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o Osborne's Process

OFFICE Room 19.

Izra Cornell, Prest
Hornce Greeley, Treas!
Thos. N. Rooker, Sec!ų
I'm Oxbornt Supis



Hem Vorki.

WORKS. Cor. Thiró Avenue & Tenun St Brooklyn

The AMERICAN PHOTO-LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, having erected extensive works at Brooklyn, are now prepared to execute orders for Publishers, Artists, Mechanical Draftsmen, and the public generally.

PHOTO-LITHOGRAPHY, as the word indicates, is the combination of Photography and Lithography, for the reproduction and rapid multiplication of literary and artistic works, niechanical drawings, maps, &c. By the association of these two arts, advantage is taken of the minute accuracy and expedition of the Camera as a copying agent, and of the rapidity of the Press, as a means of multiplying impressions in permanent printing ink.

Mr. J. W. Osborne's Process, now possessed solely by this Company, and worked by them under the superintendence of the inventor, is designed for the reproduction of Line Engravings, from Steel and Copper, Wood Cuts, Artists' Pen Drawings, Maps, both drawn and engraved, Mechanical and Architectural Drawings, Valuable Manuscripts, and Printed Matter. By its employment the original, with all its details, is faithfully copied, either of the same size, or reduced, or enlarged, to suit the circumstances of the case.

These facilities give the Company, great advantages, and make possible the execution of work of various kinds, which, without the process, never could have been attempted, and their influence in lowering prices will also be distinctly felt by those who avail themselves of this invention.

Persons wishing to appreciate more fully the capabilities of the methods employed, and the resources of the Company, can examine numerous, specimens of different kinds of work, or have estimates prepared for them, at the office of the Coinpany, HERALD BUILDING, Room, No. 19, New-York.

See specimen op back of this page.

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No Pay Expected until Received, Read & Approved.

Dr. S. S. FITOFS SIX LEOTURES On the Functions of the Lungs; Causes, Prevention, and Cure of Pulmonary Consumption, Asthma, Heart Disease, &c. On the Laws of Life and the Mode of Preserving Male

and Female Health. By Price 50 cents, post paid.


On Heart Disease, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Cholera and Cholera Morbus, Bilious Colic, Costiveness, &e. Yellow Fever, &c., Diphtheria or Putrid Sore Throat, &c. &e.

Price 50 cents, post paid. Either of the above works will be immediately forwarded to those wishing it, by sending their Dame, post office, County and State, and can be paid for after they have been received, read, and approved,


714 Broadway, New York.



714 Broadway, New York,

MAY 24th, 1861. This is to Certify that I have associated with me in my practice, L. B. KING, M.D., and E. B. CHAMBRE, M.D.

DR. KING is a graduate of the University of New York, in this city, has studied under my supervision, and has been associated with me as my assistant during the past EIGHT years. He has a full and complete understanding of the use and virtues of my remedies, and of my system of treating diseases, and with all confidence I recommend him to those wishing treatment for chronic and acute disorders.

DR. CHAMBRE, who is also a graduate of the University of New York, has been with me during the past FIVE years, and is also familiar with my remedies and my method of treating

During my absence I submit to them with complete reliance the conduct of my practice, and the care and charge of my patients, together with the dispensing of my remedies, and accept them as my associates when I am at my office in this city.

S. S. FITCH, M. D. The firm of KING & CHAMBRE, of No. 714 Broadway, in the City of New York, are alone author. Lzed to prepare and vend the MEDICINES of S. s. FrTCH & Co. Their medicines are made from the same receipts and are the same in name, quality, and yirtues as the various remedies heretofore sold by 8. 8. FTTCH & Co., and the same as used by me in my practice in the treatment of chronic and acute diseases. And are the sole owners of right to manufacture the Instruments


S. S. FITCH. NEW YORK, June 1, 1861.

Business Letters should be addressed, “ KING & CHAMBRE;" Professional Letters, Dr& FITOH, KING & CHAMBRE.Consultation and advice free. Office hours, 9 AM to P. M., Sundays excepted.

known as

Saves Time, Money, and Health.

WEDEN our body feels heavy; when we cannot wake up as usual in the morning; when we have heat at the stomach or dizzy-headed; when we are nervous from the use of stimulants or otherwise; when we cannot sleep, or it is not sound and refreshing; when we have aches and pains in any part of the body; when we have rheumatism, salt rheum, skin affections, or erysipelas; when our food is thrown off or does not digest well; when our skin has a yellow tint, with or without pain from the right side to the shoulder-blade; when our

Bowels are Costive or Relaxed by


These symptoms are so many proofs


which BRANDRETH'S PILLS safely remove.

As a llver pill they are most efficacious in relieving fulness or congestion, and impart to the countenance and skin the beautiful brightness of health.

In fine,

Brandreth's Pills

carry our pains and impurities out of the system by outlets nature designed for them.

ABBAM VAN WART, cured by Brandreth's Pills of an Internal Tumor, after two years of severe slokness. Doctors said he had Bright's disease of the kidneys, and could not live. He is now in perfect health.

Col. DUDLEY, of Sing Sing, cured of Inflammatory Rheumatism by Brandreth's Pills, when all other remedies had failed to relieve him.

FRANKLIN HAWLEY, Esq., of 288 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, cured of severe attack of Rheumatism. Took as high as twelve pills at a dose.

O. J. FAY, Esq., P. M., Hammonton, N. J., cured of a Wasting of the System and Dyspepsia, after all hope was gone, by twelve boxes of Brandreth's Pills.

Above four cases published in the


To be had Gratis of all Druggists.

Mr. CARPENTER, of Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., certifies he cured his coachman of a severe attack of FÉVER AND AGUE, and afterwards cured himself of the same disease by the use of Brandreth's Pills alone. His only family medicine for thirty-four years.


WILLIAM M. SKINNER, Esq.,, Counsellor-at-Law, of Sing Sing, suffered for years from Inflamma. tory Rheumatism; disease left him with fever sore on his ankle; was unable to walk. Expended over six hund ollars for medical advice and remedies. No hope. All his system debilitated. Finally, in January, 1867, commenced with Brandreth's Pills, fifteen boxes of which effected a thorough cure. Permits personal reference, or will answer inquiries by letter; enclose stamp.

GEO. W. HALSEY, Esq., Superintendent of the Machine Shop of E. R. R. 'at Piermont, Rock. land Co., was cured of a disease of the eyes when Dearly blind, by Brandreth's Pills, and after being given up as incurable by celebrated oculists of New York.

A man was given up by his physicians; the last consolations of religion were administered. As a last chance Brandreth's Pills were given. Four pills every four hours were given him; after the fourth dose a change took place, and he was cured of a costiveness which otherwise would have resulted in his death.

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Remarkable Cure.

TALCOTVILLE, Conn., Sept. 17, 1867. B. BRANDRETA, M. D.

My Dear Sir: For many years past I have been a suffering invalid. About a year ago my troubles came to a crisis, and my doctor said I must die. I had fits often, and my stomach and digestive organs were so paralyzed that the lightest food would be thrown off undigested, even after being down twelve hours. I wasted away almost to a shadow, and every day expected that death would relieve my sufferings. The doctors had abandoned my case, and my mother determined to try Brandreth's Pills.

She first gave me two, which I kept down eight hours. I then vomited them up entirely undissolved. My mother then powdered four pills and gave them to me in molasses. These stayed down and acted slightly. I continued daily to take them in this way for a month, and each day gradually gained. My appetite returned with full powers of digestion. For the past six months I have daily increased in flesh and strength, and am now a stout, healthy girl.

Hoping my case will induce others suffering from sickness to try the virtues of Brandreth's Pills, I remain yours truly,

MARTHA J. TALCOTT. We certify that the above statement is true: Florilla H. Talcott, E H. Moore, A. K. Talcotty Andrew Dexter, Francis Tuttle, Miss Nellie Moore, Miss Emerett Talcott, Mrs. Wealthy A. Dexter



Bayou Beur, Louisiana, August 4, 1867. An extract of a letter from the proprietor of the above plantation to a friend in Westchester County tells its own story:

“ Although a stranger to the doctor, please give him my compliments, and say to him that one quarter gross of BRANDRETH'S PILLS did more good in preserving good health on my plantation this year than THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS EXPENDED IN DOCTORS' BILLS did last year. I have no sickness this year worth mentioning, while all my neighbors have considerable. I have given out a few boxes of pills to some of my neighbors, who invariably report good success.

"A. J. S."


are infallibly destroyed by the use of Brandreth's Pills. Should be used three days in succession, then rest three days. Mr. Sandford, of Bridgeport, Conn., agent for Brandreth's PIUs for forty years, can testify to their wonderful curative qualities upon Mr. Dimon, whom their use oured of Tape Worm when every known remedy had failed to cure.

The Hon. DEMAS BARNES says: “I sell more of Brandreth's Pills than all other pills put to gether.”

Brandreth's Pills are sold by all Druggists.

Observe B. BRANDRETH in white letters in Govern

ment Stamp, which insures the TRUE PILLS.

Principal Office, Brandreth House, New York.

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