Minority Enterprise and Expanded Ownership: Blueprint for the 70's, Հատորներ 1-2

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Էջ A-42 - An act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers...
Էջ F-57 - Act, as amended, is amended — (1) by striking out the period at the end of "paragraph (5)" and inserting in lieu thereof ";and"; and (2) by adding after paragraph (5) a new paragraph as follows: ('(6) to make such loans (either directly or in cooperation with banks or other lending institutions through agreements to participate on an immediate or deferred basis) as the Administration may determine to be necessary or appropriate to assist...
Էջ A-42 - The United States in congress assembled shall also have the sole and exclusive right and power of regulating the alloy and value of coin struck by their own authority, or by that of the respective states: fixing the standard of weights and measures throughout the United States...
Էջ A-22 - We recognize that the growing dominance of pupils from disadvantaged minorities in city school populations will not soon be reversed. No matter how great the effort toward desegregation, many children of the ghetto will not, within their school careers, attend integrated schools. If existing disadvantages are not to be perpetuated, we must drastically improve the quality of ghetto education. Equality of results with all-white schools must be the goal.
Էջ A-22 - We support integration as the priority education strategy; it is essential to the future of American society. In this last summer's disorders we have seen the consequences of racial isolation at all levels, and of attitudes toward race, on both sides, produced by three centuries of myth, ignorance and bias. It is indispensable that opportunities for interaction between the races be expanded.
Էջ F-43 - In many of the legal confrontations, the Federal government is faced with an inherent conflict of interest. The Secretary of the Interior and the Attorney General must at the same time advance both the national interest in the use of land and water rights and the private interests of Indians in land which the government holds as trustee.
Էջ F-45 - The Indians of America need Federal assistance— this much has long been clear. What has not always been clear, however, is that the Federal government needs Indian energies and Indian leadership if its assistance is to be effective in improving the conditions of Indian life.
Էջ A-18 - But for many minorities, and particularly for the children of the ghetto, the schools have failed to provide the educational experience which could overcome the effects of discrimination and deprivation. This failure is one of the persistent sources of grievance and resentment within the Negro community.
Էջ F-57 - Any debentures purchased by the Administration under this subsection shall be subordinate to any other debenture bonds, promissory notes, or other obligations which may be issued by such companies, and shall be deemed a part of the capital and surplus of such companies for purposes of this section and sections 303 (b) and 306 of this act.
Էջ A-18 - This failure is one of the persistent sources of grievance and resentment within the Negro community. The hostility of Negro parents and students toward the school system is generating increasing conflict and causing disruption within many city school districts. But the most dramatic evidence of the relationship between educational practices and civil disorders lies in the high incidence of riot participation by ghetto youth who have not completed high school.

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