Tito and the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia

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Faber & Faber, 15 նոյ, 2012 թ. - 470 էջ

Few figures have dominated a nation's destiny as much as Marshal Tito of former Yugoslavia. For nearly thirty years he held together mutually hostile religious groups in a deeply divided country, but his death in 1980 rekindled centuries-old hatreds and by 1992 Yugoslavia ceased to exist. In this revealing biography, Richard West questions the full impact of Tito's reign of power and his implicit responsibility for the ensuing violent, bloody war in Bosnia.

'Excellent ... I recommend his book for those who already know about Yugoslavia and want food for thought about the future.' David Owen, Sunday Times

'Admirable ... Carefully researched and extremely readable.' Literary Review

'A passionate book, in which West's historical sense is interlaced with his own very intimate knowledge of Yugoslavia from the late 1940s on and of the poignancy of [subsequent] events.' Fergus Pyle, Irish Times

'Masterly'. Glasgow Herald


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Title Page Foreword
Maps Pronunciation
The History of the South Slavs
The Making of a Communist
The Ustasha Terror
First Clashes with the Chetniks
The Quarrel with Stalin
Yugoslavias Place in the World
The Return of the Nationalities Problem
The Final Years
Reassessments of Tito
Towards Disaster in Serbia
Towards Disaster in Croatia

The Long March
The Fourth and Fifth Offensives
The Triumph of the Partisans
Settling Scores

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Richard West (b. 1930) is a British journalist and author most noted for his reporting of the Vietnam War, and Yugoslavia, for which he has had a lifelong passion. He began his career at the Manchester Guardian, subsequently becoming a foreign correspondent in Yugoslavia, Africa, Central America and Indochina. Among his books are Tito and the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia, The Making of the Prime Minister and An English Journey.

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