Marx's Social Critique of Culture

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Yale University Press, 01 հլս, 1985 թ. - 302 էջ
This study sheds new light on Marx's achievement by presenting a critical reading of his interpretation of culture. Dupré discusses the relation of Marx to previous philosophers, especially Hegel; the stages of development and contradictions within Marx's conception of culture; and the contributions of the various Marxists who followed Marx.
"An intelligent, discerning, and carefully nuanced reading of Marx. . . . Dupré presents a fluidity and diversity that is lacking in many other interpretations of Marx."
-- Peter Stillman, The American Political Science Review
"What makes the book notable is that it handles its subject more clearly, thoroughly, and indeed elegantly than most of its predecessors."
-- Michael J. Kerlin, Theological Studies
"Dupré is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable scholars of Marxism. . . . His study counts among the best ones written on the modern Prometheus."
-- Max Wildiers, De Standard
"A major work on Marx, displaying familiarity with the vast scope of his work and characterized by thoughtful and insightful analysis."
-- Carol Gould
"This book is very learned, well-written and readable. . . . Its value lies in its attempt to subordinate the basic tenets of Marx's thought to the question of how man's cultural activity is to be understood within the general framework of Marxism and how some of Marx's ideas concerning culture can be adapted apart from the dogmas of 'historical materialism.'"
-- Leszek Kolakowski

From inside the book


Culture as Historical Process
The Structural Dialectic
Economics as Sociocultural Activity
The Uses of Ideology
From Ideology to Superstructure
Marxist Developments of the Critique of Ideology
Art and the Aesthetic Dimension of Life
Culture Reintegrated through Praxis
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