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Register of Treasury.

See also Statistics Bureau, Treasury Dept.
Resolutions of Senate and House..
Retrenchment Committee (Senate)...
Retrenchment Joint Select Committee..
Revenue Commission..
Revenue-Cutter Service.

School of instruction....
Revenue-Marine Service, see Revenue-Cutter Service.
Revenue Special Commissioner....
Revision of Statutes Commission..
Revolutionary Claims Committee (House).
Revolutionary Claims Committee (Senate)....
Revolutionary period and first 14 Congresses, Papers of.
Rivers and Harbors Committee (House)...
Road Inquiry Office, see Public Roads Office.
Roads and Canals Committee (Senate)..
Rolls and Library Bureau..
Roosevelt, Theodore.
Rules Committee (House).
Rules Coinmittee (Senate).
Rural Delivery Division..

See also Free Delivery Division.
St. Louis, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904.
Salaries and Allowances Division...
Salary and Allowance Division, see Salaries and Allowances Division.
Salvador arbitration, see United States vs. Salvador Arbitration Tribunal.
Sanitary Conference, International, 1881...,
Sanitary Conference of American Republics, International..
Sanitation Department, Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama..
Santa Clara, Department of.....
Santiago, Chile, International Exhibition, 1875.,
Santiago and Puerto Principe, Department of..

See also Cuba, Department of.
Santo Domingo Commission...
Schley Court of Inquiry..
School of Application for Cavalry and Field Artillery, Fort Riley, see Mounted

Service School.
School of Application for Cavalry and Infantry, Fort Leavenworth, see Army

Service Schools.
Schurman Commission, see Philippine Commission, 1899–1900.
Science Bureau, P. I......
See also Ethnological Survey-Government Laboratories Bureau-Mining

Sciences, National Academy of.....
Scientific Congress, Pan-American..
Second Section, General Staff, see Military Information Division, War Dept.
Secret Service Division.....
Seed and Plant Introduction Section..

See also Plant Industry Bureau.
Seed Division.......

See also Plant Industry Bureau. Select and special committees (House).

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Select and special committees (Senate).....

bills and resolutions...
executive documents, reports, etc.

miscellaneous publications....
Senate Contingent Expenses Committee (Senate).
Sequoia and General Grant National Parks..
Shiloh National Military Park Commission...
Ship Subsidy Lobby, Alleged, Select Committee to Investigate (House)
Shipping Commissioners...
Sickness and Mortality on Emigrant Ships Select Committec (Senate).
Signal Office....

See also Weather Bureau.
Signal School, Fort Leavenworth, see Army Service Schools.
Silk Section.
Silver Commission of 1876, see Monetary Commission of United States, 1876.
Smithsonian Institution.
Soils Bureau....
Soldiers' Home, District of Columbia....

See also Military Prison, Fort Leavenworth.
Solicitor of Department of Agriculture.
Solicitor of Navy Department....
Solicitor of Treasury, Justice Dept....
Solicitor of Treasury, Treasury Dept..
South, Department of the, and South, Division of the.
South Philippines, Department of..
Southern Luzon, Department of..
Southwestern Division....
Spanish-American Peace Commission..
Spanish Treaty Claims Commission..
Spanish Treaty Claims Commission, Assistant Attorney-General for..
Special Agents Division....

See also Alaskan Fisheries Division.
Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, see Army Service Schools.
Staff Corps, General......
Standard Weights and Measures Office, see National Bureau of Standards.
Standards Bureau..

See also National Bureau of Standards.
State and Other Departments, Auditor for.
State Department....

Library, see Rolls and Library Bureau.
Stationery, Printing, and Blanks Division, see Printing and Stationery Division.
Statistical Congress, International...
Statistics Bureau, Agriculture Dept.
Statistics Bureau, Commerce and Labor Dept.

See also Foreign Commerce Bureau.
Statistics Bureau, State Dept., see Foreign Commerce Bureau.
Statistics Bureau, Treasury Dept...
Statues, Addresses on acceptance of..
Statutes, see Laws of United States.

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Page Steam Engineering Bureau.

823 Steamboat-Inspection Service, Commerce and Labor Dept..

373 Steamboat-Inspection Service, Treasury Dept....

1185 Street and Alley Cleaning Service, D. C., see Street Cleaning Department. Street Cleaning Department, D. C......

399 Submarine Defense School, Fort Totten

1445 See also Coast Artillery School. Subsistence Department....

1249 Superintendent of Charities, D. C., see Charities Board. Superintendent of Documents, see Documents Office, Government Printing

Office-Public Documents Division, Interior Dept. Superintendent of Public Printing, see Public Printer. Supervising Architect....

1190 Supervisors in Medicine and Pharmacy Board, D. C., see Medical Supervisors

Supplies and Accounts Bureau, Navy Dept...

825 Supplies Division, Post-Office Dept....

874 Supply Bureau, P. I..

1427 Supply Committee, General.

425 Supply Committee, General, Treasury Dept..

1201 Supreme Court.....

607 Supreme Court, P. I....

1438 Supreme Court of District of Columbia.

399 Surgeon-General's Office, see Medical Department, Army. Taft, William Howard....

890 Taft Philippine Commission, see Philippine Commission, 1900--. Tariff Commission, 1882.

1531 Taxes, Collector of, D. C...

401 Taylor, Zachary..

882 Tea Investigations and Experiments Office, see Plant Industry Bureau. Telegraph and Telephone Service, D. C.......

401 Tennessee Centennial Exposition, Nashville, 1897.

953 Territories Committee (House).

1644 Territories Committee (Senate)...

1644 Texas, Department of....

1301 Tonnage, American, Select Committee on Causes of Reduction of (House).... 1645 Topographical Engineers Corps, see Engineer Department, War Dept. Topography Division..

870 Trade Relations Bureau..

978 Training School for Nurses, D. C., see Freedmen's Hospital. Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha, 1898.

953 Transit of Venus Commission, 1874.....

697 Transportation Routes to Seaboard Committee (Senate).

1645 Traveling Auditor and Bank Examiner, New Mexico..

439 Treasurer, P. R....

1462 Treasurer of United States..

1193 Treasury Cattle Commission..

1021 Treasury, Comptroller of.

1074 Treasury Department.....

998 Chief Clerk and Superintendent..

1051 Library......

1102 Treasury Department, Auditor for..

1022 Treasury, Solicitor of, Justice Dept...


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Treasury, Solicitor of, Treasury Dept......
Treaty of Washington, Arbitrations under....
Trustees of Public Schools, Washington, D. C., see Education Board.
Trustees of Public Schools of District of Columbia, see Education Board.
Tuberculosis Committee.....
Tuberculosis Hospital, D. C..
Tutuila, Commandant U. S. naval station....
Tyler, John.......
Union Pacific Railway, Government directors.
United States and Chilean Claims Commission, 1892–94.
United States and Chilean Claims Commission, 1900-01.
United States and Mexican Claims Commission, 1869–76..
United States Steel Corporation Investigation Committee (House).
United States vs. Chile, Arbitration of case of brig Macedonian..
United States vs. Salvador Arbitration Tribunal......
University of United States, Select Committee to Establish (Senate).
Utah, Governor..
Utah Commission....
Utah, Mine Inspector for Territory of..
Van Buren, Martin......
Vegetable Pathology Section, see Vegetable Physiology and Pathology Division,
Vegetable Physiology and Pathology Division..

See also Plant Industry Bureau.
Venezuela Steam Transportation Company of New York, Commission to Arbi-

trate Claims of, against Venezuela..
Venezuelan arbitration, Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague...
Venezuelan Boundary Commission......
Venezuelan mixed claims commissions, Caracas, 1902 and 1903.
Ventilation and Acoustics Committee (House)...
Veterinary Division, see Animal Industry Bureau.
Vicksburg National Military Park Commission..
Vienna, International Exhibition, 1873......
Virginia and North Carolina, Department of, and James, Division of the.
Wages and Prices Select Committee (Senate)......
War (laims Committee (House).
War College Board..
War College Division, see Military Information Division, War Dept.
War Department...

War Department, Auditor for....
War Investigating Commission.
War Records Office.......

See also Record and Pension Office.
Warrants, Estimates, and Appropriations Division, see Bookkeeping and War-

rants Division.
Washington, George..
Washington Aqueduct, D. C...
Washington arbitration, American-British Mixed Claims Commission.
Washington Asylum, D. C......
Washington, Department of..
Washington Home for Foundlings, D. C......

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Washington Hospital for Foundlings, D. C....

See also Washington Home for Foundlings.
Washington Monument, Joint Commission to Complete...
Washington State, Governor....
Waterways Commission, International.
Waterways Commission, National...
Ways and Means Committee (House).
Weather Bureau...

See also Signal Office.
Weather Bureau, P. I.
Weights and Measures Office, see National Bureau of Standards.
West Point, Department of, see Military Academy.
Western Cuba, Department of..
See also Cuba, Department of-Havana and Pinar del Rio, Department of-

Matanzas and Santa Clara, Department of.
Wheeler Survey, see Geographical Surveys West of 100th Meridian.
Wireless Telegraphy, Inter-Departmental Board on.
Woman Suffrage Select Committee (Senate)..
Women's Christian Association, D. C...
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.
Wyoming, Governor.
Yards and Docks Bureau..
Yellow Fever Institute..
Yellowstone National Park..
Yorktown Monument or Centennial Commission.
Yosemite National Park...

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