Proceedings of the American Gas Light Association ...

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Vol. 11-22 include: "United States patents relating to gas," "Current gas literature," and "New publications."

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Էջ 357 - At the regular meeting of the Association the order of business shall be : 1. The reading of the minutes of the last meeting. 2. The address of the President. 3. The report of the Executive Committee on the management of the Association during the previous year. 4 The report of the Treasurer. 5. Reports of Special Committees.
Էջ 167 - I move that a committee of three be appointed by the chair to take appropriate action upon the subject of deceased members.
Էջ 357 - The Officers of the Association shall assume their duties immediately after the close of the meeting at which they are elected ; they shall hold meetings at the call of the President, or, in his absence, at the call of the Vice-Presidents, in their order, and make arrangements for carrying out the objects of the Association.
Էջ 357 - He shall give a bond to the President in such sum, and with such sureties, as shall be approved by the Executive Committee.
Էջ 13 - On motion, the secretary was instructed to cast the vote of the society for BS Hoxie and Malt.
Էջ 27 - THE PRESIDENT : The next is the report of the Finance -Committee. FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT The Finance Committee would respectfully report that they have examined the books and accounts of Secretary AP Folwell and Treasurer EL Dalton and have found them to agree and to be correct, as stated in their respective reports. They show that the gross receipts of the Society for the past year, exclusive of the former balance, were $2,105.65; the disbursements, $2,200.38, leaving a balance on...
Էջ 356 - SEC. 4. The Executive Committee shall manage all the affairs of the society, subject to the action and approval of the society at its meeting.
Էջ 199 - I move that the report be received and placed on file, and that the thanks of the Association be extended to the committee.
Էջ 359 - Any member, with the concurrence of the presiding officer, may .admit a friend to each meeting of the Association ; but such person shall not take any part in the discussion, unless permitted by the meeting.
Էջ 357 - SECRETARY. VI. The duties of the Secretary shall be to take minutes of all proceedings of the Association and of the Executive Committee, and enter them in proper books for the purpose. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Association, read minutes and notices of all the meetings, and also papers and communications, if the authors wish it, and perform whatever duties may be required in the Constitution and By- Laws appertaining to his department.

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