A Digest of the Laws and Ordinances for the Government of the Municipal Corporation of the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: In Force January 1, A.D. 1906

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Էջ 172 - one-third for one year, one-third for two years, and onethird for three years. The mayor and superintendent of schools of the municipality shall be ex-officio members of the board. The terms of office of the members of the board appointed by the mayor or burgess shall be for three years.
Էջ 179 - indirectly, any money, or other valuable thing, to procure m,y nomination or election (or appointment), except for necessary and proper expenses expressly authorized by law; that I have not knowingly violated any election law of this common/wealth, or procured it to be done by others in my behalf; that I will
Էջ 30 - The commissioners so appointed shall each receive three dollars per day, except the surveyor, who shall receive five dollars per day, and mileage at the rate of ten cents per mile for every mile necessarily traveled, for each and every day necessarily employed while in the performance of their duties, to be paid out of the county funds.
Էջ 108 - Any person refusing to take such oath shall forfeit his right to the office, and any person guilty of a violation thereof shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, and to undergo an imprisonment not exceeding one year, or either, at the discretion of the court.
Էջ 173 - for the management of such library ; to be held and controlled by such board, when accepted, according to the terms of the deed, gift, devise or bequest of such property, and as to such property the board shall be held and considered to be trustees.
Էջ 221 - but the general assembly may, by general laws, exempt from taxation public property used for public purposes, actual places of religious worship, places of burial not used or held for private or corporate profit, and institutions of purely public charity.
Էջ 68 - property taken, injured or destroyed by the construction "'"' or enlargement of their works, highways or improvements. whether such assessment shall have been made by viewers or otherwise than upon a trial in court, and an appeal is not provided for, or regulated by existing laws, an appeal may be taken by either party to the court of common pleas of
Էջ 103 - for any purposes other than those so stated ; and the said city shall, at or before the time of authorizing the said loan [provide] for the collection of an annual tax sufficient to pay the
Էջ 172 - library in charge, may adopt in order to render the use of said library and reading room of the greatest benefit to the greatest number, and said board may exclude from the use of said library and reading room any and all persons who shall
Էջ 76 - of the state, he shall have removed therefrom and returned, then six months) immediately preceding the election. III. He shall have resided in the election district where he shall offer to vote at least two months immediately preceding the election. IV. If twenty-two years of age or upwards, he shall

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