The History of the Life of King Henry the Second, and of the Age in which He Lived, in Five Books: To which is Prefixed, A History of the Revolutions of England, from the Death of Edward the Confessor to the Birth of Henry the Second, Հատոր 1

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Էջ 300 - Glocefter himfelf had no f-*8- inconfiderable tincture of learning, and was the patron of all who excelled in it : qualities rare at all times in a nobleman of his high rank, but particularly in an age when knowledge and valour were thought incompatible, and not to be able to read was a mark of nobility. This truly great man...
Էջ 169 - ... to be exempt from any arbitrary or illegal taxations ; trials by juries, and other good cuftoms, derived from our Saxon anceftors, and confirmed by the charter of King Henry the Firft. Nor can we refufe fome grateful praife to the memory of a prince, under whole aufpices thofe rights were eftablifhed, which at the diftance of more than fix hundred years, are the great bafis whereon our freedom is founded.
Էջ 603 - Et praecipio quod barones mei similiter se contineant erga filios vel filias vel uxores hominum suorum. 5. Monetagium commune quod capiebatur per civitates et comitatus quod non fuit tempore regis Edwardi, hoc ne amodo fiat omnino defendo. Si quis captus fuerit sive monetarius sive alius cum falsa moneta, justitia recta inde fiat.
Էջ 38 - ... be exacted or taken of them but their free " fervice, which they by right owed to the " crown and were bound to perform." It is further faid, " That this was ordained and ** granted to them as an hereditary right for " ever, by the cowmm council of the kingdom :" which very remarkable ftatute is juftly ftyled by a learned author, Nathanael Bacon, the SeeN.Baconyfry?
Էջ 47 - His temperance and his chaftity were conftant guards, that fecured his mind from all weaknefs, fupported it's dignity, and kept it always, as it were, on the throne. Through his whole life he had no partner of his bed but his queen : a...
Էջ 462 - ... and by the blackeft ingratitude to his uncle, King Henry, from whom he had received fuch obligations, as, to a mind endued with a right fenfe of honour, would have been no lefs binding than the oaths he had taken. This was a ftain on his character, which even the merit of a good, government could not have effaced : but his was fo bad, that it might have expelled a lawful king from an hereditary throne. Indeed the weaknefs of his title, and the too great obligations he had to the clergy in his...
Էջ 48 - ... times — belief without examination, and devotion without piety. It was a religion that prompted him to endow...
Էջ 89 - ... but the iron point remained deeply fixed in his breaft. Some colliers, who happened then to pafs through the foreft, faw the corpfe of their dead fovereign, and put it, ftill bleeding, into a cart they had with them, which brought it to Winchefter, where it was haftily buried, without any royal pomp, or even a decent attendance-, on the following day.
Էջ 46 - His courage was heroic, and he poftefled it not only in the field, but (which is more uncommon) in the cabinet, attempting great things with means that to other men appeared totally unequal...
Էջ 47 - It is true, indeed, that among many acts of extreme inhumanity, some shining instances of great clemency may be produced, that were either effects of his policy, which taught him this method of acquiring friends, or of his magnanimity, which made him...

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