School architecture; or Contributions to the improvement of school-houses in the United States

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A.S. Barnes, 1848 - 369 էջ
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Էջ 168 - ... and it is further ordered, that where any town shall increase to the number of one hundred families or householders they shall set up a grammar school, the master thereof being able to instruct youth so far as they may be fitted for the university...
Էջ 324 - The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance, and of my cup, Thou maintainest my lot : and, on the justest grounds, he immediately adds, The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places ; yea, I have a goodly heritage.
Էջ 130 - ... examination and the terms and conditions on which pupils shall be received and instructed therein, the number of pupils from the respective cities and counties, conforming as nearly as may be to the ratio of population, to fix the location of the said school...
Էջ 168 - It was then generally agreed upon, that our brother Philemon Purmont shall be instructed to become schoolmaster for the teaching and nurturing of children with us.
Էջ 128 - to require every academy receiving a distributive share of public money, under the preceding section equal to seven hundred dollars per annum, to establish and maintain in such academy, a department for the instruction of common school teachers, under the direction of the said Regents, as a condition of receiving the distributive share of every such academy.
Էջ 125 - ... that our expanding population requires constant accessions to their numbers, and that to realize these views, it is necessary that some new plan for obtaining able teachers, should be devised; I therefore recommend a seminary for the education of teachers in the monitorial system of instruction, and in those useful branches of knowledge which are proper to engraft on elementary attainments. A compliance with this recommendation will have the most benign influence on individual happiness and social...
Էջ 134 - In a communication made by the Secretary of the Board of Education to the Legislature, dated March 12, 1838, it was stated that private munificence had placed at his disposal the sum of ten thousand dollars, to be expended, under the direction of the Board of Education, for qualifying teachers for our Common Schools, on condition that the Legislature would place in the hands of the Board an equal sum, to be expended for the same purpose. On the 19th of April, of the same year, resolves were passed,...
Էջ 131 - ... for the instruction and practice of teachers of common schools in the science of education and in the art of teaching, to be located in the county of Albany.
Էջ 232 - We have several sons of clergymen of distinction and lawyers of eminence. Indeed, the school is a perfect example of the poor and the rich, meeting on common ground and on terms quite democratic.
Էջ 136 - ... that the schools heretofore known as Normal Schools, shall be hereafter designated as State Normal Schools." The school at West Newton is appropriated exclusively, to females ; those at Bridgewater and Westfield admit both sexes. Among the standing regulations adopted by the Board, for the government of the State Normal Schools, are the following — most of which were adopted in the beginning, and have been constantly in force ; only a few modifications.

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