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The Rising in Scotland-Jacobite Toasts—Lord Lovat's

Execution—George Selwyn's Jokes-Whitefield's
Preaching— Those of Cæsar's Household '— The
Earthquake and its Effects Pictures of Social Life-
Robberies--A Fashionable Vice- The King's Death-
His Will and Funeral




The Coronation-Description of the Scene-The late

King's Will—Hereditary Dishonesty of the Royal
Family-Mrs. Howard and the King-Lady Sundon-
Lord Hervey-Queen Caroline's Influence-Mrs. Clay-
ton and the Courtiers —She distributes Appointments
-Dorothy Dyves and her Lover-The Favourite's.
Influence concerning Church Matters—Alexander
Pope's Revenge--Extract from Letters on Court Life.

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THOUGH the new king had come to the throne

in June, it was not until the following October that his coronation took place. He was desirous that that ceremony should be conducted with all the pomp and state possible to the occasion. George I. invariably shrank from all display, but his successor was of another way of thinking. The coronation was



therefore made a pageant from which nothing that could add to its splendour was missing: Lord Hervey tells us that the dress of the queen on this occasion was as fine as the accumulated riches of the City and suburbs could make it; for, besides her own jewels (which were a great number, and very valuable), she had, on her head and on her shoulders, all the pearls she could borrow of the ladies of quality at one end of the town, and on her petticoat all the diamonds she could hire of the Jews and jewellers at the other.'

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu has left a racy description of the ceremony. •I saw the procession much at my case,' she writes, with a house filled with my own company, and then got into Westminster Hall without much trouble, where it was very entertaining to observe the variety of airs that all meant the same thing. The business of


walker there was to conceal vanity and give admiration. For these purposes some languished and others strutted; but a visible satisfaction was diffused over every countenance as soon as the coronet was clapped on the head. But she that drew the greater



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