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1. Truth and falsehood properly belongs to propositions.

2. Metaphysical truth contains a tacit proposition.

18. Real and nominal essence the same in simple ideas and
modes, different in substances.

19. Essences ingenerable and incorruptible.
20. Recapitulation.

a proof.

9. This shows species to be made for communication.

10, 11. In mixed modes, it is the name that ties the combination
together, and makes it a species.

12. For the originals of mixed modes, we look no farther than
the mind, which also shows them to be the workmanship
of the understanding.

13. Their being made by the understanding without patterns,
shows the reason why they are so compounded.
14. Names of mixed modes stand always for their real essences.
15. Why their names are usually got before their ideas.
16. Reason of my being so large on this subject.

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