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service. The whole number of the militia is 59,638, comprising nine divisions and forty-five regiments.

During the last fiscal year, the amount received into the treasury, to the credit of the common school interest fund, being the revenue of the common school fund for that year, was $20,989 41 and during the same period $28,076 06 were distributed in accordance with existing provisions of law for support of schools.

The revenue of the University fund, the last year, was $9,703 52. In accordance with the provisions of “an act authorizing the receipt of obligations of this State in payment of University lands," approved Feb. 28, 1844, and of “an act for the relief of the University of Michigan,” approved March 11; 1844; the indebtedness of the University, on account of the money borrowed for its use, is reduced to $60,787 52. This diminution of its debt, will greatly relieve the institution from its previous embarrassments.

I am not aware that any legislative action is expected or required at the present session, essentially altering the system of education, now existing in the State. If any change be deemed necessary, it is believed that it should be restricted to the management of the funds devoted to that purpose. The strictest accountability should be required of all in any way intrusted with the sale of school and Uni. versity lands, or with the investment of their proceeds. Losses in some instances have already been sustained, and the utmost caution should be observed to prevent their recurrence.

The number of students in the University is about fifty; and the number in its branches, though varying at different periods of the year, exceeds one hundred and fifty. The number of children in the State, between the ages of four and eighteen years, reported to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, is eighty thousand four hundred and seventy-five; and the number taught in common schools, seventy thousand two hundred and twenty-seven. The low standard of the qualification of teachers in these primary institutions, is found to be one of the greatest impediments to the advancement of education. The interest, however, that seems recently awakened, and the increased attention that is every where paid to the subject will, it is believed, correct this evil.

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