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Soldiers and their Horses on their March in a just and equal Proportion upon the Keepers of all Houses within One Mile of the Place mentioned in the Route, although some of such Houses may be in the adjoining County, in like Manner in every respect as if such Houses were locally situate within such Place ; provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to extend to authorize any Constable to billet Soldiers out of the County to which such Constable belongs when the Constable of the adjoin.: ing County shall be present and undertake to billet the due Proportion of Men in such adjoining County ; and no more Billets shall at any Time be ordered than there are effective Soldiers and Horses present to be billeted ; all which Billets, when made out by such Constables, shall be delivered into the Hands of the Com-. manding Officer present ; and if any Person shall find himself aggrieved by having an undue Proportion of Soldiers billeted in his House, and shall prefer his Complaint, if against a Constable or other Person not being a Justice, to one or more Justices, and if against a Justice then to Two or more Justices within whose Jurisdiction such Soldiers are billeted, such Justices respectively shall have Power to order such of the Soldiers to be removed, and to be billeted upon other Persons, as they shall see Cause ; and when any of Her Majesty's Cavalry or any Horses as aforesaid shall be billeted upon the Occupiers of Houses in which Officers or Soldiers may be quartered by virtue of this Act who shall have no Stables, then and in such Case, upon the written Requisition of the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, Troop, or Detachment, the Constable is hereby required to billet the Men and their Horsés, or Horses only, upon some other Person or Persons who have Stables by this Act liable to have Officers and Soldiers billeted upon them; and upon Complaint being made by the Person or Persons to whose House or Stables the said Men and Horses shall have been so removed to Two or more Justices within whose Jurisdiction such Men or Horses shall be so billeted, it shall be lawful for such Justices to order a proper Allowance to be paid by the Person relieved to the Persons receiving such Men and. Horses, or to be applied in furnishing the requisite Accommodation; and Commanding Officers may exchange any Man or Horse billeted in any Place, with another Man or Horse billeted in the same Place, for the Benefit of the Service, provided the Number of Men and Horses do not exceed the Number at that Time billeted on such Houses ; and the Constables are hereby required to billet such Men and Horses so exchanged accordingly ; and it shall be lawful for any Justice, at the Request of any Officer or Non-commissioned Officer commanding any Soldiers requiring Billets, to extend any Routes or enlarge the Districts within which Billets shall be required, in such Manner as shall appear to be most convenient to the Troops ; provided that, to prevent or punish all Abuses in billeting Soldiers, it shall be lawful for any Justice within his Jurisdiction, by Warrant or Order under his Hand, to require any Constable to give him an Account in Writing of the Number of Officers and Soldiers who shall be quartered by



Exemptions from Billets.

Allowance to

such Constables, together with the Names of the Persons upon whom such Officers and Soldiers are billeted, stating the Street or Place where such Persons dwell, and the Sign, if any, belonging to those Houses ; and it shall be lawful for Constables to billet Officers and Soldiers in Scotland according to the Provisions of the Laws in force in Scotland at the Time of its Union with England; and no Officer shall be obliged to pay for his Lodging where he shall be regularly billeted, except in the Suburbs of Edinburgh : Provided that no Officer or Soldier shall be billeted in England in any private Houses, or in any Canteen held or occupied under the Authority of the Ordnance Department, or upon Persons who keep Taverns only, being Vintners of the City of London admitted to their Freedom of the said Company in right of Patrimony or Apprenticeship, notwithstanding such Persons who keep such Taverns only have taken out Victualling Licences, nor in the Houses of any Distiller kept for distilling Brandy and Strong Waters, nor in the House of any Storekeeper whose principal Dealing shall be more in other Goods and Merchandise than in Brandy and Strong Waters, so as such Distillers and Shopkeepers do not permit tippling in such Houses, nor in the House of Residence in any Part of the United Kingdom of any Foreign Consul duly accredited as such.

LXXII. The Innholder or other Person on whom any Soldier is billeted in England shall, if required by such Soldier, furnish him for every Day of the March, and for a Period not exceeding Two Days when halted at the intermediate Place upon the March, and for the Day of the Arrival at the Place of final Destination, with One hot Meal in each Day, the Meal to consist of such Quantities of Diet and Small Beer as may be fixed by Her Majesty's Regulations, not exceeding One Pound and a Quarter of Meat previous to being dressed, One Pound of Bread, One Pound of Potatoes or other Vegetables, and Two Pints of Small Beer, and Vinegar, Salt, and Pepper, and for such Meal the Innholder or other Person furnishing the same shall be paid the Sum of Tenpence; and all Innholders and other Persons on whom Soldiers may be billeted in England, except when on the March and entitled to be furnished with the hot Meal as aforesaid, shall furnish such Soldiers with Candles, Vinegar, and Salt, and shall allow them the Use of Fire, and the necessary Utensils for dressing and eating their Meat, and shall be paid in consideration thereof the Sum of One Penny Halfpenny per Diem for each Soldier; and the Sum to be paid to the Innholder or other Person on whom any of the Horses belonging to Her Majesty's Forces shall be billeted in England, for Hay and Straw, shall be Ninepence per Diem for each Horse; and in Ireland the Sum to be paid for Forage to the Innholder or other Person, for Horses billeted by virtue of this Act, shall be the rate established by the Lord Lieutenant or other sufficient Authority from Time to Time, the same to be regulated by the average Rate of Contracts for Forage in Ireland; and for the Use of Stables in Ireland, when such Horses are provided with Hay and Straw by Contract, and not by the

Occupiers Mutiny. Occupiers of the Houses on which they are billeted, the Sum of Fourpence per Week for each Horse shall be paid ; and every Officer to whom it belongs to receive or who dces actually receive the Pay for any Officers or Soldiers shall every Four Days, or before they shall quit their Quarters if they shall not remain so long as Four Days, settle the just Demands of all Victuallers or other Persons upon whom such Officers and Soldiers are billeted, out of their Pay and Subsistence, before any Part of the said Pay or Subsistence be distributed to them respectively; and if any such Officer shall not pay the same as aforesaid, then, upon Complaint, and Oath made thereof by any Two Witnesses before Two Justices of the Peace for the County, Riding, Division, Liberty, City, Borough, or Place where such Quarters were situated, sitting in Quarter or Petty Sessions, the Secretary-at-War is hereby required (upon Certificate of the Justices before whom such Oath was made of the Sum due upon such Accounts, and the Persons to whom the same is owing,) to give Orders to the Regimental Agent to pay the said Sums, and to charge the same against such Officers; and in case of any Soldier being suddenly ordered to march, and that the respective Commanding Officers are not enabled to make Payment of the Sums due for the Lodging of the Men and Stabling for the Horses, every such Officer shall, before his Departure, make up the Account with every Person upon whom such Soldier may have been billeted, and sign a Certificate thereof; which Account and Certificate shall be transmitted to the Agent of the Regiment, who is hereby required to make immediate Payment thereof, and to charge the same to the Account of such Oficer.

LXXIX. All Her Majesty's Officers and Soldiers, being in Tolls. proper Staff or Regimental or Military Uniform, Dress or Undress, and their Horses and Baggage, (but not when passing in any hired or private Vehicle,) and all Recruits, marching by Route, and all Prisoners under Military Escort, and all Enrolled Pensioners in Uniform when called out for Training or in aid of the Civil Power, and all Carriages and Horses belonging to Her Majesty or employed in Her Service under the Provisions of this Act, or in any of Her Majesty's Colonies, when conveying Persons or Baggage going thereto or returning therefrom, shall be exempted from Payment of any Duties and Tolls on embarking or disembarking from or upon any Pier, Wharf, Quay, or Landing Place, or passing Turnpike or other Roads or Bridges, otherwise demandable by virtue of any Act already passed or hereafter to be passed, or by virtue of any Act or Ordinance, Order or Direction of


Colonial Legislature or other Authority in any of Her Majesty's Colonies; provided that nothing herein contained shall exempt any Boats, Barges, or other Vessels employed in conveying the said Persons, Horses, Baggage, or Stores along any Canal from Payment of Tolls, in like Manner as other Boats, Barges, and Vessels are liable thereto, except when employed in Cases of Emergency as hereinbefore enacted.



Penalties upon

XCIII. If any Constable or other Person who by virtue of this Civil Subjects Act shall be employed in billeting any Officers or Soldiers in any offending against the

Part of the United Kingdom shall presume to billet any such Laws relating

Officer or Soldier in any House not within the Meaning of this to Billets and Act, without the Consent of the Owner or Occupier thereof; or Carriages. shall neglect or refuse to billet any Officer or Soldier on Duty,

when thereunto required, in such Manner as is by this Act directed, provided sufficient Notice be given before the Arrival of such Troops; or shall receive, demand, or agree for any Money or Reward whatsoever, in order to excuse any Person from receiving such Officer or Soldier; or shall quarter any of the Wives, Children, Men or Maid Servants of any Officers or Soldiers, in any such Houses, against the Consent of the Occupiers; or shall neglect or refuse to execute such Warrants of the Justices as shall be directed to him for providing Carriages, Horses, or Vessels, or shall demand more than the legal Rates for the same; or if any Person ordered by any Constable in manner herein-before directed to provide Carriages, Horses, or Vessels shall refuse or neglect to provide the same according to the Orders of such Constable, or shall do any Act or Thing by which the Execution of any Warrants for providing Carriages, Horses, or Vessels shall be hindered; or if any Constable shall neglect to deliver in to the Justices at Quarter Sessions Lists of Officers and Soldiers of the Foot Guards quartered according to the Provisions of this Act, or shall cause to be delivered defective Lists of the same; or if any Person liable by this Act to have any Officer or Soldier quartered upon him shall refuse to receive and to afford proper Accommodation or Diet in the House in which such Officer or Soldier is quartered, and to furnish the several Things directed to be furnished to Officers and Soldiers, or shall neglect or refuse to furnish good and sufficient Stables, together with good and sufficient Hay and Straw, for each Horse, at the Rate established by this Act, and in such Quantities as shall be fixed by Her Majesty's Regulations, not excecding Twelve Pounds of Hay and Six Pounds of Straw per Diem for each Horse; or if any Innkeeper or Victualler not having good and sufficient Stables shall refuse to pay over to the Person or Persons who may provide Stabling such Allowance by way of Compensation as shall be directed by any Justice of the Peace, or shall pay any Sum or Sums of Money to any Soldier on the March in lieu of furnishing in Kind the Diet and Small Beer to which such Soldier is entitled; or if any Toll Collector shall demand and receive Toll from any of Her Majesty's Officers or Soldiers, they being in proper Staff or Regimental or Military Uniform, Dress or Undress, or for their Horses, or from any Recruits marching by Route, or from any Prisoners under Military Escort, or from any Enrolled Pensioners in Uniform, when called out for Training or in aid of the Civil Power, or for any Carriages or Horses belonging to Her Majesty, or employed in Her Service under the Provisions of this Act, or in any of Her Majesty's Colonies, when conveying Persons or Baggage or returning therefrom, Mutiny. every such Constable, Victualler, Toll Keeper, or other Person respectively shall forfeit for every such Offence, Neglect, or Refusal any Sam not exceeding Five Pounds nor less than Forty Shillings ; and if any Person shall personate or represent himself to be a Soldier, or a Recruit, with the view of fraudulently obtaining a Billet, or Money in lieu thereof, he shall for every such Offence forfeit any Sum not exceeding Five Pounds nor less than Twenty Shillings.

XCIX. Any Justice in the United Kingdom within whose Juris. Mode of recorddiction any Soldier in the Regular Army, or on the permanent ing a Soldier's Staff of the Militia, having a Wife or Child, shall be billeted, may

Settlement. summon such Soldier before him in the Place where he is billeted, (which Summons he is hereby directed to obey,) and take his Examination in Writing, upon Oath, touching the Place of his last legal Settlement in England, and such Justice shall give an attested Copy of such Examination to the Person examined, to be by him delivered to his Commanding Officer, to be produced when required; which said Examination and such attested Copy shall be at any Time admitted in Evidence as to such last legal Settlement before any Justice or at any General or Quarter Sessions, although such Soldier be dead or absent from the Kingdom; provided that in case any Soldier shall be again summoned to make Oath as aforesaid, then, on such Examination or such attested Copy thereof being produced by him or by any other Person on his Behalf, such Soldier shall not be obliged to take any other Oath with regard to his legal Settlement, but shall leave a Copy of such Examination, or a Copy of such attested Copy of Examination, if required; provided also, that when no such Examination shall have been required, the Statement made on Oath by the Recruit on his Attestation of his Place of Birth shall be taken to be, his last Place of Settlement until legally disproved.

CIII. All Oaths and Declarations which are authorized and re- Administration quired by this Act may be administered (unless where otherwise of Oaths. provided) by any Justice of the Peace, or Magistrate acting as such ; and any Person taking a false Oath or Declaration in any Perjury Case wherein an Oath or Declaration is required to be taken by this Act shall be deemed guilty of wilful and corrupt Perjury, or of making a false Declaration, and being thereof duly convicted shall be liable to such Pains and Penalties as by any Laws in force any Persons convicted of wilful and corrupt Perjury are subject and liable to; and every Commissioned Officer convicted before a General Court-martial of Perjury shall be cashiered, and every Soldier or other Person amenable to the Provisions of this Act found guilty thereof by a General or other Court-martial shall be punished at the Discretion of such Court.


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