Memoir of the life of Thomas Young, M.D., F.R.S. With a catalogue of his works and essays

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John & Arthur Arch, 1831 - 62 էջ

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Էջ 61 - A finite and exact Expression for the Refraction of an Atmosphere nearly resembling that of the Earth. Phil. Trans. 1824', p. 159; a computation derived from an optical hypothesis not exactly agreeing with the probable height of the physical atmosphere, but affording correct
Էջ 54 - The mathematical reasoning, for want of mathematical symbols, was not understood, even by tolerable mathematicians; from a dislike of the affectation of algebraical formality, which he had observed in some foreign authors, he was led into something like an affectation of simplicity, which was equally inconvenient to a scientific reader.
Էջ 60 - 8vo. London, 1821; with some additions relating to the motions of Waves, and of Sound, and to the cohesion of Fluids. (This volume, and the article "Tides," in the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Dr. Young considered as together containing the most fortunate of the results of his mathematical
Էջ 9 - more or less versed in Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Hebrew, Persic, and Arabic ; and in forming the characters of those languages, he had already acquired much of the beauty and accuracy of penmanship which was afterwards so remarkable in his copies of Greek compositions, as well as of those subjects connected with the literature of ancient Egypt.
Էջ 62 - Rudiments of an Egyptian Dictionary in the ancient Enchorial Character; containing all the Words of which the Sense has been ascertained. Intended as an Appendix to Mr. Tattam's Coptic Grammar.
Էջ 43 - of time, nor even by constitutional formation, but by unwearied and incessant labour of the mind from the earliest days of infancy. His remains were deposited in the vault of his wife's family, in the Church of Farnborough in Kent.
Էջ 37 - company led him into new lines of research, in which he took great interest. He contributed to the Royal Society a " Formula for expressing the Decrement of Human Life," in a letter addressed to Sir Edward Hyde East,
Էջ 58 - 1816, with a Diagram. 54. Account of some Thebaic Manuscripts, written on leather. Legh's Narrative, 4to. London, 1816. 55. Additional Letters relating to the Inscription of Rosetta; the first addressed to the Archduke John, who had lately been in England; the second to M. Akerblad, Museum Criticum VII. The Letters were printed and distributed in 1816; the Journal
Էջ 54 - 23. To an Imperial Review, which was an unsuccessful speculation of some booksellers in 1804, he contributed several medical and some other miscellaneous articles. The works that he reviewed were, Dumas Phisiologie, Darwin's Temple of Nature, Blackburn on Scarlet Fever, Percival's Medical Ethics, Fothergill's Tic Douloureux, Crichton's Table, Nisbet's Watering Places, Rowley on Madness,
Էջ 56 - original research than of immediate criticism. To Vol. I. La Place, Action Capillaire. Vol. II. Haslam, Pinel, Cox, and Arnold, on Insanity; La Place, Refraction Extraordinaire. Vol. III. Herculanensia ; Jones on the Gout; Memoires d'Arcueil. Vol. VI. Cuthbert on the Tides. Vol. VIII. Davy's Chemical Philosophy. Vol. IX. Blackall on Dropsies. Vol. X. ADELUNG'S

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