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February 5, 1831.



Of the committee on the erection and division of towns and counties, relative to the erection of a new county from parts of Genesee and Allegany.

The committee on the erection and division of towns and counties,


That it has had under consideration several applications for the formation of a new county from parts of Genesee and Allegany, and after having carefully examined the merits of the several applications, and the geographical situation of the two counties, and especially the territory proposed to be embraced in a new county, has ascertained that the county of Genesee extends north and south about thirty-eight miles, while it is but twenty-six miles east and west.

That the county of Allegany is about forty-two miles north and south, while it is but thirty east and west; and that the towns forming the south part of the county of Genesee, and the north part of the county of Allegany, have but little business intercourse with the interior of either of those counties, except such as arises from necessity, owing to their present connection with them; and that the erection of a new county from those towns would naturally create a business centre, better calculated to draw out their resources and to elicit laudable enterprise, than could be expected from their present situation. That it appears from the best information which your committee can obtain, that the citizens of both counties do now, and sor some time past have anticipated the formation of a new county, and that applications have heretofore been made to the legislature,

[A. No. 105.] 1

for that purpose, and that in one instance a favorable report was made by the appropriate committee, to which the application was referred, and a bill was reported and passed through one branch of the legislature.

Your committee having assumed that at no distant period, a new county would by common consent be formed, think it expedient to recommend its erection at this time, that the petitioners may be relieved from the burthen of repeated applications, and the legislature from further solicitation. Connected with this subject, is an application now depending before this house, by the citizens of Genesee, supported by the board of supervisors of that county, to enable them to raise money to build a new jail, the present one being in a dilapidated state. That portion of the citizens resident upon the territory which your committee supposes would naturally fall within the proposed new county, ought not to be subjected to taxation for the building of the jail, upon the supposition that they are also to be taxed to erect the county buildings, in case a new county should be formed at no distant period.

These considerations induce your committee to recommend at this time the erection of a new county, to consist of the towns of Perry, Castile, Gainesville, Wethersfield and China, in the county of Genesee, and of the towns of Eagle, Pike, Portage, Nunda, Centreville, Hume and Grove, in the county of Allegany, all of which could be conveniently spared from those counties, without dininishing their consequence or infringing any legal or constitutional provision, so far as your committee are informed. That part of the territory taken from Genesee county would be about equal to 240 square miles, with a population numbering, at the time of taking the state census in 1825, 7,751; and that part of the territory taken from the county of Allegany, would be equal to about 288 square miles, with a population at the same time numbering 7,153, including a fragment of the town of Nunda, which since that time has been formed into a new town, but which in no great degree alters the amount of population, making in the whole 588 square miles, and a population with the above qualification, of 15,904, at the time above mentioned.

- The remaining population of Genesee by the census of 1825, will be 34,497, exclusive of the town of Alabama, which, at the time of taking that census, was attached to a town in the county of Orleans, but which now has a population of 819; and the remaining population of the county of Allegany by the same census, will be 11,814, exclusive of the town of Burns, which was taken from the town of Nunda since the enumeration of 1825, the supposed population of which, at that time, when added to the number of 11,814, will increase the population of Allegany, after taking from it the territory proposed, to more than 12,000. The population of Genesee, as it is proposed to be left, according to the late United States census, will be over 40,000, and the population of Allegany, in like manner, will

be nearly 17,000.

Your committee, therefore, ask leave to introduce a bill for the formation of a new county from parts of Genesee and Allegany, comprising the territory herein before mentioned.

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February 5, 1831.


Of the committee on the erection and division of towns and counties, on the subject of raising money for building a jail in the village of Batavia.

The committee on the erection and division of towns and counties, to whom was referred sundry petitions and memorials of the inhabitants of Genesee, praying for an act to authorise the supervisors of said county to raise money to build a new jail at Batavia in said county, and for the appointment of commissioners to locate a new site for the public buildings of said county, and to whom also was referred the report of a select committee appointed by this House upon the same subject,


That they have duly considered the whole matter, and have heard from the several agents representing the different interests, the facts and arguments in favor of each.

It is evident that the present jail of Genesee county is in a dilapidated state, and unsafe for the confinement of prisoners, and cannot be repaired so as to render it secure or convenient. The necessity of erecting a new jail, has induced various applications to remove the county buildings; and several sites appear to have been selected, by various individuals having distinct interests, at which to remove them, in case a removal should be determined upon. But your committee has become fully satisfied that each of the applicants for a removal would prefer that the county buildings should remain as at present they are, rather than that they should be removed to any particular place distinct from that in which they are severally

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