Games Magazine Presents Paint by Numbers

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Random House Information Group, 15 հլս, 1994 թ. - 176 էջ
Paint by Numbers is the most exciting new kind of puzzle to come along in many years. These "picture logic" puzzles already have a following of millions of devoted fans in Japan, where they were invented five years ago. And now Games, the magazine that introduced Paint by Numbers to the United States last year, proudly brings you an English-language version of the Japanese book that started the craze.

The concept is brilliantly simple. You start with an empty grid; numbers above and to the side tell you how many squares in each row and column should be filled in. The trick is that the numbers don't tell you which squares to fill in -- that's for you to determine through logical reasoning and by working back and forth between the rows and columns. When you complete the puzzle correctly, you'll find you've made a picture!

Complete instructions and some time-saving tips are included at the front of this book, along with 123 puzzles ranging from easy to very challenging. This book will give every puzzle fan many satisfying hours of entertainment.

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