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Էջ 298 - WE do therefore hereby farther ordain, that from and after the Date hereof, no Mill or other Engine for Slitting or Rolling of Iron, or any Plating Forge to work with a Tilt-Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel...
Էջ 58 - It was not many years since the famous city of London petitioned the Parliament of England against two anusances or offensive commodities, which were likely to come into great use and esteem : and that "was, Newcastle coals, in regard of their stench, &c., and hops, in regard that they would spoyle the taste of drinck, and endanger the people.
Էջ 419 - Documents relating to the Manufacture of Iron in Pennsylvania," published on behalf of the convention of Iron Masters, in 1850, is an appendix by Charles E.
Էջ vii - TAYLOR.— Statistics of Coal : Including Mineral Bituminous Substances employed in Arts and Manufactures ; with their Geographical, Geological, and Commercial Distribution and Amount of Production and Consumption on the American Continent. With Incidental Statistics of the Iron Manufacture. By RC TAYLOR. Second edition, revised by SS HALDEMAN. Illustrated by five Maps and many wood engravings. 8vo., cloth...
Էջ 215 - Is it not enough to announce these things to an assembly of Christian men and British gentlemen? For twenty millions of money you purchased the liberation of the negro ; and it was a blessed deed. You may, this night, by a cheap and harmless vote, invigorate the hearts of thousands of your countrypeople, enable them to walk erect in newness of life, to enter on the enjoyment of their inherited freedom, and avail themselves (if they will accept them) of the opportunities of virtue, of morality, and...
Էջ 82 - ... may at times be of the utmost importance in concealing the movements of the vessel ; and also the almost, if not altogether entire freedom from spontaneous combustion. The results of the experiments made last spring on the United States steamer
Էջ 269 - Ridge, as may be seen by their different maps. But the fact I believe is, that none of these ridges were ever known by that name to the inhabitants, either native or emigrant, but as they saw them so called in European maps. In the same direction, generally, are the veins of limestone, coal, and other minerals hitherto discovered; and so range the falls of our great rivers. But the courses of the great rivers are at right angles with these. James and...
Էջ 289 - Redfield, and go far to settle the point. These facts seem strong enough to justify the referring this coalfield of Eastern Virginia, to a place in the Oolite system, on the same general parallel with the carbonaceous beds of Whitby and Brora, — that is, in the lower part of that group. § We have to add, in corroboration of these views, that, at a meeting of the British Association, Sept. 1846, Mr. Lyell stated that he * Histoiro dcs V^tanx Fossiles, p.
Էջ 168 - They supply the inhabitants extensively with their fuel. In those parts, indeed, where bogs are scarce, they are the most valuable properties in the country. In not a few localities, they have been wholly cut out; and where this is the case, and other bogs are not easily accessible, the inhabitants have sustained great privations from the want of fuel.f Acres.
Էջ 60 - It cannot be pretended, with any show of reason, that the inhabitants of the former are naturally more ingenious, enterprising, or industrious, than those of the latter. The abundance and cheapness of coal in the north, and its scarcity, and consequent high price, in the south, is the real cause...

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