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Blackwols Island Tot island is situated on the East River way between Long Island and Downlod the courambut gorengthe beneflow beans

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within a few year but Barkenherits on shared by the Corporation of the city of New York, Bengthuy world of watu

Shfaer the Earth's lovet bare bougil befuce,
Ivontag bis spot alat could have been chThie quiel of

in the same ciles for prons eing surrounded by water, débaring all inter

But manhood Arends the red og rok with the opposite shores, except Virough with steps of peide padjower, be proper channel

Fles ater lete erage Alting of such noblestetur adinding is on e range the represented in Engrar


conqi sem to be too good a babitation for those of it Sebla vatcasts, clisin de lider their Lietuva

cons in ay respecte Patology deplinised Blackwell's Island-Helt Gate-le East River

1 who bribe due story sen Chron Neck the Shot Tower, and all familie

y colles ames is the residents of New York Wad who with many au empie' tremory

pused that has ever leaped upprua noblesteed and trotted to yelow beapa, untold:

to Meelen's or wito that has sver steps And plea and it shume the round Dairlaly in a beautiful Stanhope and drove to Upon a monarrow httal resor at the Shot Ecer will not

Are cumbing uit ground, that recognise the scenery and view pictured the rest them now Aspe site in the latest de extrema

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Rostless, heasing hour, with four skitful bareigos

my i poroda way curent, od gou turn the plan There is no sittery in my ruth, bargoj is perseptible to the boot and leaping with

Capriciously Lepore

Death and the ocean speak the truth in leaning over **

To hear it, listen there! rasa nad ploughing and in its seeming with eye still further on

avy laden with all kinds of Iy to its place of destination, who

Hi Nature universal Tung route the dangerous Bet of Bell

Creation' God, thy praise wezing bugs by an urigely wind or solos

As mounts the chill and the beautiful craft that is endeavor

His glone lit our heart to The eiden, will be driven to that fi and

Let there be light the Eterns said, dsched upon those dangerous ou

And darkness likan perto ded; aler boiling up though ten the

C'ee earth and dea fulgeni alione apirita wore at work, apd wiara willinna

Te glory of the Mighty ay have been swallowed by the same fram suer of the doop wion

on arose, a breathing for From side to side beneath the be

Aunuse of the Godhean An in

Wide life and love to worship Like Hope upon a deatu-bea, ana, unworn

betore whose brightness suns are aim, Its steady eyes, while all around is torn By the distracted waters, bears serene

Pervading Spirit, veiled with wing Its brilliant hues with all their beams unshorn: Of seraph rapt, thy praise we sing, Resembling, 'mid the torture of the scene,

Exhaustless fount of love and might, Love watching Madness with unalterable mien.”— We bless Thee for the gift of light.




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Blackwell's Island.

The Shipwreck. Tais island is situated on the East River, mid. way between Long Island and New-York, near the entrance of Hell Gate, about seven miles The beautiful now bears;

“Stay, angry ocean! for thy breast from the city. It was formerly the property of a Rock thy wild tossing waves to rest, wealthy gentleman, who occupied it, as a private And calm their anxious cares." residence; and has been within a few years pur- Hark! to sullen answering roarchased by the Corporation of the city of New York, “Beneath my world of waves, for the site of the PenitestiARY, and is in fact, the Earth's loveliest have sought before, inost advantageous spot that could have been cho- The quiet of my caves." sen, possessing the same facilities for a prison; being surrounded by water, debarring all inter

But manhood treads the reeling deck course with the opposite shores, except through with steps of pride and power, the proper channel.

His stern deep voice man's rage could check, A building of such noble structure and imposing In passion's stormiest hour!" appearance, as the one represented in the Engrav- "Speak ye of power!-the conqueror's boast ing, seems to be too good a habitation for those of Aeets that awe the world, despicable outcasts, chained to the floor of their Lies shiver'd on my rockiest coast, cells; it is in every respect a Palace of human Or in my depths is furl'a !" inisery and woe.

Blackwell's Island-Hell Gate—the East River, “ If wealth could bribe thee, stormy sea!"Throg's Neck--the Shot Tower, are all familiar names to the residents of New-York. And who with many an empire's treasury,

My cells are paved with gold, that has ever leaped upon a noble steed and trotted in yellow heaps, untold; out to Nowlan's, or who that has ever stept with a And pearls and gems, that shame the round fair lady in a beautiful Stanhope and drove to that Upon a monarch's brow, delightful resort at the Shot Tower, will not in an in. Are cumbering the quiet ground, stant recognise the scenery and view pictured in Where monsters rest them now. the Engraving

As one sits in the look-out at the extreme height - Nor youth nor beauty, wealth nor power, of the hill and watches the river roll swiftly on to Can calm me, or delay; wards the ocean, the eye rests upon a small bout Resistless, as the passing hour, with four skilful oarsmen struggling against the

Is my impetuous way, current, or, as you turn—the beautiful pleasure There is no flattery in my ruth, barge, is perceptible to the eye, with its sails full bent and leaping on with wind and tide-at one Death and the ocean speak the truth,

Capriciously I spare; time leaning over as if to upset—then righting To hear it, listen there!" again and ploughing and shaking the white foam in its seeming wrath and pride; or, stretching the eye still further on, it rests upon the vessel heavy

Matin Hymn. Jaden with all kinds of merchandise, moving slowly to its place of destination, which is to pass in its

Hail Nature's universal King, route the dangerous “ Pot of Hell Gate," and per

Creation's God, thy praise we sing : haps by an unlucky wind or a careless helmsman, As mounts the sun o'er hill and sea, the beautiful craft that is endeavoring to avoid ac.

His glories lift our hearts to Thee. cident, will be driven into that frightful eddy, and

" Let there be light,” th' Eternal said, dashed upon those dangerous rocks, where the

And darkness like a phantom fled; water is boiling up as though ten thousand evil

O'er earth and sea effulgent shone spirits were at work, and where millions of proper

The glory of the Mighty One. ty have been swallowed by the same fearful monster of the deep; when

Then man arose, a breathing form, “ From side to side beneath the glittering morn, An essence of the Godhead warın, An Iris sits, amidst the infernal surge,

With life and love to worship Him, Like Hope upon a death-bed, and, unworn

Before whose brightness suns are dim, Its steady eyes, while all around is torn By the distracted waters, bears serene

Pervading Spirit, veiled with wing Its brilliant hues with all their beams unshorn:

Of seraph rapt, thy praise we sing, Resembling, 'mid the torture of the scene,

Exhaustless fount of love and might, Love watching Madness with unalterable mien." We bless Thee for the gift of light.


M. J. M. Y.



many, too


on Gastronomy which made me exclaim-Oh Tea Table Chat.

man! man! can you debase your noble faculties, your great endowments in a pursuit so low'

Are your high destinies to be forgotten until forTue rich satin curtains were closely drawn, bril- feited, for the poor gratification of making a liant lamps threw a sostened light over the costly sauce, or giving rules for a roast ? After all, the furniture of Louisa's drawing room, as she, attired epicure comes back to simplicity at last, and the in fashion's latest, entered her luxurious apartment. insipid white sauces of the present day are the Casting a look of satisfaction around she surveyed result of the wise discoveries in Gastronomy of so her form in an ample mirror, then reclining on a many ages and so much study. I trust it is a yielding sofa and resting her satined foot on an

study, which will not engross the faculties of my embroidered ottoman, she uttered—“My small

countrymen, whilst they have the important affairs party to-night, will be perfection there will be of their own government to interest them. It is talent, knowledge, beauty, fashion-a happy one of the overgrown weeds which have sprung mixture, like a well dressed salad where no one up in the hot-beds of luxury in Europe-100 thing prevails, and not one can be spared to make

many of those weeds are being transa perfect whole. Yes" said she “ my new friend planted here, which have been mistaken, for Harriet, my unpolished mountain gem is the nowers of value, by Americans, during the present material for which all these incongruous elements

rage to visit Europe. May we never be brought coinbine and are made harmonious,"

to say, forgetful of the variety of our forests and But alas! how vain are human expectations. streams, that having no turbot, is a national Louisa like other mortals, was doomed to

inisfortune." disappointment. Ring after ring was heard at

"Oh, Fanny Kemble!” said Adelaide," she the door-bell, but instead of seeing her expected said that-after all, I do not see any thing so very visitors enter-Ceasar alone appeared with notes objectionable in her book.” of apology from her most distingue friends

• Nor I," said Harriet, “but I see much to another and yet another-it seemed as if all the admire, much to make me like her ; there is a ills which fesh is heir to, had befallen her nobleness, a high-mindedness, which raised her expected coterie, such as sudden indisposition above her profession; and all that is objectionable unexpected arrivals of country cousins-most in

must be allowed as the inevitable consequences of opportune and not-to-be-dispensed-with business. that profession. She shows herself to us open, It was enough to provoke the patience of a saint- unveiled, undisguised, for that she might be called but Louisa was something of a philosopher-and imprudent, but she is at least frank and honest.” when a few of her intimates arrived, she deter

“I should think” said Cornelia, " she deroured mined to make the best of it. There was Cornelia, too much and too eagerly for your approbation.” a young widow from the South-and Adelaide,

“And you Harriet” said Adelaide, “ do you thie friend of her youtlı-and Harriet, a lady from vindicate Fanny Kemble, you, who used to think Vermont, with whom she had lately become ac

us so mad when we ran after her at her first quainted. Whose unsophisticated simplicity of

appearance." character and strong good sense had won her

“ It is true," replied Harriet, “I thought it regard.

very ridiculous to raise into a divinity, a goddess, " Come ladies fair," said Louisa. it appears one who was a talented and clever actress ; and I the fates have decreed—we must entertain each think the undue censure her book received, quite other-not a male can we see to-night; but to

as unmerited ; now, however, she is fulfilling the make amends, let us enjoy, what is said to be the quiet, but important duties of domestic life with truest, purely feminine pleasure. We will have credit and praise ; let her rest in peace.". a nice little tea table chat, and give free vent to

But with her mind, her talenı,” said Adelaide, all our opinions, unchecked by the Lords of

“she will probably be before the public again in creation."

some other form; she cannot long be idle." The others agreed the plan was delightful, and

“ Have you read the Linwoods," asked Louisa. welcomed the circumstances which made it so

Oh yes," replied Harriet, “ what a delightful feasible. The table was soon drawn out; the work it is, so much nature, so much simplicity, steaming urn was placed upon it, whilst they all of such a writer we ought to be proud, one, gathered around, a gay and happy quartette. whose inspirations are fresh from our own clear Adelaide and Louisa were soon engaged in an skies and verdant forests; so different from the animated discussion on the relative merits of far-fetched imitations of Europeans, which is Pico, Souchong, Pouchong, Hyson and Chulan, the rock, on which so many of our writers whilst Harriet sipped her milk and water in split

. There is a charm in Miss Sedgwick's silence for a while, at length laughing at their domestic scenes, which interests and fascinates earnestness. Really ladies,” said she, “one us; it is the charm of nature and feeling, pure, would suppose it matter of importance, which simple, unadulterated feeling. Who that has beverage was offered you."

read her · Home' will not agree with me. Such “ And is it not of some importance ?" asked writers ought we to produce, it is in keeping Louisa, “ what we eat and drink."

with our boasted republicanism-much more As far as health is concerned it may be," an- so than those who transplant Foreign follies, swered Harriet, "but for the mere gratification Foreign vices, to our native prairies and western of the palate, I consider it one of the most earthly wilds." of all enjoyments. I read not long ago, an article "Ah! now" said Cornelia. " you are aiming


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