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Giaffer and Abassan. restraint imposed : her exalted rank takes awny It is taken too much for granted that the votaries from the apparent indelicacy, for Giafter could not of Mahomet are altogether destitute of that clival- speak first. The words given are as follows:rous regard for the sex which once distinguished

“I had resolved to keep my love concealed in Europe. The Turks, indeed, as a people, show my heart; but in spite of me, it escapes and debut little of it; but the character of Mabómetan clares itself. If you do not yield at this declaration society previously to the domination of these in my modesty and my secret are both sacrificed : but bending Tartars, displayed no sinall portion of the if you reject me, you will save my life by your regenerous loyalty due to woman. Nay, there is

fusal. Whatever happens, at least, I shall not die some reason to think that a tinge of Arabian senti- unrevenged, for my death will sufficiently declare ment, obtained by the crusades, and the Saracenic who has been my assassin.” .conquests in Spain, is traceable in much of the wild and romantic profession of our preux cheraliers

Female Beauty. in the middle ages. Be this as it may, the progress of the Saracenic empire is marked by anecdotes of the Indies paint them red. The pearl of teeth must

The ladies in Japan gild their teeth, and those of the influence of la belle passion, quite as affecting be dyed black to be beautiful in Guzeret. In Greenand sentimental as any in Europe.

land the women color their faces with blue and Giaffer the Barmecide, was vizier of the Caliph yellow. However fresh the complexion of the MusHaroun Alraschid. The Caliph, willing to reward covite may be, she would think herself very ugly the services of his favorite, Giaffer, determined, on if she was not plastered over with paint. The certain conditions, 10 bestow on him in marriage Chinese must have their feet as diminutive as those his beloved sister, Abassan, the most beautiful and of she.goats. In ancient Persia an acqueline nose accomplished princess of the East.

Were not was often thought worthy of the crown; and if Abassan my sister," said he, announcing to his favo- there was any competition between two princes, rite the purpose which he had formed, “ marriage the people generally went by this criterion of mashould unite us; but, since the most lovely and the jesty. In soine countries the women break the noses most amiable of the oriental women cannot be the of their children, and in others press the head bewife of Haroun, no other has a right to possess her, tween two boards, that it may become square. The nor can I suffer the blood of Abbas to be contami-modern Persians bave a strong aversion to red nated by a foreign mixture. The nephews of your hair: the Turks, on the contrary, are warm admibrothers must not be mine. I give to you the hand rers of it. of my sister, it is true, as a recompense

for your services, and that I may have the pleasure of beholding in my presence, at the same time, two per.

Riches. sons whom I dearly love: but I require your sacred It is a strange delusion for men to suppose that promise that you will be to Abassan only as I am-a happiness consists in riches. Conteniment is not friend and a brother. On this condition, and this to be found in splendor and magnificence: or why only, I consent to the union. Death to yourself, is it that princes have sometines exchanged the and to your race, will be the penalty of the viola- grandeur of a palace for the more simple enjoy. tion of your oath."

ments of private life? Why is the countenance of Giaffer assented to this admirable piece of des. the rich man furrowed with thought and anxiety, potic logic, which, of the two, is worse than the while the poor go on their way, shouting and ex. reported speech of the Grand Sultan when pre- ulting in the blessings which God hath given them? senting his daughter with a subject for a husband, Why does the man who has grown in wealth, look " Here, daughter, I give thee this man for thy back to the days of his poverty, and ask himself slave.” The nominal marriage took place between why he cannot now rejoice as heartily over the the princess and Giatfer, but, unfortunately for the much as he did over the little ? unhappy lovers, the voice of love and nature, sanctioned too by the laws, was not to be stifled by

Domestic Happiness. the caprice of a tyrant: the enamored pair bafiled the vigilance of the Caliph, and a son, the fruit of

Where will our sorrows receive the same sotheir disobedience, was privately conveyed from lace, as in the bosom of our family? Whose hand the seraglio to Mecca. The result is a portion of wipes the tear from our cheek, or the chill of death public history. A discovery was made, Giaffer

from our brow, with the same fondness as that of lost his head, and Abassan, some accounts say,

the wife? If the raging elements are contending

died of grief; while others state that she was driven without, here is a shelter. If war is desolating the from the palace, and suffered to languish in dis- country, here is peace and tranquillity. Blissful grace and indigence.

and happy hours, that unite us together in sweet A more than comvon interest is given to the fore- and holy companionship, I bid you a joyful welgoing incidents by the character of the parties. Giaffer was one of the most cultivated men of his time-amiable, handsome in person, and benevo While some are willing to wed virtue for her perlent in disposition. Abassan appears to have been sonal charms, others are engaged to take her for similarly accomplished as a female; some Arabic the sake of her expected dowry; and since her verses from her to Giaffer still exist, expressive of followers and admirers have so little bopes from her attachment. It would seem, by the tenor of her at present, it were pity, methinks, to reason them, that the lady was the most impatient at the them out of any imagined advantage in reversion.


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parenty dividcu mu u ve sanes, wnich, to upprunauuni uves not only not affect her, but prethe southward, are girt with the boldest mountain serves--purifies—and renders her more perfect.

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