ark., dice Ezra Hill; Blewford Johnson at Edwardsville, III., dice J. G. Cameron; and Gideon Fitz at Jackson, Mo., vice Ralph Guild; Lemuel Wilson is Register at Newnansville, Fa., vice Samuel Russell ; David B. Webster at Kalamazoo, Mich., vice Isaac Moffatt; and Alexander Spaulding at Green Bay, Wisc., vice Harry F. Brown. Samuel D. King is Sur. veyor-General of California. Page 113.

- John R. Chenault is Indian Agent at Osage River, vice Charles N. Handy, and Simeon Francis in Oregon, vice Anson G. Henry, resigned ; Elias Wampole is also Indian Agent in Oregon, and Redick McKee and George W. Barbara are Indian Agents in California. Charles S. Todd, Oliver P. Todd, and Robert B. Campbell are Commissioners to procure information, &c., as to the Indian tribes on the borders of New Mexico, under the act of September 30, 1850, and George W. Barbara, Redick McKee, and O. M. Wozencraft are Commissioners under the same act to make treaties with the Indians in California.

Pages 121, 122. — Nady List. — Captain Fitzhugh is dead, and Commander Abbot becomes Captain. By this promotion, and by the death of Commander Byrne and the resignation of Commander Rutledge, Lieuten

ants John H. Marshall, Thompson D. Shaw, and Robert D. Thorburn become Commanders.

Pages 127, 128, and 129.- George W. Morrison, of Manchester, is elected Representative in District No. 3 in New Hampshire ; Jared Perkins, of Winchester, will contest the seat. Chester Butler of the Eleventh District in Pennsylvania is dead. Henry A. Bullard is elected in the First District in Louisiana.

Pages 132 - 137. Judiciary. — For the districts and terms of the courts in California, see Titles and Abstracts of Public Laws, No. 52, page 345. The officers of the courts are, Northern District, S. A. Benjamin, Judge. Southern District, John P. Healy, Judge, and Pablo Norieco, Marshal. – William T. Joynes is Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, vice Robert C. Nicholas.

Pages 137 - 141. — Charles J. McCurdy, of Connecticut, is Chargé d'Affaires to Austria. In Brazil, Robert B. Davidson is Consul at Rio Grande, vice Thomas McGuire ; and John W. Petit is Consul for the Island of Maranham. In France, J. B. C. Antoine is Consul at Sedan, vice M. Hollander; Charles Andony is Consul at Napoleon Vendee, the capital of the Department of Vendee; and Isaac C. Bates at Aix-la-Chapelle. In Great Britain, Joseph R. Croskey is Consul at Cowes; D. O. Kellogg at Glasgow, vice James Cowdin; and James Foy at Dublin. Samuel Bromberg is Consul at Hamburg, vice Philo White; C. G. Baylor at Amsterdam, vice Albert Lange; William H. Ropes at St. Petersburg, vice A. P. Gibson; and Alex. M. Ross at Puerto Cabello, vice Southy Grinalds.

Pages 145, 146. — William M. Stewart, at San Francisco, is Vice-Consul of Russia for all the ports of California. J. B. Fahar, at New Orleans, is Consul of Switzerland, for Ala., Ark., La., and Miss.; and Philip G. Franz, at Detroit, for Mich., Wisc., Iowa, and Min. Ter. F. E. Dixon is Vice-Consul of the Two Sicilies at Philadelphia. F. A. Stokes is Vice-Consul of Uruguay at Galveston.

Page 177. – Edward C. Dall is Treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia, vice James Ross Snowden. Page 203.

- Governor Hubbard's term of office expires in January, 1852. For C. S. Williams, read C. K. Williams. Enoch L. Lowe is elected Governor of Maryland; his term will expire January, 1854. Reuben Wood is elected Governor of Ohio; his term will expire December, 1852.

Page 240. Banks is chosen Auditor-General of Pa.; Brawley, Surveyor-General, and Morrison, Canal Commissioner.

Page 244. – Enoch Luis Lowe is elected Governor of Maryland. Term expires 1st Monday in January, 1854.

Page 263. — James Webb is Secretary of State of Texas, vice William D. Miller, and Ebenezer Allen Attorney-General, vice John W. Harris.

Pages 274, 275. — Reuben Wood is elected Governor of Ohio. His term will expire 1st Monday in December, 1852. The residence of Philemon Bliss is at Elyria, dice Painesville.

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