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hold a onion class-meeting, composed of sorry to say that at the present time all the members, once in six weeks. most of our members are crippled in This, it is believed, will be one means, their resources by the total failure in the by God's blessing, of uniting all in pur. last season. But for pose and affection. I am thankful to this, I believe we should be able now to pay, our financial rules have been cheer. ask permission to build. In the mean. fally observed ; and the leaders have time the spiritual state of the Society is further expressed a wish to make all our very encouraging. The members conConnexional collections. Our place of tinue to walk worthy of their profession; Forship is an "upper room," belonging and it has been to me a source of great to one of the leaders. It has been filled joy to listen to the clear and scriptural from the commencement, and for several account of their conversion to God Sundays past has been crammed, morn. and subsequent experience. Not the ing and evening. In fact, want of room least evidence of the genuineness of the hinders our extension. We have already work is their love for the class-meeting, beld several meetings to consider the and the testimony which almost every question of building a chapel, and have one has borne to the benefit derived from commenced a subscription-list. I am this means of grace.

GENERAL RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. WEEK OF SPECIAL PRAYER THROUGHOUT are suggested as suitable for exhortation THE WORLD.-January 1–8, 1865.— and intercession on the successive days The time has again arrived' to invite of meeting :Christians of all countries to make ar. Sunday, January 1st. --Sermons on the rangements for observing a Week of Agency of the Holy Spirit in the Present Special and United Prayer at the be. Dispensation. ginning of the year.

Monday, 2d. Thanksgiving for Few movements of the church of Blessings upon Individuals, Nations, and Christ have been more owned and Churches ; together with Confession of banoured of the Lord than these annual Sins. seasons of united supplication. The Tuesday, 3d. — Pastors, Teachers, Evangelical Alliance, therefore, feel im Erangelists

, and Missionaries. peratively urged to renew their invitation, Wednesday, 4th.—The Children of in the hope of meeting a yet larger Christian Parents, Congregations, and response than in former years, and of Schools. obtaining still more abundant spiritual Thursday, 5th.—Sunday-schools, and and temporal blessings.

all actively engaged in Christian Work. The calls for prayer are loud and Friday, 6th.-The Abolition of Slavery argent. The claims of a perishing world and Cessation of War. increasing, as they must, with the readi- Saturday, 7th.- The Christian Church: ness everywhere apparent to receive the For increased holiness, activity, and truth; the assaults made against the harmony among its several sections. common faith by a revived Romanism, Sunday, 8th.-Sermons : The Visible and by modern forms of infidelity; the Unity of the Church. “That they all war spirit excited among nations pro- may be one, as Thou, Father, art in me, fessedly Christian ; these, and other and I in Thee, that they also may be one considerations, urge upon true believers, in us: that the world may believe that while persevering in zealous, active Thou hast sent me.” (John xvii. 21.) effort, to draw near to the throne of

James Davis, grace, and by united, continuous, and

HERMANN SCHMETTAU, faithful prayer, to “prove God” accord- Secretaries of the British Branch ing to His own word, "If I will not of the Evangelical Alliance. open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall THE CHURCH IN THE NAVY-PRAYERnot be room enough to receive it.” MEETINGS ON SHIPBOARD.- We our(Mal. iii. 10.)

selves corresponded in 1860-61, with “I will that men pray everywhere, sixteen ships of war where volunteer lifting up holy hands, without wrath religious gatherings were recognised, and doubting.“ (1 Tim. ii. 8.)

prompted by the petty officers and The following topics, amongst others, seamen of the fleet, and generally con.

ducted by officers or leading men. One The sale and distribution of the word of these voluntary assemblies was con- of God is carried on extensively, with ducted by a lieutenant in one of the many proofs that "the entering in of worst-manned ships of a notoriously Thy word giveth light."

There are immoral squadron, who had the satisfac- twelve depôts for the Bible in Italy, and tion of bringing upwards of thirty men about seventy colporteurs, or Gospel to the first communion. A lieutenant light-bearers, to the town and country of another ship in the same squadron, populations. In Naples alone, so long who conducted a similar gathering, the stronghold of superstition, ignowrites, -"I know well how thankful rance, and vice, there have been sold a poor fellow from the lower deck is to within the last two years, between one have a place of retirement to bend the and two thousand copies of the Bible knee in company with those who under- and New Testament, besides some stand him. He looks forward with eighteen thousand tracts and religious pleasure to the time of gathering to- publications, and many thousand copies gether after the bustle and tumult of of the “ Amico di Casa." the day's duties are over.

We do want Education on sound Scripture prina place publicly acknowledged for those ciples is extending: many schools, conwho wish it to meet in when the day's ducted by teachers of Evangelical prinwork is over. If public opinion could ciples, commenced daily with prayer, be constrained to afford us this place, it have been established. My inspection would be a sort of foothold in the of some of these schools in Milan, Floenemy's country; and when we consider rence, Naples, and other places, con. the increased length of ships now-a-days, vinced me of the special importance of it seems quite practicable. Believe me, this branch of Christian work for the I speak as one who has thus felt and future of Italy.. The people are willing suffered myself, and can therefore feel to place their children under Evangefor others similarly situated,--that it is lical instruction, and in some cases regarded on our lower decks as a sad children have been brought by the priest and a bitter deprivation when a praying to be educated in these schools. New seaman, sailing and fighting under the schools could be opened, and teachers flag of Christian England, is bereft, for obtained, well qualified hy their Chrismonths, and even years, of all the helps tian character and intelligence to take and props of our church-going land; is the management, if means of support denied the posture of private prayer, and were supplied. has not within his reach a place where The places of worship I attended were prayer is wont to be made.”-—British generally well filled, and the truth Army and Navy Review.

preached with much fidelity and fervour.

Godly men have been raised up in many BRITISH SUBJECTS AND THE SCRIP- places to preach Christ, and are labourTURES IN ITALY.-The Rev. J. Davis, ing with signal proofs of the Divine Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance, blessing ; but their number is small

. writes the following letter :

Pray ye the Lord of the harvest, that Having recently visited some of the He would send forth labourers into His principal cities in Italy, a few facts harvest.” At Florence I had the plearelative to Christian work and Christian sure of meeting in the New Waldensian life may not be unacceptable to your College a godly young man from Sicily, readers.

now training for the Christian ministry. As an official member of the Evan. He had sought for truth necessary to gelical Alliance, I was gratified to find salvation, and found it in the word of much readiness on the part of ministers God, but was staggered by the imposing and their people to take steps for a more uniformity of the Roman Church. He real and visible union among the Chris- attended the united prayer meetings in tians in Italy than has yet existed, and Naples in January last, and was taught to form branches of this Alliance in what real unity is unity in one spirit. several places. The effect, it is thought, He then decided for Christ as his only will be both the drawing into affectionate and all-sufficient Saviour, and conseintercourse and co-operation those who crated his days to preaching the glorious are already one by their union with Gospel of the grace of God. Christ, and the lifting up of an important I visited also in Florence the Stamtestimony to the fundamental doctrines peria Claudiana,--the printing-office of Divine truth held by the different called after the honoured Claude of Evangelical sections of the Italian Turin, where it was first established. Church

It is under the excellent direction of the

Italian Evangelical Publication Society, than that of former times, when the and is in constant employment in print. Redeemer Himself was committed into ing Bibles and a great variety of books the hands of the Roman guard. With spreading over every department of reli- less excuse, you commit His own word gious literature. It is impossible to to the ignominy of the Roman police. grerrate the importance of this estab- “My name and address will afford Ishment, as supplying pure evangelical you the opportunity of repairing the kaowledge to all Italy.

wrong.--I have the honour to remain, My visit has deepened my interest in &c.,

“JAMES DAVIS. the progress of the Gospel in Italy. “Oct. 8th, 1864." The times and circumstances are favour. able to evangelical effort. There is from the British Consul, showing that

I add a copy of a letter since received religious liberty to a very large extent; the above protest has obtained some and the tendency of political events, by modification of Papal opposition, and widening the breach between the Italian

that in future an Englishman's Bible Government and Rome, and the manifest

will be held sacred in Rome :alienation of the people from the Papacy and the priesthood, are favourable to

British Consulate, Rome, the spread of sound religious opinions

Nor. 12th, 1864. and Christian operations. Prayer is

"Sir,-Cardinal Antonelli has reEarnestly asked by Christians in Italy, quested me to convey to you the Italian that the Gospel day which has dawne New Testament, which arrived in Rome may not be darkened by clouds of error after you had left, and which I send to: or nude tempests of strife, but advance day to the Foreign-office, at your disin the brightness of truth and love, that posal, to be called for. Ita'y may again be the fountain of “I have also to communicate the. light to many nations.

new order which I have been so forOn leaving the territory of the Italian tunate as to obtain from the Pontifical Government, and entering the Papal Government,-' that for the future ng States, I was made to feel the intolerable Englishman's Bible is to be touched on yoke of priestly power. The following his arriral or during his sojourn in translation of a letter, addressed to Rome.' Of course this extends to the Cardinal Antonelli, will explain the Italian translation and editions. - I am, circumstance :

Sir, yours faithfully, "Monsignore, --On Saturday, October

“JOSEPH SEVERN, lat, coming from Naples by railway,

"British Consul at Rome." where I crossed into the Roman States,

JAMES Davis. my laggage was searched, and the official took from me an Italian New Testament, THE MISSION-SCHOOLS AND PRESS (Diodati's translation, and without OF NESTORIA.-Early in the year 1836, notes,) which I had purchased at about two months after our settlement Naples. I had written the date and among the Nestorians at Oroomiah, we place of purchase on the first page ; of commenced our first Missionary school, curse, therefore, it was for my own which gradually grew into our flourishprivate use. I was told to apply to the ing male seminary. We began with police office at Rome. On doing so the seven small boys, in a basement-room of second day after my arrival, and sending my hired house, or, indeed, a cellar, in my card, inquiry was made, but I which was the most comfortable location was unsuccessful; my book remains still we could command at that time, it being in the possession of the police.

winter; and it was certainly a not in. "Protesting, as I must be allowed to appropriate emblem of the deep darkness do, against this violation of my right to which surrounded us. The pupils comreal God's word in Italian, or any other menced with their alphabet, (that of the language I choose, at Rome, or in any venerable ancient Syriac,) and as their other part of the world, -protesting vernacular language, the modern Syriac, more strongly still, against the insult was until then unwritten, I was obliged offered to Almighty God in committing to provide for them, as reading matter, to the custody of the police, as obnox- manuscript cards, which were hung ious and criminal, that blessed book upon the walls of the school-room, which His Holy Spirit inspired, for the around each of which a class of eight or instruction, consolation, and guidance ten boys (for the school soon increased of mankind, -I must respectfully de. to fifty pupils) took a standing position mand its restoration : nor will this act in a semicircle, and thus spelled out appear, in the eyes of many, less guilty their lessons. There may be witnessed sublime scenes in very humble places Stoddard before their eyes, it was not and occupations. Dr. Chalmers pro- easy for those pious young men, in the nounced the Indian boy in the woods, ardour of their first love, to be satisfied first learning his letters, the sublimest with a low standard of consecration; scene in the world; and I could appre- and a great advantage was secured in ciate the force of that estimate as I having the type of devotion to Christ 30 gazed on those delighted Nestorian clear, decided, and elevated at the children, in the first Missionary school outset. They became, from the com. opened in modern times in this ancient mencement of their Christian race, kingdom, among a people whose ances. eminently burning and shining lights tral seminaries at Edena, in Mesopo- among their people. tamia, and elsewhere, in bygone cen- In 1847, our male seminary was returies, sent forth hosts of devoted moved from the city of Oroomiah to our Missionaries even to India and China. health retreat on Mount Seir, (“Mount

The progress of our pupils was rapid, Recreation,”') as a far more healthy locaand their improvement in every respect tion, and secure from the temptations highly encouraging. No brighter chil- to young men incident to a large town. dren are to be found the world over, The situation itself is one of the grandthan among the Nestorians. The est and most attractive in the world, arrival of our printer and press in 1840, embracing a magnificent panorama, soon provided books for the learners, ranging to the distance of a hundred both in this central school, and in miles, combining the varied scenery of numerous others, which in the meantime the city—the plain dotted over with had been opened in villages, all being almost countless verdant villages-of supplied, up to that period, with reading the shining lake on the eastern border, matter furnished by the pens of several and lofty snow-capped mountains far native copyists.

beyond; the whole standing out in fine I cannot speak unqualifiedly of the relief under a sky which is one of the morals of either native teachers or pupils, clearest on the face of the globe. The in our male seminary, at that early location itself is one that possesses an period. Poor human nature is about elevating and educating power. the same in all ages and climes. It has During the sixteen years of maladies always and everywhere, which seminary's location on Mount Seir it has the Spirit of the Lord alone can reach been visited with twelve distinct revivals; and remedy.

several of them of surpassing power As early as the year 1840, considerable and interest. Every pupil has thus religious interest was manifested among been blessed with repeated seasons of the pupils of this seminary, which refreshing from the presence of the seemed to result in a few cases of con- Lord, which, in the great majority of version, but no general revival occurred cases, have been to them a savour of in it till the winter of 1846. It was life unto life. Our Mount Seir has thus then under the superintendence of that become a hallowed place to us and to seraphic man, the Rev. David T. Stud- them, a kind of Mount Zion, in this dard, who joined our Mission in 1843, ancient land of the Maji. As the fruits of and who died here seven years ago, these many precious revivals in our male whose zeal and devotion in the cause of seminary, as many as seventy young Christ have seldom been surpassed since Nestorian preachers are already at work the days of the apostles. That revival in our field, faithfully and zealously was a work of marvellous power and sowing the good seed, and gathering in interest, especially as being the first the harvest, scattered over the vast plain extensive visitation of the Holy Spirit of Oroomiah, and through the wilds of that has blessed this dark land in recent the rough Koordish mountains, some as centuries—a land in which Christianity station preachers, and others as travelhas never triumphed. It presented ling evangelists. many scenes of novelty here, of over- The Nestorians having known little whelming and thrilling pathos, such as of books (they had never seen printed I have never seen equalled in any other volumes) before the commencement of land. About thirty of the pupils of our our Mission, except fragmentary portions male seminary were hopefully, and, we of the Bible in manuscript, in their believe, really converted, during that ancient tongue, and cherishing a deep season of refreshing, and the work reverence for the Holy Scriptures, 80 spread forth with pervading power into characteristic of their ancestors, we several villages. With so luminous a naturally, as well as from choice, em. model of Christian excellence as Mr. ployed our press in printing the Scrip

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tures for them, in the first instance; and trust for such a purpose, shall also though we have since prepared and be evangelized. Already the light is pablished a goodly number of school. penetrating the deep darkness in all books and scientific text-books, and the directions. range of study and acquisition has I will only add that, at present, a become considerable, and we have precious shower of mercy is distilling furnished a good general selection of upon our male seminary, and bringing religious reacling, still, the Bible, in the youthful hearts to submit to the ancient and modern Syriac,--and pre- sceptre of Christ. The same blessing Fionaly in the Hebrew and the Persian, is also descending upon many Nes.-has continued to be the great classic torian villages on the Plain of Orooin our seminary. And it is my prayer miah. The Lord has thus not for. and bope that it may never cease to be gotten to be gracious to this suffering such. The Bible has been most appro- people. In this year of sore famine and priately styled a library rather than distress, in wrath He still remembers a volume ; and it is a library with which mercy. Many are hungering and thirstyoung men, in any land, and with ing for the bread and the water of whatever worthy purposes for life, may eternal life, of which there is no lack, far better be made familiar, than with and cheering songs betoken that this any and all other libraries.

year of affliction may be a year of the We have not in general deemed it right hand of the Most High, in this desirable that our pupils should spend a dark remote land. The general obgreat deal of time in the study of the servance of the week of prayer here English language; and but a small seems to promise signal blessings. number of them attempt its acquisition. It is in place in connexion with our We are rapidly augmenting a literature educational work, that I refer also somein their native tongue, taken from the what particularly to the department of rich treasure-house of the English. A our press, which is really a correlative long period would be needed for them branch to that of our schools. Without eren tolerably to master our language; readers, our books would be useless ; and there is little scope for their use of and without books, readers could not be it in their native land, where we wish raised up, nor be supplied with intellectthem to live and labour, none indeed food after they have learned to read. beyond our Missionary circle.

When I reached the Nestorians thirty Since the death of Mr. Stoddard, years ago, their spoken language had waich occurred seven years ago, our not been reduced to writing. They had setninary has been under the able and never seen printed books, the very few faithful superintendence of the Rev. J. copies of the Scriptures possessed by G. Cochran, who was previously, for them in the ancient Syriac being in many years, associated with that sainted manuscript. I soon commenced reducman in the charge of it. Indeed, Mr. ing the vernacular tongue to a written Cochran's connexion with the institution form, using for that purpose the charachas been coeval with his Missionary life, ters of the ancient Syriac, known as the a period of nearly seventeen years. The Nestorian, (of a broader stroke and a present number of pupils is fifty. The more angular form than the Syriac period of connexion with the seminary letters best known in Europe,) with a is from five to seven years, according to slight modification of two or three of the acquisitions of the pupil when he them, to express sounds for which the an. enters it, and his intentions for future cient language has no representatives. occupation. It embraces a general I naturally began with the Lord's kterary and scientific course, and a theo. Prayer. Priest Abraham, a very staid, logical course is superadded, for those sedate ecclesiastic, who could write the who intend to preach the Gospel. ancient language imperfectly, acted as

I hardly need say that this favoured my amanuensis. When the translation school of the prophets has been an of the Prayer was completed, I directed instrument of vast power, and of rich him to read what he had written. He blessings, in carrying forward the work commenced reading it, but was instantly of reformation in the fallen Nestorian thrown into boisterous laughter, SO Church; and we believe it will be more novel, alien, and even comical did it and more so, till not this people alone, appear to him, to read the language but the millions of other nationalities, which he and his people were every day among whom this peeled remnant of a speaking; and he found it necessary to once great Missionary church has been stop, and yield to the power of his to long and remarkably preserved, we risibles, several times before he suc

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