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Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).


Civil SERVICES.— Class 7.
£10,945 0 0 For General Board of

3,498 0 0 For Ecclesiastical Com-

missioners, England
12,390 0 0 For Charity Commission

for England and Wales
1,053 0 0 For certain Professors at

22,572 0 0 For Compensations, &c.

payable under the Pa-
tent Law Amendment

15,480 0 0 For Incumbered Estates
Commission, Ireland

900 0 0 For Commission for Publi- ? 31st March 1856.

cation of Ancient Laws

of Ireland 9,000 0

0 For Pay of Process Ser

vers, Ireland
2,270 0 0 For Office for Registration

of Joint Stock Com

panies -
69,115 0 0 For Pensions to Masters

and Seamen, &c. under
the Merchant Seamen's

Fund Act
25,500 0 0 For Battersea Park
25,000 0 0 For Embankment,

between Battersea and

Vauxhall Bridges, &c. 10,700 0 0 For Lighthouses abroad - { For the Year ending

31st March 1856. 1,811 0 0 For Pay, &c. of Medical

Men in West Indies
10,300 0 0 For Collection of Agricul-

tural Statistics
2,000 () 0 For Annuity to Board

of Manufacturers, Scot

14,000 0 0 For Board of Fisheries,


31st March 1856. 5,000 0 0 For Commissioners

Highland Roads and

12,000 0 0 For Bounties on Slaves

and Slave Vessels cap

tured 68,500 0 0 For Payments under Trea

ties of Reciprocity

Consolidated Fund! Appropriation).

er- }To31st March1856.

£17,850 0 0 For Revising Barristers

in England and Wales 3,800 0 0 For Inspectors of Corn

Returns, &c. 3,600 0 0 For Expenses of Quaran;

tine Arrangements 5,752 0 0 For Consular Offices, Seamen's Hospital, &c. at

Constantinople -

31st March 1856. 4,578 0 0 For British Ambassador's

Houses at Constanti

nople, &c. 1,550 0 0 For Courts of Law, &c. at

Douglas, Isle of Man 9,000 0 0 For Preservation of Public

Records 40,000 0 0 For Erection of a new Foreign Office

For the Year ending 9,00000 For Completion of Irish 31st March 1856.

Census 52,500 0 0 For Mint for Medal Ser

68,131 0 0 For Amounts awarded to

American Claimants under
Convention of 3d February

For the Year ending 54,218 0 0 To Thomas Porter

31st March 1856. 17,000 0 0 For distressed Seamen

abroad 3,000 0 0 For Gallery of Arts in

9,927 0
0 0 For Expenses relating to

Burials in and beyond
the Metropolis -

31st March 1856. 5,000 0 0

For Galleries of Art in For the Year ending

31st March 1856. 40,000 0 0 For Public Works, Edu

cation, &c. in South

31st March 1856. 5,800 0 0 For Expense of Continua

tion of Pall Mall to the

Green Park 3,000 0 0 For Bridge at Inverness 11,000 0 0 For Purchase of Buckingham House

| 1 0 0 For Contractor, &c. of

For the Year ending 3,718 0

31st Murch 1856. Victoria and Albert

Bridges at Windsor 10,000 0 0 For Discoverers of North

west Passage
800 0 0 For Monument to Sir John

Franklin, &c.


Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).
£3,711 0 0 For Statute Law Commissy 31st March 1856.

300 0 As Compensation to Dr.

Southwood Smith
15,000 0 0 For Museum at Kensington



For the Year ending $ XXVII. 1,638,861 00 For Post Office, &c.

31st March 1856.
835,182 0 0 For Customs Department
483,238 0 O For the Coast Guard, &c.
1,365,950 0 0 For Inland Revenue De-

62,720 0 0 For Revenue Police, Ire-

land, and

“ Seamew”

Steamer XXVIII. Supplies to be applied only for the purposes aforesaid. XXIX. Expenditure for Navy, Army, and Ordnance Services respectively

to be confined to the separate Services for which granted.
Treasury may, on Application, alter the proportionate Amounts
for such separate Services, provided the total Grant to each

Department be not exceeded.
XXX. Rules to be observed in the Application of the Sum appropriated

to Half Pay. Not to prevent the receiving of Half Pay under
any Act relating to the General or Local Militia, &c. Pay-
master General, by Permission of the Treasury, may issue Half
Pay to Officers appointed to Civil Offices since July 1828.
An Account of the Number of Officers so receiving Half Pay

to be laid before Parliament annually. XXXI. Treasury may authorize Military Officers in Civil Employments

to receive Half Pay in certain Cases. XXXII. Persons concerned in issuing, paying, and receiving Money for

Payment of Half Pay, without the requisite Oaths, indemnified.

17 8. 18 Vict. c. 121. XXXIII. Half Pay allowed to Officers of the Manx Fencibles. XXXIV. Half Pay Allowances to Chaplains of Regiments not holding

Ecclesiastical Benefices derived from the Crown. XXXV. Surplus of Sum by 17 & 18 Vict. c. 121. appropriated to Half Pay

Officers to be disposed of as Her Majesty shall direct. XXXVI. Widows, &c. claiming Pensions to make required Declaration. XXXVII. Declarations to be made as specified in 5 & 6 W. 4. c. 62.

An Act for raising the Sum of Seven Millions by Exchequer

Bills and Exchequer Bonds, for the Service of the Year
One thousand eight hundred and fifty-five.

[14th August 1855.]


School Grants, Security for Application.

An Act to render more secure the Conditions


which Money is advanced out of the Parliamentary Grant for the Purposes of Education.

[14th August 1855.] WHEREAS it is expedient that greater Security should

be afforded for the due Application of Money advanced ' in certain Cases to the Trustees or Managers of Schools by the

Lords Commissioners of the Treasury out of the Parliamentary • Grant for the Promotion of Education in Great Britain;' Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows : Where any Grant hath Sale, &c. of been made or shall hereafter be made out of any Sums of Money Premises in reheretofore granted or hereafter to be granted by Parliament for spect of which the Purposes of Education in Great Britain, under the Advice of

Grant of Money

has been made any Committee of the Council on Education for the Time being, not to be valid to the Trustees, Managers, or other Persons applying on behalf of withoutConsent any School, with the Consent of the Trustees or Persons holding of Secretary of the legal Estate thereof, for or towards the Purchase of the Site State, &c. or the Erection, Enlargement, or Repair of the School, or the Residence of the Master or Mistress, or the furnishing such School or Residence, no Sale, Exchange, or Mortgage of the Premises in respect of which such Grant hath been or may hereafter be made in exercise of any Power contained in the Conveyance or other Deed relating thereto, or under any other legal Authority, shall be valid unless either the Consent of the Secretary of State for the Home Department for the Time being, in Writing under his Hand be given to the same, or the Amount of the Grant which shall have been made as aforesaid shall be repaid to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for the Time being ; and whenever any Grant as aforesaid shall be hereafter made, a Memorandum, to be signed by One of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for the Time being, shall be endorsed upon some One of the Title Deeds relating to the School, certifying to the Fact of the Grant having been made upon such Application, and for some such Purpose as aforesaid, and referring to this Act ; and in any Case in which any Grant as aforesaid shall have been already made, so soon as such Memorandum shall have been endorsed and signed on any such Deed, all Bonds, Covenants, or other personal Obligations heretofore given or entered into to prevent the Exercise of any such Power of Sale, Exchange, or Mortgage, without such Consent as aforesaid, shall, so far as they relate to such Exercise, but no further, be annulled.

II. Nothing herein contained shall affect any Purchaser for a Purchasers not valuable Consideration without Notice, nor be deemed to apply to to be affected any School in respect of any such Grant heretofore made without without Notice. any such Bond, Covenant, or other personal Obligations or Conditions as to Sale, Exchange, or Mortgage having been entered into by the Trustees or Persons holding the legal Estate in such Schools and the Committee of Council on Education.


Dwellings for Labouring Classes.

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CA P. CXXXII. An Act for facilitating the Erection of Dwelling Houses for the Labouring Classes.

[14th August 1855.] HEREAS it is expedient that Facilities should be afforded

for the Erection of healthful and commodious Dwellings ' for the Labouring Classes :' Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the

same, as follows : Short Title. I. This Act may for all Purposes be cited as “ The Labourers Dwellings Act, 1855."

Constitution of Company. Power to form II. Any Number of Persons not less than Six may, by subCompany. scribing Articles of Association or a Schedule thereto, form them

selves into a Company for the Purposes herein-after mentioned : The Articles shall be in the Form set forth in the Schedule hereto, or as near thereto as Circumstances permit: There shall be set opposite to the Name of each Subscriber the Sum subscribed for by him in the Capital of the Company, and his Subscription shall be deemed to imply a Covenant on the Part of himself, his Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, to pay to the

Company the Amount so subscribed for. Registration of III. The Articles shall be registered by the Registrar of Joint Articles. Stock Companies, who shall charge in respect of such Registra

tion such Fees as may from Time to Time be directed by the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council appointed for the Consideration of Matters relating to Trade and Plantations, herein. after called the Board of Trade ; and upon such Registration being made, the Subscribers, together with such other Persons as may from Time to Time become Members of the Company, shall be a Body Corporate by the Name prescribed in the Articles of Association, having a perpetual Succession and a Common Seal; but no such Registration shall be made until it is proved to the Satisfaction of the said Registrar that Three Fourths of the proposed Capital has been subscribed for, and that Ten per Centum upon

such Capital has been paid up. Certificate of IV. The said Registrar shall grant a Certificate stating the Date Incorporation of the Incorporation of the Company, and such Certificate shall

in all Cases be primâ facie Evidence of the Fact of such Incorpo

ration. 8&9 Vict. c.16. V. The Companies Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, shall be incorporated incorporated into and form Part of this Act, with the Exception with this Act.

of the Provisions relating to the Recovery of Damages, and to the Provision to be made for affording Access to the Special Act; and in the Construction of the said Companies Clauses Act the Articles of Association shall be deemed to be the Special Act, and the Date of the Incorporation of the Company, as certified in manner aforesaid, shall be deemed to be “the Time of the passing of the Special Act;" and whenever the Term "prescribed” is used in

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