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Thai Specimen book is given to all Pintia Offrous, but

to persons using tay presses, the price is $ 3.


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Now, as heretofore, THE TRIBUNE strives to be THE TRIBUNE of the future shall be the same first of all and pre-eminently a news paper.

TRIBUNE which fought so bravely for human

freedom, for equal rights, for the cause of the Our Intention is to make THE TRIBUNE what

poor, for the advancement of the humble, for Horace Greeley would have made it if God had the education of the ignorant; which made spare i him--a frank and fearless newspaper, itself the laboring man's guide, the scholar's devoted to the best interests of the whole coun- companion, the welcome visitor at the fireside. try; spending its energies and resources freely Sympathizing with all liberal and benevolent in the collection of news; keeping its readers enterprises, pushing forward whatever advances informed of the course of events, the currents the culture and prosperity of our country, of opinion at home and abroad, the progress tending naturally to the party which has been of science and the useful arts; speaking its mind identified most closely with the progress and freely on all questions of public concern; de glory of the Union, but at war with abuses testing neutrality in politics as the refuge of the wherever they may be found, it shall be, what weak-minded and the timid, but keeping its we formally style it at the head of the editorial independence as the best title to honor and columns, “THE TRIBUNE, Founded by HORACE usefulness.


DAILY TRIBUNE, $10 a year by Mail.


As The Newspaper for the Household, THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE is unsurpassed. It is the best family journal published in the country. Issued every TUESDAY and FRIDAY. It contains nearly all the important News, Correspondence, Reviews, and Editorials of THE DAILY, including everything on the subject of Agriculture, Home Interests, and much interesting and valuable matter, for which there is not room in THE WEEKLY TRIBONE. THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE also gives, in the course of a year, THREE or Four of the

Best and Latest Popular Novels, by living authors. The cost of these alone in book form, would be from six to eight dollars. Its price has been lately reduced, so that Clubs can now secure it at little more than the cost, to single subscribers, of THE WEEKLY. Nowhere else can so much current intelligence and permanent literary matter be had at so cheap a rate as in The SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE,

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One copy, one year—104 numbers.
Five copies, or over, ......


...........$2.50 each. Ten copies (and one Extra Copy) for $25.

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Send Draft on New York, or Post-Office Order, when possible, otherwise in a Registered





THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE, now more than thirty years old, devotes a large share of its columns to Agriculture, employing the ablest and most successful cultivators to set forth what they know of farming in brief, clear essays, elucidating and commending Agriculture as the first and most important of progressive arts based on natural Science. No other periodical has done more to imbue our farmers with the truth, that the best instruct

r superior in efficiency to the strongest or even the most diligent. We mean to make THE TRIRUNE an authority in every department of Productive Industry. Invention and Machinery are rapidly transforming the processes whereby Labor ministers to the physical wants of mankind.

"Home Interests” are discussed each week by a lady specially qualified to instruct and charm her own sex, and the younger portion of the other. No column is more eagerly sought or perused with greater average profit than hers. The News of the Day is condensed, while given sufficiently in detail to satisfy the wants of the average reader.

As to its political principles, THE TRIBUNE is of course, hereafter as heretofore, the champion of Equal Rights, irrespective of Race, Nativity or Color. Independent oť all political parties, THE TRIBUNE endeavors to treat them all with judicial fairness. It labors to purify the administration of Government, National, State and Municipal, and whenever those in authority take the lead in this work, it will therein give them its cordial support, but it can never be the servitor of any political party; nor will it surrender or even waive its right to criticise and condemn what is wrong, and commend what is right in the action of any parties or of any public men. To whatever may elucidate the general discussion or action on the topics of the day THE TRIBUNE gives amplest space and most impartial record; its readers have the right to an honest statement of the facts; and this they always get.

In short, THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE commends itself to Millions by ministering to their intellectual wants more fully than they are met by any other journal, while its regular reports of the Cattle, Country Produce, and other Markets, will of themselves save the farmer who regularly notes them, far more than his journal's price.

For the family circle of the educated farmer or artisan, THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE has no superior, as is proved by the hundreds of thousands who, having read it from childhood, still cherish and enjoy it in the down hill of life.

We respectfully urge those who know its worth to commend THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE to their friends and neighbors, and we proffer it to clubs at prices which barely pay the cost of paper and press-work,


One copy, one year-52 issues. ..............................$2 00

...........7 50

Five Copies


TO NAMES OF SUBSCRIBERS. All at one Post-Office.

All at one Post-Office. 10 Copies...........$1 25 each. 10 Copies............$1 35 each. 20 Copies............ 1 10 each. 20 Copies............ 1 20 each. 30 Copies............1 00 each. 30 Copies............ 1 10 each.

And an extra to each Club. er For Clubs of Fifty, THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE will be sent as an Extra Copy.

Send Draft on New York, or Post-Office Order, when possible, otherwise in a Registered




More than 15,000,000 Square Feet now in use,


First Premium (Medal) Awarded in 1870, and Indorsed by Certificate from the American Institute in 1871, as the best article

in the market.' The “ Asbestos Roofing" is a substantial and reliable material, which can be safely used in place of Tin, Slate, etc., etc., on steep or flat roofs, in all climates, and can be easily and cheaply transported and applied.

Rockford, Ill., September 7th, 1872. Messrs. C. L. RICE & CO., Chicago, Illinois :

Dear Sirs.-Yours of yesterday asking for my experience with H. W. JOHNS' PATTENT ASBESTOS ROOFING duly received. In answer, would say, I have used Mr.

Johns' Roofing and Coating extensively for TEN YEARS past, and with great satisfaction. I have applied it to more than three hundred roofs in Rockford, Illinois, and adjacent country. I have roofs in Rockford that have been on EIGHT YEARS without Repairs, they are sound and good, and by simply recoating will last as much longer. I have seen and tested many kinds of Composition Roofing during the past ten years. I have seen nothing that comes up to “Johns' Patent Asbestos.”

Truly yours,


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ALSO, MANUFACTURER OP Asbestos Boiler Folting. The best non-conductor, and the most durable and economical covering in use for HOT-AIR AND STEAM PIPES, BOILERS, OIL-STILLS, etc., whether housed or exposed to the weather. It is prepared ready for use and can be easily applied by any one. ASBESTOS ROOF COATING, AS ESTOS CEMENT, ROOFING and SHEATHING FELTS, ROOF. ING and PAVING CEMENTS, PARAFFINE and MAKINE PAINTS, SILICA PAINT BODY, MOTH-PROOF CARPET LINING, ASBESTOS BOARD and PAPER, and dealer in

ASBESTOS ASPHALTUM, &c. Send for Descriptive Pamphlets, Price Lists, Terms to Dealers, etc.

po H. W. JOHNS, Established in 1858.

New Offices, 87 Maiden Lane, cor. Gold Street, N. Y.

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