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chief clerk with a salary of $2.000. one clerk | the officers of the arms and navy. and of with a salary of $1,800, and one clerk with a Freedmen's Bureau, to prohibit and prevent salary of $1,600. The commissioner shall make whipping or maiming of the person, as a punishan annual report to Congress, and his first report ment for any crime, inisdemeanor or offence, by shall present a statement of the land grants by any pretended civil or military authority in any Congress to promote education, their manage- State lately in rebellion until the civil government, the amount of funds arising therefrom, ment of such State shall have been restored, and and the annual proceeds of the same. March shall have been recognized by the Congress of 2, 1867.1

the United States. SEC. 6. All militia forces now CHAP. CLIX.-Rights of Volunteers.--In organized or in service in either of the States of computing the service of any army officer, the Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Geortime of all actual service shall be taken into gia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, account. This provision shall apply to all and Texas, shall be forthwith disbanded, and appointments under the act 1866, ch. 299. All the further organization, arming, or calling into rules as to pay, rank, duties, &c., shall apply service of the said militia forces, or any part alike to officers and soldiers of the regular army thereof, is prohibited under any circumstances and of the volunteer service. State militia whatever, until the same shall be authorized by shall not be affected by this act. Emoluments Congress, The President, in a message of March of commissioned ofhcers of army shall not be 2, protested against Sec. 2 of this act, which, he increased by act 1864, ch. 145. The first section says, “in certain cases virtually deprives the of act 1865, ch. 79, shall not be retroactive. President of his constitutional functions as Com[March 2, 1867.]

mander-in-Chief of the Army," and against Sec. CHAP. CLXII. -Howard University.--Incor 6, “which denies to ten States of the Union their porates the Howard University in the District of constitutional right to protect theinselves, in any Columbia. Its net annual income shall not emergency, by their own militia." But not exceed $50,000 over and above and exclusive of withstanding his protest against these two secthe receipts for the education and support of tions he signed the act, lest, “by withholding his the students of the University. [March 2, 1867.] signature, the necessary appropriation be defeat

CHAP. CLXIV - National Theologicul In- ed.” (March 2, 1867.1 stitute, - Amends an act of May 10th, 1866. CHAP. CLXXIV.- Nary.--The Admiral shall Changes the name of the National Theological be the ranking officer of Navy. Section 6 proInstitute” to that of the National Theological vides that disabled persons, who have served as Institute and University. The corporation may enlisted persons in the navy or marine corps for hold real estate to the amount of $250,000, and twenty years, shall receive from the naval penshall have the right to confer degrees, and allsion fund half of their rating when discharged. other rights of universities. (March 2, 1867.1 Disabled persons so serving for not less than

CHAP. CLXIX.- Internal Revenue.--An act ten years, may apply for aid from the surplus to amend existing laws relating to internal reve- income of the naval pension fund. (March 2, nue, and for other purposes. All acts relative to the internal revenue laws now required to be CHAP. CLXXV.--Brevets in the Army/.-Bredone in May and June, shall be done hereafter vet rank may be conferred on officers in the army in March and April. The tax on cotton shall, | for gallant conduct in the volunteer service, after Sept. 1, 1867, be 2 cents per pound. prior to their appointment in the army, March March 2, 1867.1

2, 1867.1 CHAP. CLXX. -Army Appropriations-Irre 1 Chap. CLXXVI.--Bankruptcy Act.-An Act murdability of the General of the Army. I to establish a uniform System of Bankruptcy Sec. 1. Makes appropriations for the support of throughout the United States. The district the army for the year ending June 30, 1963. SEC. I courts of the United States are constituted courts 2. The head-quarters of the General of the army of bankruptcy under this act, in all matters une shall be at Washington, and all orders and in- der, or growing out of which, they have original structions relating to military operations issued jurisdiction. They are always open for business by the President or Secretary of War shall be is. under this act, and the powers of the judge in sued through the General of the army, and, in vacation, and when sitting in chambers, are the case of his inability, through the next in rank. same as when sitting in court and in term time. The General of the army shall not be removed, | They may be held in any part of the district, suspended, or relieved from command, or as- The circuit courts have also a general supervissigned to duty elsewhere than at said head-ion of all cases under this act, and may be apquarters, except at his own request, without the pealed to from the district courts, with which previous approval of the Senate; and any orders they have also concurrent jurisdiction in all cases or instructions relating to military operations is wherein the assignee in bankruptcy is a party; sued contrary to the requirements of this section but no claim can be maintained by or against an shall be pull and void ; and any officer who shall assignee touching the bankrupt's property after issue orders or instructions contrary to the pro the lapse of two years. One or more registers visions of this section shall be deemed guilty of shall be appointed in each congressional district, a nisdemeanor in office; and any officer of the whose duty it is to act in the place of the judge army who shall transmit, convey, or obey any | in all merely administrative and uncontested orders or instructions so issued contrary to the cases. Bankruptcy may be either voluntary or provisions of this section, knowing that such or- involuntary. The debtor may assume voluntary ders were so issued, shall be liable to imprison- bankruptcy if his debts exceed three hundred ment for not less than 2 nor more than 20 years, dollars, by filing a petition, setting forth his upon conviction thereof in any court of compe- debts, an inventory of all his possessions, and tent jurisdiction. SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of l a declaration of willingness to give them up

[blocks in formation]

to his creditors. A warrant then issues from the rupts or officers who are guilty of fraud or offen. court appointing a time and place for a meeting ces under this act. [March 2, 1867.1 of the creditors. At this meeting an assignee or CHAP. CLXXVII.--Public Lands. -Town auassignees are chosen, subject to the approval of thorities may enter public lands occupied as the court, to whom is delivered all the property town sites, at minimum price, in trust for the

of the bankrupt, except that specifically ex- several use and benefit of the occupants thereof. Il empted. The assignee possesses all the powers March 2, 1867.1

for recovering debts due the debtor, which the CHAP. CLXXVIII.- Port of Albany.-Makes 1 latter would otherwise bave possessed. The Albany a port of delivery. March 2, 1867.1

court may examine the bankrupt, or the wife of CHAP. CLXXX.Imprisonment for Debt. the bankrupt, on oath, or any person who may State laws for, discharge from imprisonment for be able to give evidence on any matter pertain- debt shall apply to process from courts of the ing to the bankrupt's affairs, and may compel United States. March 2, 1867.1 their attendance. All claims against the bank CHAP. CLXXXII.-Mail Steamship Service rupt must be duly verified in writing and on with the Ilawaiian Islands.-Authorizes the oath. Those which are approved are registered postmaster-general to establish ocean mail steam by the assignee, and all creditors, whose claims service between the United States and the are allowed, are entitled to share in the bank- | llawaiian Islands by contract with the lowest rupt's estate, pro ratâ, no priority of claim be bidder who is a citizen of the United States. The ing allowed except for the wages of certain ser-contract shall go into effect on or before Jan. vants. At the expiration of each three months 1, 1868. March 2, 1867.1 after the adjudication of bankruptcy, the ap CHAP. CLXXXV.- Appeals and Writs o proved creditors may receive dividends on their | Error.-Appeals or writs of error brought from claims; and after all claims have been decided districts in which the sessions of the courts have upon, and the assignee's accounts have been ap- been interrupted, sball be valid, though the time proved by the court, all expenses of the proceed for bringing the same may have previously exings are paid from the portion of the estate pired; and new appeals or writs of error may remaining in the hands of the assignee, and the be brought within one year from the passage of residue divided finally among the creditors. this act. March 2, 1867.7 After six months from the adjudication or bank 1 CHAP. CLXXXVI.-Public Fund in Custody ruptcy, the bankrupt may receive a discharge of Freedmen's Bureau. — The commissioner from all previous debts honestly contracted by 1 of the bureau of refugees, freedmen, and abanand due from him, provided there has been no doned lands, is constituted the custodian of refraud on his part in the proceedings. Any contained bounty fund, and appointed trustee for veyance or transfer of property made by the the benefit of colored soldiers and their lawful debtor to a preferred creditor, in view of insol- representatives. (March 2, 1867.1 vency, within four months before the filing of a CHAP. CLXXXVII.-Peonage Abolished.petition in bankruptcy, is void ; and the creditor The holding of any person to service or labor who, knowing the facts, receives such convey- under the system of service or labor known as ance, forfeits all share in the bankrupt's estate, peonage, is declared unlawful and abolished in and also double the value of the money or prop New Mexico, or in any other Territory or State erty so obtained, which is recoverable by the of the Union. All acts, etc., establishing it are assignee for the benefit of the estate. A part- declared void, and the civil and military officers nership or firm may be made bankrupt by the shall have the duty to enforce this act. March filing of a petition by any member, when not 2, 1867.] only the joint property but the separate estates 1 Chap, CXCIII.-Crimes.-Robbery and larof each member of the firm is taken by the as-ceny of personal property belonging to the Unisignee. Separate accounts are kept by the as- ted States shall be punished by fine not exceedsignee, who pays the private debts of each mem ing $5,000, or by imprisonment at hard labor ber froin his own estate, and the balance is added not less than 1 nor more than 10 years, or by to the joint stock for the benefit of the creditors both, March 2, 1867.7 of the firm, if the property of the firm shall not L CHAP. CXCIV.Compound Interest Notes. have been sufficient to liquidate the claims - Temporary loan certificates may be issued to against it. A certificate of discharge is given redeem compound interest notes. [March 2, or refused to each partner according to the 1867.] merits of his individual case. Where partners CHAP. CXCVI.-- Removal of Cases from State reside in different districts, jurisdiction is in Courts.-Suits in State courts may be removed that district where the petition is first filed. In to circuit court of the United States, when, from voluntary bankruptcy may be forced upon any local influence, there is reason to believe that debtor who has committed certain acts of actual justice cannot be had in State court. March 2, or constructive fraud, by which he is deemed to 1867.1 have committed an act of bankruptcy, on the CHAP. CXCVII.- Wool.-Provides increased petition of any one of his creditors whose debt revenue from imported wool. [March 2, 1867.] amounts to $250. If the debtor so demand, the question of fact as to the alleged act of bank

PUBLIC RESOLUTIONS. ruptcy may be tried by a jury; and if the alle No. 3.-Paris Eor position.-Instructs the gations in the question be maintained, or if the commissioner of agriculture to collect and predebtor allow the matter to go by default, a war- pare specimens of the cereal productions of the rant of bankruptcy issues, and the estate of the United States for exhibition at the Paris Exposibankrupt is settled in a manner similar to that tion. [January 11, 1867.7 in a case of voluntary bankruptcy. Fines and No. 1.-Medals to Soldiers. -The adjutantimprisonment are decreed against either bank- / general of West Virginia may distribute through

the mails, free of postage, to the honorably dis- of Brevet Lientenant-General Winfield Scott. charged soldiers of West Virginia, and to the [March 2, 1867.] relatives and friends of those who were killed or No. 46.-- Parment Prohibited to certain died of wounds or disease while in service, cer- Persons.-Prohibits payment hy any governtain medals furnished by the legislature of that ment officer to any person not known to have State. Danuary 14, 1867.1

been opposed to the rebellion. March 2, 1867.1 No. 5.-- Post Office and T. S. Court in New No. 49.-National Banking Axxociations, York-Appoints a commission to purchase for Excess of duty paid by any national bank shall the sum of $500,000 the lower part of City / be refunded. March 2, 1867.1 Hall Park, as site for a building for the post- No. 51.-Ship Canal through the Jxthmus of office and United States courts in New York. Darien.-Directs the Secretary of State to ob(Jan. 22, 1867.]

tain from the United States of Colombia author. No. 7.--National Asylum för Disabled Vol ity for the United States to make survey of the unteers.-- The Secretary of War may transfer to Isthmus of Darien for a ship canal. [March 2, the National Asylum for Disabled Volunteer 1867.] Soldiers any of the property of the United States No. 52.Thanking the Chambers of Girazil. still remaining at Point Lookout, Md. (Jan. -Acknowledges resolutions of sorrow for death 29, 1867.1

of President Lincoln adopted by the Chambers No. 11.-Internal Revenue. - Alcohol and of Brazil, March 2. 1867.1 burning fiuid made from certain materials No. 58.--Post-Office and Sul-Treasury of on which taxes have been paid shall be ex- Bost-n.-Appoints a commission to select site empt from tax. The annual tax of $50 on dis- for Post-Office and Sub-Treasury in Boston. tillers of burning fluid, &c., is repealed. (Feb. (March 2, 1867.1 5, 1867.]

No. 55.--Exchange of Public Documents No. 12.-Kentucky Militia.-Directs the Sec- 50 copies of all documents printed by order of retary of War to cause the claims of the Ken-Congress, and 50 copies additional of all docutucky forces under the command of James S.ments printed in excess of the usual number, toFish to be investigated and paid. (Feb. 8. 1867.? | gether with 50 copies of each publication issued

No. 14.-Alcohol in Bond. - Alcohol may be by any department or burean of the government, withdrawn from bond by curators of scientific shall be exchanged, through the agency of the institutions without payment of internal 'tax. Smithsonian Institution, for works published in [Feb. 18, 1867.]

foreign countries, said works to be deposited in No. 15.- Ocean Mail Service. The Postmas- the library of Congress. (March 2, 1867.1 ter-General is authorized to employ ocean mail No. 57.- Thanks to Cyrus W. Field.-Preservice between San Francisco, Cal., and Port- sents the thanks of Congress to Cyrus W Field, land, Oregon, three times per month, the cost for his foresight, courage, and determination in not to exceed $25,000 per annum. [Feb. 18, establishing telegraphic communication by means 1867.]

of the Atlantic cable, traversing mid-ocean and No. 16.-l'ensione.-The pensions of widows connecting the Old World with the New; and of revolutionary soldiers shall, from Sept. 30, requests the President to cause a gold medal to 1865, be paid at the same rate as the deceased be struck, with suitable emblems, devices, and soldiers would be entitled if living. FC. 19, linspription, to be presented to dr. Fielu. March 1867.1

2, 1007) No. 17. - David's Island. - Authorizes the Secretary of War to purchase David's Island, in

PROCLAMATIONS. Long Island Sound, at the sum of $38,500. [Feb. Dec. 28, 1866 - Tonnage Duties on French 19, 1867.1

Vessels.-Proclaims that on and after Jan. 1. | No.23.-Supplies for the People of the South- 1867, so long as vessels of the United States shall ern States.--Authorizes the Secretary of the be admitted to French ports on the same terms Navy to assign a public vessel to transport sup- as vessels belonging to citizens of France, French plies to the suffering people of the Southern vessels entering ports of the United States will States. Feb. 22, 1867.]

be subject to no higher rates of duty on tonnage No. 29. --Ship Canal across the Isthmus of than are levied upon vessels of the United Darien.-Authorizes the Secretary of the Navy States to furnish aid and facilities to citizens of the Jan, 12, 1867.- Enforcing Neutrality in the United States engaged in the survey of a route Civil War of Japan.--Calls a public attention for a ship canal across the Isthmus of Darien. | to and sanctions and confirms a notification by (Feb. 25, 1867.1

the minister resident of the United States in JaNo. 30.- Additional Compensation to Ciril pan forbidding American merchant vessels from Officers.-Twenty per cent. additional pay shall stopping or anchoring at any port or roadstead in be allowed to certain persons in the civil service that country except the three opened ports, viz: at Washington, D. C. This resolution shall not Kanagawa (Yokohama), Nagasaki, and Hakoapply to those whose salary exceeds $3,500 a date, unless in distress or forced by stress of year. Feb. 28, 1867.]

weather, as provided by treaty, and giving notice No. 31. - Agricultural Collegea. - Extends that masters of vessels committing a breach of the provisions of the acts in regard to agricultu- | the regulation would thereby render themselves ral colleges (1862, ch. 180, and 1865, ch. 209) liable to prosecution and punishment, and also to the State of Tennessee. [Feb. 28, 1867.] to forfeiture of the protection of the United

No. 45.- Equestrian Statue to Lieutenant- States, if the visit to such non-opened port or General Winfield Scott. - Authorizes the Secre- roadstead should either involve a breach of tary of War to contract, at a price not exceeding treaty or be construed as an act in aid of the in$20,000, for an equestrian statue, in bronze, surrection or rebellion in Japan.

Jan. 29. 1867.-Tonnage Duties on Ha. I call upon all good and well disposed citizens waiian Vessels.-Proclaims that acts imposing of the United States to remember that upon the discriminating duties of tonnage and impost said Constitution and laws, and upon the judgwithin the United States shall be suspended as ments, decrees, and process of the Courts

respects vessels of the Hawaiian Islands, and made in accordance with the same, depend ll their cargoes, from December 10, 1866, so the protection of the lives, liberty, property,

long as the reciprocal exemption of the vessels and happiness of the people. And I exof the United States, and the produce, manufac-hort them everywhere to testify their devotion tures, and merchandise imported in them into to their country, their pride in its prosperity and the dominions of the Hawaiian Islands, shall be greatness, and their determination to uphold its continued on the part of the government of the free institutions, by a hearty co-operation in the King of the Hawaiian Islands.

efforts of the Government to sustain the authorMarch 1, 1867.-Admission of Nebraska.-Pro- ity of the law, to maintain the supremacy of the claims that the fundamental conditions imposed Federal Constitution, and to preserve unimby Congress on the State of Nebraska to entitle paired the integrity of the national Union. that State to admission to the Union have been In testimony whereof, I have caused the seal ratified and accepted, and that the admission of of the United States to be affixed to these presthe State into the Union is now complete.

ents, and sign the same with my hand. March 80. 1867.- Extraordinary Session of l Done at the city of Washington, the third day the Senate.--Convenes an extraordinary session of September, in the year one thousand eight of the Senate for April 1, 1867.

hundred and sixty-seven. September 8, 1867.-The supremacy of Civil

ANDREW JOHNSON. Courts to be enforced. After referring to the By the President: WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secduty of the President as chief executive officer retary of State. of the Government of the United States, to the Sept. 8, 1867.- Amnesty Proclaimed. supremacy of the Constitution by which the The proclamation at first refers to the declaration judges in every State are bound, to the jurisdic- by both Houses of Congress, in July, 1861, that tion of the Supreme Court and the inferior courts "the war then existing was not waged on the which Congress may from time to time ordain and part of the Government in any spirit of oppresestablish, to the duty of all civil and military sion, nor for any purpose of conquest or subjuofficers to support and defend the Constitution gation, nor purpose of overthrowing or interagainst all enemies, foreign and domestic, to the fering with the rights or established institutions duty of all officers of the army and pavy to of the States, but to defend and maintain the obey the orders of the President, the General, or supremacy of the Constitution, and to preserve other superior officers set over them, to the right the Union with all the dignity, equality, and of the Executive to secure the faithful execution rights of the several States unimpaired, and that of the laws of the United States by the employ- as soon as these objects should be accomplished ment of the land and naval forces, in case it the war ought to cease;" to the proclamations shall become impracticable to enforce them by by the President, on Dec. 8, 1863, and March 26. the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, 1861, "offering annesty and pardon to all perthe proclamation continues as follows:

sons who had directly or indirectly participated Whereas, Impediments and obstructions seri- in the then existing rebellion, except as in those ous in their character have recently been inter- proclamations was specified and reserved;" to posed in the States of North Carolina and South the proclamation of May 29, 1865, granting “to Carolina, hindering and preventing for a time all persons who had directly or indirectly para proper enforcement there of the laws of the | ticipated in the then existing rebellion, except United States, and of the judgments and de as therein excepted, amnesty and pardon, with crees of a lawful court thereof, in disregard of restoration of all the rights of property except the command of the President of the United as to slaves, and except in certain cases where States; and

| legal proceedings had been instituted, but upon Whereas. Reasonable and well-founded ad condition, that such persons should take and prehensions exist that such ill-advised and un- subscribe an oath therein prescribed, which oath lawful proceedings may be again attempted should be registered for permanent preservathere or elsewhere:

tion, but excepting and excluding from the benNow therefore, I, Andrew Johnson, President efits of this proclamation fourteen extensive of the United States, do hereby warn all persons classes of persons therein specially described;" to against obstructing or hindering in any manner | the proclamation of April 2, 1866, declaring that whatsoever the faithful execution of the Consti- “the insurrection was at an end and was thencetution and the law; and I do solemnly enjoin forth to be so regarded." The President then and command all officers of the Government, goes on to state, that “there now exists no civil and military, to render due submission and organized armed resistance of misguided citizens, obedience to said laws, and to the judgments or others, to the authority of the United States and decrees of the Courts of the United States, in the States of Georgia, South Carolina, Virand to give all the aid in their power necessary ginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama. to the prompt enforcement and execution of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida and said laws, decrees, judgments, and process, and 'Texas, and the laws can be sustained and I do hereby enjoin upon the officers of the army enforced therein by the proper civil authority. and navy to assist and sustain the Courts and State or Federal, and the people of said States other civil authorities of the United States in a are well and loyally disposed, and have confaithful administration of the laws thereof, and formed, or if permitted to do so will con. in the judgments, decrees, mandates and pro- form, to the condition of affairs growing out cesses of the Courts of the United States. And I of the amendment to the Constitution of the



o r repelling cluded throwing persons, and no oth

Hvasion, or suppressing insup

United States prohibiting slavery within the son who shall seek to avail himself of this prolimits and jurisdiction of the United States :" clamation shall take and subscribe the following that “there no longer exists any reasonable oath, and shall cause the same to be registered ground to apprehend within the States which 'for permanent preservation, in the saine manwere involved in the late rebellion any renewal ner and with the same effect as with the cath thereof, or any unlawful resistance by the prescribed in the said proclamation of the 29th people of said States to the Constitution and day of May, 1565, namely: laws of the United States;” that “large stand- "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) in presence of ing armies, military occupation, martial law, Almighty God, that I will henceforth faithfully military tribunals and the suspension of the support, protect, and defend the Constitution of privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, and the the t'nited States, and the Union of the States right of trial by jury, are, in time of peace, thereunder; and that I will in like manner abide dangerous to public liberty, incompatible with by and faithfully support all laws and proclamathe individual rights of the citizen, contrary to tions which have been made during the late Rethe genius and spirit of our free institutions, bellion with reference to the emancipation of and exhaustive of the national resources, and slaves. So help me God.” ought not, therefore, to be sanctioned or allowed The following persons, and no others, are exexcept in cases of actual necessity, for repelling cluded from the benefits of this proclamation, invasion, or suppressing insurrection or rebel- and of proclamation of May 29, 1505, namely: lion;" that "a retaliatory or vindictive pol First. The chief or pretended chief Execuicy attended by unnecessary disqualifications, tive officers, including the President, Vice-Preslpains, penalties, confiscations, and disfran- dent, and all heads of Departments of the prechisements, now, as always, could only tend tended Confederate or Rebel Government, and all to hinder reconciliation among the people, and who were agents thereof in foreign States and national restoration, while it must seriously em countries, and all who held, or pretended to hold, barrass, obstruct and repress popular energies in the service of the said pretended Confederate and national industry and enterprise.” For Government, a military rank or title above the these reasons the President deems it to be grade of Brigadier-General, or naral rank or “ essential to the public welfare, and to the more title abore that of Captain, and all who were or perfect restoration of constitutional law and pretended to be Governors of States while mainorder," that the proclamation of May 29, 1865, taining, abetting, or submitting to and acquiesshould be modified, and that “the full and cing in the Rebellion. beneficent pardon conceded thereby shonld be Second. All persons who in any way treated opened and further extended to a large number otherwise than as lawful prisoners of war, perof persons who, by its aforesaid exceptions, sons who in any capacity were employed arenhave been hitherto excluded from Executive gaged in the inilitary or naval service of the clemency." Accordingly, the President declares United States. that the full pardon described in the proclamation Third. All persons who, at the time they may of May 29,1865, "shall henceforth be opened and seek to obtain the benefits of this proclamation, extended to all persons who directly or indirectly are actually in civil, military, or naval confineparticipated in the late Rebellion, with the resto- ment or custody, or legally held to bail either beration of all privileges, immunities, and rights fore or after conviction, and all persons who of property, except as to property with regard to were engaged directly or indirectly in the assasslaves, and except in cases of legal proceedings sination of the late President of the United under the laws of the United States; but upon States, or in any plot or conspiracy in any man. this condition, nevertheless, that every such per- ner herewith connected."


1.-THE VOTE ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL | Indiana .............Jan. 16..... Jan. 23, 1867. AMENDMENT.

Michigan ...........-----..... Up to November 1, 1867, the vote on the Con- Nevada......

Jan. 22. ....Jan. stitutional Amendment, proposed by Congress | Pennsylvania.. ......Jan. 17...., Feb. 6, in June, 1866, stood as follows:

Wisconsin...........Jan. 23..... Feb. 7.

Rhode Island ....... Feb. 5...... Feb. 7.
Ratified-Twenty-two States.

Massachusetts....... Mar. 20.....Mar. 1
Connecticut.........June 25. ....June 29, 1866. Nebraska, ...........
New Hampshire. ....July 6... ... June 28, "

Rejee-Three States.
Tennessee...... ....July 11.....July 12, Kentucky...........Jan. 8......Jan. S. 1567.
New Jersey.... ....Sept. 11.... Sept. 11, Delaware......

- -..... Feb. 6. " Oregon.. .Sept. -. ... Sept. 19. “

Maryland...........Mar. 23.....Mar. 23, Vermont...... .Oct. 23..... Oct. 80,

Acted-Two States. Ohio.......

Jan 8......Jan. 4, 1867. Iowa................ Missouri. ....Jan. 5......Jan. 8

California........... New York .....Jan. 8......Jan.

INSURRECTIONARY STATES. Kansas... .....Jan, 11.....Jan, 10

Rejected-Ten States. Mlinois ......Jan. 10.....Jan. 15


. ......Oct. 13, 1866. Maine...... ......Jan. 16.....Jan. 11,

Georgia ..... ....Nov. 9......Nov. 9, West Virginia ......Jan. 15. ....Jan. 16,


...Dec. 3......Dec. 1, Minnesota. ....Jan. 16. ....Jan, 15,

Alabama............ Dec. 7... . . .Dec. 7,

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