Lost Roads Project, a Walk in Book of Ar (p)

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University of Arkansas Press

From inside the book

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Jack Butler
James Whitehead
Shirley Abbott
Son Seals
Robert Palmer
Besmilr Brigham
Margaret Jones Bolsterli
C Vann Woodward
Miller Williams
Sunny Boy Williamson
Frank Stanford
Henry Dumas
Cresent Dragonwagon
Jo McDougal
Vance Randolph
Lily Peter

Dee Brown
Andrea Hollander Budy
Maya Angelou
Donald Harington
Pat Phillips
An Arkansas Readers Source Key
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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 7 - Happen! happened in Arkansaw; where else could it have happened, but in the creation state, the finishing-up country; a state where the sile runs down to the centre of the 'arth, and government gives you a title to every inch of it. Then its airs — just breathe them, and they will make you snort like a horse. It's a state without a fault, it is.
Էջ 41 - Pine Ridge, a detail of soldiers went over the Wounded Knee battlefield, gathering up Indians who were still alive and loading them into wagons. As it was apparent by the end of the day that a blizzard was approaching, the dead Indians were left lying where they had fallen. (After the blizzard, when a burial party returned to Wounded Knee, they found the bodies, including Big Foot's, frozen into grotesque shapes.) The wagonloads of wounded Sioux (four men and forty-seven women and children) reached...
Էջ 41 - In the first seconds of violence, the firing of carbines was deafening, filling the air with powder smoke. Among the dying who lay sprawled on the frozen ground was Big Foot. Then there was a brief lull in the rattle of arms, with small groups of Indians and soldiers grappling at close quarters, using knives, clubs, pistols.
Էջ 4 - ... had succeeded in borrowing two old chairs, we looked with some satisfaction upon our new attempt at housekeeping. We were sure at any rate of being alone, and of being out of the reach of filth of every kind; in fact it was almost as desirable as being in the woods, and had the advantage of shelter. How invalids contrive to be comfortable, who come to this ragged place, I cannot imagine...
Էջ 41 - It was the fourth day after Christmas in the Year of Our Lord 1890 when the first torn and bleeding bodies were carried into the candlelit church, those who were conscious could see Christmas greenery hanging from the open rafters. Across the chancel front above the pulpit was strung a crudely lettered banner: PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO MEN.
Էջ 7 - Thursday, he does up brown the personal character and political conduct of senators Sevier and Ashley ;" Friday, he goes to the ball, dressed in the most finical superfluity of the fashion, and shines the soul of wit, and the sun of merry badinage, among all the gay gentlemen, and the king supreme of all tender hearts among the ladies. And, to close the triumphs of the week, on Saturday night. he is off thirty miles to a country dance, in the Ozark Mountains, where they "trip it on the light fantastic...
Էջ 15 - ... comparable to that made by a truck-load of iron rails crossing a cobbled pavement than to the wailful sound of violins. Mr. Fletcher has not the faults of the mellifluous versifier, of the great horde of publishing authors whose product reminds one more of perfumed suet than of any other nameable commodity.
Էջ 40 - Upon which, without mincing the matter, she very frankly told me that " he was gone to the woods to hunt for a sow and pigs belonging to her that were missing." Now this might very reasonably happen to a territorial governor in such a practical way of life as he was, and still be, as it really was, creditable to him. Sows and pigs will stroll into the woods, and the wolves will pick them up if they meet with them. Mrs. Pope had sent one...
Էջ 7 - A wild turkey weighing forty pounds!" exclaimed twenty voices in the cabin at once. "Yes, strangers, and wasn't it a whopper? You see, the thing was so fat that it couldn't fly far; and when he fell out of the tree, after I shot him, on striking the ground he bust open behind, and the way the pound gobs of tallow rolled out of the opening was perfectly beautiful.
Էջ 28 - ... first son born, and burning To get my wife again. The world was new And I was nervous and wonderfully depressed. The light on the cotton flowers and the child Asleep at home was marvelous and blessed, And the dust in the abandoned air was mild As sentimental poverty. I'd scan Or draw the ragged wall the morning long. Newspaper for wallpaper sang but didn't mean. Hard thoughts of justice were beyond my ken. Lord, forgive young men their gentle pain, Then bring them stones. Bring their play to...

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