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c. 85.

tary of State, if he shall think fit, to signify his Opinion to that Effect to the Burial Board of the Parish, and the said Burial Board shall thereupon be relieved from all Obligation to build the same: Provided always, that such Secretary of State shall not signify his Opinion as aforesaid unless it be shown to his Satisfaction that Notice of the Intention to propose to such Vestry to make such Representation was given in manner required by Law for

Notices of Vestry Meetings, and of the special Purposes thereof. When Assess- XV. No Land already or to be hereafter purchased or acquired, ment to local under the Provisions of any of the Acts herein-before recited, for Rates not to be the Purpose of a Burial Ground (with or without any Building increased after Purchases. erected or to be erected thereon), shall while used for such Pur

poses be assessed to any County, Parochial, or other local Rates at a higher Value or more improved Rent than the Value or Rent at which the same was assessed at the Time of such

Purchase or Acquisition. 15 & 16 Vict. XVI. That in any Case where the Burial Boards appointed

under the said recited Acts of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth and 16 & 17 Vict. the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Years of Her Majesty, or either c. 134.

of them, for any Two Parishes, shall provide separate Burial Separate Burial Grounds for such Parishes respectively, and such Burial Grounds Boards whose Burial Grounds

shall adjoin each other, it shall be lawful for the said Burial adjoin may

Boards to concur in building, either on One of the said Burial contract with Grounds or partly on One of such Grounds and partly on the each other for other, such Chapels as are authorized to be built by the said specific Pur

Acts, and that such Chapels when erected shall be used in poses.

common by both of such Parishes, and be deemed and taken to be the Chapels of and belonging to each of such Burial Grounds respectively, in such Manner, consistent with the Provisions of the said Acts or either of them, as the said Burial Boards shall mutually agree upon; and that the said Burial Boards may agree as to the Proportions in which the Expenses of erecting such Chapel Accommodation shall be borne by each of the said Boards respectively; and the Proportion for each of such Parishes of such Expenses shall be chargeable upon and paid in the same Manner as the Costs of providing Burial Grounds under the said Acts; and where any Burial Board shall provide a Burial Ground, and cause Chapels to be built thereon, pursuant to the said recited Acts, it shall be lawful for such Burial Board, with the Sanction of One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, to contract with any other Burial Board whose Burial Ground shall adjoin the One on which such Chapels shall so have been built, for the Use of such Chapels, in such Manner and on such Terms as such respective Burial Boards shall mutually agree, and that during the Existence of any such Agreement such Chapels shall be deemed and taken to be the Chapels of and belonging to each of such Burial Grounds

respectively. Burial Board XVII. It shall be lawful for any Burial Board, with the may let Land

Sanction of One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, not required for Burials.

and subject to Regulations approved of by him, to let any Land purchased by and vested in them under this Act or any of the



Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).

Acts herein-before recited, and which has not been consecrated, and in which no Body has been at any Time interred, and which is not for the Time being required for the Purposes of a Burial Ground, in such Manner and on such Terms as such Board may see fit, but so nevertheless that Power shall be reserved to such Board to resume any such Land which may be required for the Purposes aforesaid, upon giving Six Months Notice.

XVIII. In every Case in which any Order in Council has been Burial Board or shall hereafter be issued for the Discontinuance of Burials in to keep in any Churchyard or Burial Ground, the Burial Board or Church- Order closed wardens, as the Case may be, shall maintain such Churchyard or &c.

BurialGrounds, Burial Ground of any Parish in decent Order, and also do the necessary Repair of the Walls and other Fences thereof, and the Costs and Expenses shall be repaid by the Overseers, upon the Certificate of the Burial Board or Churchwardens, as the Case may be, out of the Rate made for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish or Place in which such Churchyard or Burial Ground is situate, unless there shall be some other Fund legally chargeable with such Costs and Expenses.

XIX. Nothing in this Act contained shall in anywise abridge, Act not to lessen, or defeat any Power, Right, or Privilege of any Local abridge Powers Board of Health being the Burial Board of a Borough created of Local Boards or to exist under or by virtue of any Local Act of Parliament.

of Health, &c. XX. Any Local Board of Health acting as or created a Board Local Boards under or by virtue of the Powers of any Local Act of Parliament of Health to exshall and may have and exercise all the Powers, Rights, and Privi- ercise Powers

of this Act. leges which by this Act or by the secondly recited Act are or can or may be had, enjoyed, or exercised by any Burial Board therein named. XXI. The said Acts of the Fifteenth

and Sixteenth, Sixteenth Acts to be conand Seventeenth, and Seventeenth and Eighteenth Years of Her strued together. Majesty and this Act shall be read and construed together as One Act.

An Act to apply a Sum out of the Consolidated Fund and

the Surplus of Ways and Means to the Service of the
Year One thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, and to
appropriate the Supplies granted in this Session of Par-

[14th August 1855.] $. There shall be applied for the Service of the Year

1855 the Sum of £26,006,352. 12s. 9d. out of the

Consolidated Fund.
II. The Treasury may cause £26,006,352. 12s. 9d. of

Exchequer Bills to be made out in manner pre-
scribed by 48 G. 3. c. 1., 4 & 5 W. 4. c. 15., and

5 & 6 Vict. c. 66.
III. The Clauses, &c. in recited Acts extended to this

IV. Interest on Exchequer Bills.

Consolidated Fund (Appropriation). § V. Bank of Eng and may advance £26,006,352. 12s. 9d. on the Credit

of this Act, notwithstanding 5 & 6 W. & M. c. 20. VI. Bills prepared by virtue of this Act to be delivered to the Bank,

as Security for such Advances. VII. Monies raised by Bills to be applied to the Services voted by the

Commons. VIII. Exchequer Bills made chargeable upon the growing Produce of

the Consolidated Fund. IX. Treasury may apply for the Service of the Year 1855

£5,599,112. 6s. 8d. Surplus of Ways and Means. X. Appropriation of Ways and Means to Services hereafter expressed.

-18 & 19 Vict. c. 5., 18 & 19 Vict. c. 6., 18 & 19 Vict. c. 8.,

18 19 Vict. c. 37. XI. There shall be issued, £77,099 0 0 For Excess of Naval Expenditure beyond the

Grants for 1853-4. 1,938,104 0 0 For Excess of Naval Expenditure beyond the

Grants for 1854-5. XII. £19,379,013 0 0 For Navy Services; viz. 2,885,567 0 0 For Wages to 70,000 Sea

men and Marines
1,374,081 0 0 For Victuals, &c. in the

Navy -
140,469 0 0 For Salaries, &c. of the

Admiralty Office
50,000 0 0 For the Royal Naval Coast

51,676 0 0 For the Navy Scientific

142,571 0 0 For Naval Establishments

at home
26,919 0 0 For Naval Establishments

1,112,220 0 0 For Wages of Artificers,
&c. at home

For the Year ending 60,500 0 0 For Wages of Artificers,

31st March 1856.
&c. abroad
3,991,969 0 0 For Naval Stores, &c.
629,071 0 0 For new Works in Naval

64,100 0 0 For Medicines, &c.
74,086 0 0 For Naval Miscellaneous

635,497 0 0 For Naval Half Pay, &c.
469,222 0 For Military Pensions

149,558 0 0 For Civil Pensions
6,766,268 00

0 0 For Transport Service,

Freight of Ships, &c., for
Army and Ordnance Ser.
vices, and for Expenses

of Prisoners of War
755,239 0 0 For Packet Service

Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).



XIII. £18,789,532 0 0 For Army Services; viz.
7,353,804 0 0 For Forces in United

Kingdom and Stations
abroad (except East

314,984 0 0 For General Staff Officers,

151,108 0 0 For Allowances to Officers,

&c. of Public Military

17,795 0 0 For Royal Military Col-

23,367 0 0 For Royal Military Asy-

lum, &c.
88,000 0 0 For Volunteer Corps
3,813,383 0 0 For Embodied Militia
22,000 0 0 For Rewards for distin-

guished Military Ser-

From 64,000 0 0 For Pay of General Offi- 1st April 1855

55,000 0 0 For Full Pay for Retired 31st March 1856.

318,000 0 0 For Half Pay for Retired

32,707 0 0 For Half Pay for Officers

of disbanded Foreign

Corps, &c.
124,454 0 0 For Pensions to Widows
81,000 0 0 For Compassionate List,

31,787 0 0 For In-Pensioners of Chel-

and Kilmainham

1,188,589 0 0 For Out-Pensioners of

Chelsea Hospital, &c. -
38,700 0 0 For Superannuations in

Military Public Depart

4,919,534 0 0 For Commissariat Depart-

- For the Year ending 42,120 0 0 For Half Pay of Commis- 31st March 1856.

sariat Department 109,200 0 0 For Disembodied Militia To 31st March 1856. XIV. 1,402,961 0 0 For Excess of Ordnance Expenditure beyond

the Grants for 1854-5. · XV. 8,644,142 00 For Ordnance Services, viz. 1,117,833 0 0 For Pay of Ordnance Military Corps

For the Yearending 1,406,883 0 0 For Commissariat and Bar- 31st March 1856.

rack Supplies, &c.


Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).

£303, 149 0 0 For Establishments at

home and abroad 443,378 0 0 For Wages, &c. 3,558,980 0 0 For Ordnance Stores for For the Year ending

Land and Sea Service - 31st March 1856. 1,387,500 0 0 For Works and Repairs 158,196 0 0 For Scientific Branch 197,657 0 0 For Non-effective Services

70,566 0 0 For Ordnance Office $XVI. 17,183,000 0

17,183,000 0 0 To pay off Exchequer Bills of 1855. XVII. 3,000,000 0 0 For additional Expense in the War against Russia. XVIII. 100,000 0 O For Civil Contingencies - To31st March 1856. XIX. 176,400 0

For Excess of Expenditure for Printing, &c.

beyond the Grant for 1854-5. 8,000 0 0 For Excess of Expenses of Ministers at Foreign

Courts beyond the Grant for 1854–5.


Civil SERVICES.—Class 1.
154,952 0 0 For Repairs of Royal)

Palaces, &c.
69,544 0 0 For Repairs of Royal

Parks, &c.
122,209 0 0 For New Houses of Par-

6,000 0

0 For Public Record Reposi

122,841 0 O For Holyhead Harbour
234,000 0 For Harbours of Refuge -

375 0 0 For Port Patrick Harbour
30,963 0 0 For Public Buildings in

Department of Public

Works in Ireland 5,876 0 0 For Kingstown Harbour

To 31st March 1856


82,140 00 For Salaries, &c.of Houses

of Parliament -
54,400 0 0 For the Treasury
27,595 0 0 For the Home Department
83,849 0

For the Foreign Depart

35,897 0 0 For Department of Colo-

75,733 0 0 For the Privy Council,

Board of Trade, &c.
2,700 0 0 For Lord Privy Seal
25,211 0 0 For Office of Paymaster

7,314 0 0 For Department of Comp-

troller General of the

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