Dictionary of British Education

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For at least a decade there has been an unprecedented level of change in British education. That activity is reflected in a proliferation of new terms and organisations within the education service, and a corresponding increase in baffling acronyms and initials. Many parents, school governors, and even teachers, are understandably confused by some of the new language in education. This new dictionary is intended to clarify the world of British education mainly by providing an alphabetical list of educational terms, but also by giving historical background to developments where appropriate, and showing, by careful cross-referencing, connections between some individual terms. In addition, the dictionary itself is preceded by an introduction to British education as a whole, and discusses some of the key differences between England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Fortunately, most of the basic educational terms apply to all four educational systems. The book concludes with an up-to-date explanatory list of acronyms and initials.

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An Alphabetical List of Definitions
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Landmarks in the Development

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