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Էջ 1086 - So Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord. And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor ; but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day.
Էջ 1041 - It may as well here be mentioned, that about twenty years after, he received a still more ample testimony of the same kind from Sir William Pynsent, who bequeathed...
Էջ 675 - I think it does not become me to claim or expect reparation from the state. I have made up my mind to my misfortune, as I ought; with this consolation, that it came from those whose object manifestly was general confusion and destruction at home, in addition to a dangerous and complicated war abroad.
Էջ 611 - THE iffue of the important negotiation in which I am engaged is yet uncertain; but, whatever may be the event, nothing will have been wanting on my part to bring it to a fuccefsful termination, -oa fuch conditions as may be confident with the fecurity, honour, and eflential interefts of my dominions.
Էջ 1052 - Ah ! who then regards The widow's tears, the friendless orphan's cry, And Famine, and the ghastly train of woes That follow at the dogged heels of War ? They, in the pomp and pride of victory Rejoicing, o'er the desolated earth, As at an altar wet with human blood, And flaming with the fire of cities burnt, Sing their mad hymns of triumph ; hymns to God, O'er the destruction of his gracious works ! Hymns to the Father, o'er his slaughter'd sons...
Էջ 1008 - It is better, on this account, in graduating the bottle, to make two scratches as represented in the drawing, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the curve : this prevents any future mistake.
Էջ 554 - But these men, it may be said, were only deep thinkers, and lived in their closets, unaccustomed to the traffic of the world, and to the laws which practically regulate mankind.
Էջ 1090 - His lordship concluded with moving that leave be given to bring in a bill for the more effectually preventing seditious meetings and assemblies.
Էջ 1041 - It is fit to take some notice of the various terrors being held out; the numerous crowds which have attended and now attend in and about the hall, out of all reach of hearing what passes in • court ;' and the tumults which, in other places, have shamefully insulted all order and government. Audacious addresses in print dictate to us, from those they call the people, the judgment to be given now, and afterwards upon the conviction. Reasons of policy are...
Էջ 776 - Court, in which a disclosure of his knowledge, or of his want of it, is not forced from him. ' Considering his Lordship's Decisions separately, it will appear, that, on all occasions, he was perfectly master of the Case before, him, and apprised of every principle of law, and every adjudication of the Courts, immediately or remotely applicable to it.

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