Annual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the Finances

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Էջ 488 - If any officer charged with the disbursement of the public moneys accepts, receives, or transmits to the Treasury Department to be allowed in his favor any receipt or voucher from a creditor of the United States...
Էջ 476 - ... in all cases where the pay or salary of any person is withheld in pursuance of this act, it shall be the duty of the accounting...
Էջ 476 - The United States possess the general right to apply all sums due for such pay and emoluments, to the extinguishment of any balances due to them by the defendant on any other account, whether owed by him as a private individual, or as chief engineer.
Էջ 476 - ... party, his agent or attorney, to report forthwith, to the agent of the Treasury Department, the balance due; and it shall be the duty of the said agent within sixty days thereafter to order suit to be commenced against such delinquent and his sureties.
Էջ 32 - The independent treasury, however, may exercise a fatal control over the currency, the banks, and the trade of the country, and will do so, whenever the revenue shall greatly exceed the expenditures.
Էջ 32 - Treasury, however, may exercise a fatal control over the currency, the banks, and the trade of the country, and will do so whenever the revenue shall greatly exceed the expenditures. There has been expended since the 4th of March, 1853, more than $45,525,000 in the redemption of the public debt. This debt has been presented, from time to time, as the money accumulated in the national Treasury, and caused stringency in the money market. If there had been no public debt, and no means of disbursing...
Էջ 7 - The actual expenditures of the first quarter, exhibit the sum of $902,096 63 expended in the redemption of the public debt, and in payment of interest and premium. A like amount is included in the estimates, for the expenditure of each of the remaining three quarters. The receipts into the treasury, for the fiscal year ending the 30th of June 1858, are estimated, as follow : , From customs $66,000,000 00 From lands 6,000,000 00 Miscellaneous 955,310 57 72,955,310 57' To which add the estimated balance...
Էջ 493 - SIR: In compliance with the request contained in your letter of the...
Էջ 493 - GENTLEMEN-: In compliance with the provisions of the city charter, I have the honor to submit herewith my report of the business of this office for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1903, and also a summary report of the work connected with the office.
Էջ 41 - They are in the position of judges, whose duty it is to guard the in terest of the treasury, without prejudice to the right of individuals, and should have competent salaries, and be able to devote themselves to the special duties of their offices, without distracting interest. They should be always in place, and know that the accountants and clerks are capable, and attentive to their duties; that all arrearages are brought up, the records and files in good order, and the current busi ness promptly...

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