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Chinese Passenger Ships. III. After receiving such Notice the Emigration Officer shall be at liberty at all Times to enter and inspect the Ship, and the Fittings, Provisions, and Stores therein, and any Person impeding him in such Entry or Inspection, or refusing to allow of the same, shall be liable to a Fine of not more than One hundred Pounds for each Offence.

IV. The Emigration Officer shall not give his Certificate unless he shall be satisfied,

(1.) That the Ship is sea-worthy, and properly manned, equipped, fitted, and ventilated ; and has not on board any Cargo likely, from its Quality, Quantity, or Mode of Stowage, to prejudice the Health or Safety of the Passengers :

(2.) That the Space appropriated to the Passengers in the 'Tween Decks contains at the least Twelve Superficial and Seventy-two Cubical Feet of Space for every Adult on board ; that is to say, for every Passenger above Twelve Years of Age, and for every Two Passengers between the Ages of One Year and Twelve Years :

(3.) That a Space of Five Superficial Feet per Adult is left clear on the Upper Deck for the Use of the Passengers :

(4.) That Provisions, Fuel, and Water have been placed on board, of good Quality, properly packed, and sufficient to supply the Passengers on board during the declared Duration of the intended Voyage, according to the following Scale :

Rice -

lbs. 11 per diem. Salted Provisions

Wholly Pork; or
Pork and } Fish ; or

Pork, Beef, and Fish
Salted Vegetable or Pickles

5 Water, Imperial Quarts

3 do. Firewood

lbs. 2 Tea

} do. (5.) That Medicines and Medical Comforts have been placed on board according to the following Scale :

SCALE OF MEDICINES AND MEDICAL COMFORTS : For every 100 Passengers, and in like Proportion for any greater

or less Number. Calomel

3 Blue Pill

2 Rhubarb Powder

2 Compound Jalap Powder

12 Ipecacuanha Powder

12 Opium

2 Dover's Powder

2 Magnesia

2 Epsom Salts

6 lbs. Chloride of Lime

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Chinese Passenger Ships.

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Tartar Emetic

4 Drams. Quinine

2 Antimonial Powder

0% Extract of Colocynth, Compound 1 Carbonate of Ammonia

11 Assafoetida

1 Camphor

1} Camphorated Liniment

16 Catechu

2 Prepared Chalk

2 Tincture of Opium

8 Turpentine

- 16 Senna Leaves

8 Blistering Plaister

8 Sulphur Sublimed

• 16 Sulphur, Ointment

12 Linseed Flour

4 lbs. Country Soap

24 Castor Oil

6 Bottles. Oil of Peppermint

2 Adhesive Plaister, spread

2 Yards. Simple Ointment

- 16 Ringworm Ointment

. 16 Jeremie's Opiate

2 oz. Phial. Aromatic Spirits of Hartshorn 4 Cholera Pills in Phial

12 Drams. Cubebs Powder

4 lbs. Sweet Spirits of Nitre

- 16 Copaiba

· 16 Sulphate of Copper

2 Sulphate of Zinc

1 Lunar Caustic

- 4 Drams. Lime Juice

• 36 Quarts. Rum or Brandy

36 INSTRUMENTS, &c. 1 Set of Amputating and other Surgical Instru

ments (if there be any Person on board com

petent to use them). 1 One Ounce Glass Measure. 1 Minim Glass Measure. 1 Pestle and Mortar (Wedgewood). 1 Set of Weights and Scales (Grains in Box). 1 Set of common Splints. 1 Set of Bleeding Lancets. 1 Silver Catheter. 1 Spatula. 1 Dressing Scissors. 1 Infusion Box. 1 Quire of Country Paper. 1 Penknife. 2 Metal Bed Pans.


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Chinese Passenger Ships.

2 Trusses for Hernia, Right and Left.
2 Small Syringes.
4 Ounces prepared Lint.

2 Pieces Cloth for Bandages.
V. The Master of any Chinese Passenger Ship being a British
Ship and proceeding on a Voyage of more than Seven Days
Duration shall

, during the whole of the intended Voyage, make Issues of Provisions, Fuel, and Water, according to the aforesaid Dietary Scale, and shall not make any Alteration, except for the manifest Advantage of the Passengers, in respect of the Space allotted to them as aforesaid, or in respect of the Means of Ventilation, and shall not ill-use the Passengers, or require them (except in case of Necessity) to help in working the Vessel ; and shall issue Medicines and Medical Comforts, as shall be requisite, to the best of his Judgment, and shall call at such Ports as may be mentioned in the Emigration Officer's Clearing Certificate for fresh Water and other Necessaries ; and shall carry them 'without unnecessary Delay to the Destination to which they have contracted to proceed.

VI. The Emigration Officer shall not give his Certificate until he shall have mustered the Passengers, and have ascertained to the best of his Power that they understand whither they are going, and comprehend the Nature of any Contracts of Service which they have made; he shall also take care that a Copy of the Form of such Contracts, or an Abstract of their Substance, signed by himself, is appended to the said Certificate : If any of the Passengers are in bad Health, or insufficiently provided with Clothing, or if the Contracts are unfair, or if there is Reason to suspect that Fraud or Violence have been practised in their Collection or Embarkation, he may detain the Ship, and, if he shall think fit, may order all or any of the Passengers to be re-landed.

SCHEDULE (B.) EMIGRATION OFFICER'S CERTIFICATE, &c. I hereby authorize the Chinese Passenger Ship

to proceed to Sea for the Port of


; and I certify that the said Ship can legally carry Adults, and that there are on board

Passengers, making in alí Adults, viz.,


Women, Male Children, and

Female Children, such Children being between the Ages of One and Twelve Years; that the Space set apart and to be kept clear for the Use of such Emigrants is as follows:-On the Upper Deck,

Superficial Feet, being [here describe the Space], and in the Between Decks Superficial Feet, being [here describe the Space]; that the Ship is properly manned and fitted, and that the Means of ventilating the Part of the Between Decks appropriated to Passengers are as follows, [here describe the Means of Ventilation]; that the Ship is furnished with a proper Quantity of good Provisions, Fuel, and Water for

Days Issues to the

Passengers Chinese Passenger Ships. Passengers according to the *annexed Dietary Scale, and with a proper Quantity of Medicines, Instruments, and Medical Comforts according to the *annexed Scale of Medical Necessaries; that I have inspected the Contracts between the Emigrants and their intended Employers (the Terms of which are annexed to this Certificate), and consider them reasonable ; that no Fraud appears to have been practised in collecting the Emigrants ; and that there are on board a Surgeon † [and Interpreter] approved by me, and designated [respectively

and] [The Master of the Ship is to put into

for Water and fresh Vegetables.]

Emigration Officer?
Dated this
Day of

18 .

* These Scales must be those prescribed by the Regulations in Schedule A.

| In case the Ship has been authorized to proceed without an Interpreter omit the Part between Brackets, and add "and that the Ship has been authorized to proceed without an Interpreter.". | The Part between Brackets is to be inserted or not, as may be required.


PASSENGER SHIPS. Know all Men by these Presents, That we are held and firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, in the Sum of One thousand Pounds of good and lawful Money of Great Britain, to be paid to our said Sovereign Lady the Queen, Her Heirs and Successors ; to which Payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and every of us, jointly and severally, for and in the whole, our Heirs, Executors, Administrators, and every of them, firmly by these Presents.

Sealed with our Seals. Dated this

18 Whereas by the Chinese Passenger Act, 1855, it is enacted, that before any Chinese Passenger Ship shall clear out or proceed to Sea on a Voyage of more than Seven Days computed Duration, the Master thereof shall, with Two sufficient Sureties to be approved by an Emigration Officer, enter into a Bond to Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in the Sum of One thousand Pounds.

Now the Condition of this Obligation is this, that if (in respect of the Ship


is Master) all and every of the Requirements of the said Chinese Passenger Act, and of the Regulations contained in Schedule (A.) to the said Act annexed, or enacted by the Legislature of Hong Kong, shall be well and truly observed and performed [*in like Manner as

* This Clause to be inserted only in the Case of a Foreign Chinese Passenger Ship.


Day of

Chinese Passenger Ships. the same ought to be observed and performed in case the said Ship were a British Ship, and the said

a British Subject), then this Obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full Force and Effect.

Signed, sealed, and delivered by the above bounden

in the Presence of

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An Act to amend the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, and the

Acts passed in the Ninth and Seventeenth Years of Her
Majesty, for the Regulation of the Care and Treatment of

[14th August 1855.] E it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and

with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows:

I. Section Three of the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, shall extend County or Boto empower the Justices of any One County or Borough to autho- rough may unite rize any Committee of Justices elected for such County or Borough with Subscrithereunder to treat and enter into an Agreement for uniting with bers to a Hospithe Subscribers to any such Hospital as therein mentioned, and it of existing Asyshall not be necessary that any other County or Borough be a lums may so Party to such Agreement; and Section Five of the said Act shall unite. extend to empower any such Committee of Visitors as therein mentioned to enter into an Agreement for uniting with the Sub. : scribers to any such Hospital alone.

II. When Two or more Committees agree to unite under the The Proportion Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, or under that Act as amended by this of Expenses beAct, the Proportion in which the Expenses of carrying into exe

tween any cution the Purposes of the said Act shall be charged upon and County and Boraised by each County and Borough so uniting may be calculated fixed with referand fixed according to the Extent of the Accommodation which ence to Accomin the Judgment of the Committees entering into such Agreement modation likely will be required for the Pauper Lunatics of such County and to be required. Borough respectively; and the Power in Section Sixteen of the 16 & 17 Vict. Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, of repealing or altering the Stipula

c. 97. tions of any Agreement for uniting, shall extend to authorize the Alteration thereof by readjusting the Proportions in which the Expenses aforesaid shall be charged on each County and Borough and the Subscribers (if any) uniting, or any of the said Parties, and, where the Committee of Visitors think fit, by fixing as aforesaid, according to the probable Extent of Accommodation required, the Proportion in which each County and Borough is to contribute to such Expenses ; and where the Proportions of any Contributions are fixed according to the probable Extent of Accommodation required as aforesaid the Agreement shall specify that such Proportions are fixed according to that Basis.

III. Where an Agreement for uniting is hereafter entered into Agreements for under the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, or under that Act as uuiting to stipuamended by this Act, and the Proportion in which the Expenses late for Contriof carrying the Purposes of the said Act into execution are to be Counties and 18 & 19 VICT. Ii


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