The Oregon Territory: A Geographical Account of that Country and Its Inhabitants with Outlines of Its History and Discovery

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Charles Knight & Company, 1846 - 226 էջ
A detailed history of the Oregon Territory with chapters on discovery, exploration, the settlement, the Hudson's Bay Company, Indian tribes, and discussion of the British and American claims. Nicolay was a staunch advocate of the British side of the Oregon dispute, urging that the northern boundary of California be accepted as the natural line between the two countries.

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Էջ 83 - We placed ourselves on our knees, with the short paddles in our hands, the most skilful boatman being at the bow; and again we commenced our rapid descent. We cleared rock after rock, and shot past fall after fall, our little boat seeming to play with the cataract. We became flushed with success and familiar with the danger ; and, yielding to the excitement of the occasion, broke forth together into a Canadian boat song.
Էջ 82 - ... slowly through the pass. In several places high rocks lay scattered about in the channel; and in the narrows it required all our strength and skill to avoid staving the boat on the sharp points. In one of these, the boat proved a little too broad, and stuck fast for an instant, while the water flew over us; fortunately, it was but for an instant, as our united strength forced her immediately through. The water swept overboard only a sextant and a pair of saddlebags. I caught the sextant as it...
Էջ 84 - For a hundred yards below the current was covered with floating books and boxes, bales and blankets, and scattered articles of clothing ; and so strong and boiling was the stream, that even our heavy instruments, which were all in cases, kept on the surface, and the sextant, circle, and the long black box of the telescope, were in view at once. For a moment, I felt "somewhat disheartened. All our books — almost every record of the journey — our journals and registers of astronomical and barometrical...
Էջ 84 - Of every thing on board, the only article that had been saved was my double-barrelled gun, which Descoteaux had caught, and clung to with drowning tenacity. The men continued down the river on the left bank. Mr. Preuss and myself descended on the side we were on; and Lajeunesse, with a paddle in his hand, jumped on the boat alone, and continued down the canon. She was now light, and cleared every bad place with much less difficulty. In a short time, he was joined by Lambert; and the search was continued...
Էջ 160 - And whereas the said undertakers, for their further encouragement in the said design, have humbly besought us to incorporate them, and grant unto them and their successors the sole trade and commerce of all those seas, straits, bays, rivers, lakes, creeks and sounds, in whatsoever latitude they shall be, that lie within the entrance of the straits commonly called...
Էջ 83 - ... on the left side. Looking around, I saw that Mr. Preuss had gained the shore on the same side, about twenty yards below ; and a little climbing and swimming soon brought him to my side. On the opposite side, against the wall, lay the boat bottom up ; and Lambert was in the act of saving Descoteaux, whom he had grasped by the hair, and who could not swim ; " LAche pas," said he, as I afterwards learned,
Էջ 84 - ... view at once. For a moment, I felt somewhat disheartened. All our books — almost every record of the journey — our journals and registers of astronomical and barometrical observations — had been lost in a moment. But it was no time to indulge in regrets, and I immediately set about endeavouring to save something from the wreck.
Էջ 92 - I now mixed up some vermilion in melted grease, and inscribed, in large characters, on the South-East face of the rock on which we had slept last night, this brief memorial - 'Alexander Mackenzie, from Canada, by land, the twenty-second of July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three.
Էջ 121 - ... three or four tin cups. Every man had a blanket strapped over his saddle, to serve for his bed, and the instruments were carried by turns on their backs. We entered directly on rough and rocky ground ; and, just after crossing the ridge, had the good fortune to shoot an antelope. We heard the roar, and had a glimpse of a waterfall as we rode along, and, crossing in our way two fine streams-, tributary to the Colorado, in about two hours' ride we reached the top of the first row or range of the...
Էջ 82 - I caught the sextant as it passed by me; but the saddlebags became the prey of the whirlpools. We reached the place where Mr. Preuss was standing, took him on board, and, with the aid of the boat, put the men with the rope on the succeeding pile of rocks. We found this passage much worse than the previous one, and our position was rather a bad one. To go back was impossible ; before us, the cataract was a sheet of foam ; and, shut up in the chasm by the rocks, which in some places seemed almost to...

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