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IN Assembly,
February 7, 1831.


Of Henry Strang, and Inspector of Beef and Pork for the county of Westchester.

To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New-York.

The following is a statement of the number of barrels of provisions inspected by the undersigned, Henry Strang, inspector of beef and pork for Weschester county, New-York.

Inspected from the 1st of January, 1830, to the 1st of February, 1831,

110 barrels prime pork, fees 15 cents per barrel, ........ $16 50 32 “ mess 44 &C. ço - 4 80

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February 7, 1831.


Of George Charles, an Inspector of Leather for the city of Albany.

Amount of leather inspected by George Charles, from 1st Ja...uary, 1830, to 1st January, 1831.

6,718 sides sole leather, fees at 4 cents per side, ....... $268 72 914 “ harness and skirting, fees at 2 cents per side,. 18 28

$287 00 Deduct for man's wages, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 35 87

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February 8, 1831.


Of the committee on colleges, academies and common schools, on the memorial of the commissioners of common schools in the town of Brooklyn.

Mr. Morehouse, from the committee on colleges, academies and common schools, to whom was referred the memorial of the commissioners of common schools in the town of Brooklyn, praying the passage of a law authorising the commissioners to sell the schoolhouse and lot belonging to district No. 1 in said town, and to apportion the avails thereof among the districts to be formed therefrom,


That it appears from the memorial that application has been made to the memorialists to divide district No. 1 in the town of Brooklyn, into three or more districts; and that they have deliberated upon and preliminarially decided in favor of such application, but have deferred completing the same for the reason, as alleged, that the present provision of the statute requiring the district retaining the property of the former district, to pay the amount justly due to the new districts, as their proportion of such property would require the imposition of an unusually heavy tax upon the inhabitants of the district keeping the school-house and other property now belonging to the undivided district.

It appears as well from the memorial as a remonstrance upon the same subject referred to the committee, that the citizens of Brooklyn are divided in opinion as to the propriety and utility of the contemplated alteration of the district. Most of the facts detailed in the

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