Consumption of the lungs and asthma, arrested and cured

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1847 - 80 էջ

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Էջ 171 - No fact in medicine is better established than that which proves the hereditary transmission from parents to children of a constitutional liability to pulmonary disease, and especially to consumption ; yet no condition is less attended to in forming matrimonial engagements. The children of scrofulous and consumptive parents are generally precocious, and their minds being early matured, they engage early in the business...
Էջ 159 - When care is taken, however, not to carry reading aloud so far at one time as to excite the least sensation of soreness or fatigue in the chest, and it is duly repeated, it is extremely useful in developing and giving tone to the organs of respiration, and to the general system.
Էջ 176 - These symptoms usually continue till towards the approach of morning, and then a remission commonly takes place ; the breathing becomes less laborious and more full, and the person speaks and coughs with greater ease. If the cough is attended with an expectoration of mucus, he experiences much relief, and soon falls asleep. When he awakes in the morning, he still feels some degree of tightness across his breast, although his breathing is probably more free and easy, and...
Էջ iii - I think, howsoever it may be taken. Men may censure and object as they please, but I appeal to time and experiment. Effects misimputed, cases wrong told, circumstances overlooked, perhaps too, prejudices and partialities against truth, may for a time prevail and keep her at the bottom of her well, from whence nevertheless she emergeth sooner or later, and strikes the eyes of all who do not keep them shut.
Էջ 175 - Asthma rarely appears before the age of puberty, nnd seems to attack men more frequently than women, particularly those of a full habit, in whom it never fails, by frequent repetition, to occasion some degree of emaciation. In some instances, it arises from a hereditary predisposition ; and in many others, it seems to depend upon a particular constitution of the lungs.
Էջ 125 - ... or in some pectoral infusion, or if this should excite cough, it may be given in divided doses made up into bread pills, drinking a little beef tea afterwards. It is best to commence with small doses, as the sudden introduction into the system of such a powerful stimulant, is apt to be followed by congestions of blood in the digestive organs or lungs. A few cresses are recommended to be eaten once or twice every week, after having been well sprinkled with common salt, but no vinegar or oil is...
Էջ 143 - It ought never to be employed in the treatment of consumption except to remove inflammation or active determinations of blood, with which the disease may be complicated; beyond this its operation can only tend to a useless loss of strength.
Էջ 176 - ... in the lungs, impeding respiration. The difficulty of breathing continuing to increase for some length of time, both inspiration and expiration are performed slowly, and with a wheezing noise ; the speech becomes difficult and uneasy ; a propensity to coughing succeeds, and the patient can no longer remain in a horizontal position, being as it were threatened with immediate suftbcation.
Էջ 159 - To Rabelais' ravings, and from prose to song. While reading pleases, but no longer, read; And read aloud resounding Homer's strain, And wield the thunder of Demosthenes. The chest, so exercised, improves its strength; And quick vibrations through the bowels drive The restless blood, which, in unactive days, Would loiter else through unelastic tubes. Deem it not trifling while I recommend What posture suits; to stand and sit by turns, As nature prompts, is best. But o'er your leaves To lean for ever,...
Էջ 172 - Neglect of the proper regulation of diet produces imperfect nutrition, which among the wealthier classes most generally arises from excess in quantity, or a too stimulating quality of food — but among the lower classes, from deficiency in quantity or quality, added to scantiness of clothing, want of cleanliness, and improper ventilation.

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