Report of the Commissioners and Evidence Taken by the Committee on Mines and Mining of the House of Representatives: ... in Regard to the Sutro Tunnel, Together with the Arguments and Report of the Committee, Recommending a Loan by the Government in Aid of the Construction of Said Work

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Էջ 955 - ... shall, on the first day of January and on the first day of July...
Էջ 956 - ... company to redeem said bonds, or any part of them, when required so to do by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Էջ 214 - An act granting to A. Sutro the right of way and other privileges to aid in the construction of a draining and exploring tunnel to the Comstock lode, in the State of Nevada," approved July twenty-five, eighteen hundred and sixty-six.
Էջ 18 - July 25, 18u(J, with special reference to the importance, feasibility, cost, and time required to construct the same; the value of the bullion extracted from the mines on the Comstock lode ; their present and probable future production; also, the geological and practical value of said tunnel as an exploring work, and its general bearing upon our mining and other national interests in ascertaining the practicability of deep mining.
Էջ 934 - My learned friends," said he, " almost endeavoured to stop my examination ; they wished me to put in the plan, but I had rather have the exhibition of Mr. Stephenson in that box. I say he never had a plan — I believe he never had one — I do not believe he is capable of making one.
Էջ 819 - Lode, shall be withheld from sale by the United States ; and if such lodes shall be abandoned or not worked, possessed, and held in conformity to existing mining rules, or such regulations as have been or may be prescribed by the Legislature of Nevada, they shall become subject to such right of purchase by the grantee herein, his heirs or assigns.
Էջ 933 - Suppose, now, one of these engines to be going along a railroad at the rate of nine or ten miles an hour, and that a cow were to stray upon the line and get in the way of the engine ; would not that, think you, be a very awkward circumstance ?"
Էջ 931 - I thought of the inconceivable millions of money which have been spent about Malta, four or five of which might have been the means of extending double lines of iron railway from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Holyhead, Milford, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Dover, and Portsmouth.
Էջ 652 - If I am mistaken in that, I would like to be corrected. The WITNESS. I do not think I made any such sweeping assertion as that. There is nothing that can be predicated of the mines of Europe, as a whole, any more than in regard to the American mines as a whole. Q. You know that, as a matter of course, mining is the most uncertain business in the world, as far as productiveness is concerned? A. As a mining engineer, I have always been accustomed to say it was not the most uncertain, but it is very...
Էջ 931 - ... running at the rate of ten miles an hour drawn by a single horse, or impelled fifteen miles an hour by Blenkinsop's steam-engine. Such would have been a legitimate motive for overstepping the income of a nation, and the completion of so great and useful a work would have afforded rational ground for public triumph in general jubilee.

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