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ERRATA SHEET On page 166, the remarks attributed to Mr. Gutermuth should be credited to Mr. Remus, general manager of Detroit's Metropolitan Water Supply System.

On page 248, combine the first and second paragraphs to read as follows:

Senator Nelson. They have, incidentally, been one of the companies in the paper industry field who have conscientiously dedicated money and effort and energy to doing something about it. This is an enlightened company. I wish all companies were as enlightened as this one, but that is not the case by any stretch of the imagination. If they were not so dominant in the market maybe they could not do some of these things.

On page 559, the paragraph beginning on line 9 should read as follows:

Senator NELSON. I would like to add here, Mr. Chairman, in my little town we have two lakes, and, from the time before I was born until a few years ago, the creamery discharged all

of its whey into the larger of the lakes, so that it was unusable all of my lifetime.

On page 600, the paragraph beginning “Mr. Smitu” and the next paragraph should be combined to read as follows:

Mr. Smith. Yes; that I would agree with. Senator Nelson- I am sorry he has gone would reiterate that our relationships with local and State officials in these pollution abatement cases have just been incredible. When one witness tells me, tells the committee and I listen to it, that his relationship has been good, I am reminded of my ex-boss, Mike DiSalle, who used to send a friend out to find out how some of his field officers were doing.

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