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of land more than he was entitled to, unless he was a commissioned officer. Upon that point, it seems to your committee, that the return of his name, and grade, should be deemed conclusive. But if it be admitted to be open to explanation or contradiction, the evidence offered by the petitioner is quite unsatisfactory. There are two affidavits of refugees, purporting to have been taken in the year 1800, which say that Minard was a captain in Hazen's corps. Your committee can easily conceive that in such an irregular corps, many individuals might have the appellation of officers, without being commissioned. And from the affidavit of Alexander Fevrich attached to the petition, such appears to have been the fact with regard to Minard; for while the affidavit states that he was called captain Minard, it adds that he was a soldier in Capt. Oliver's company in Hazen's regiment. Taking this affidavit in connection with the return before mentioned, it would seem that there could be no pretence that Minard was a commissioned officer. And if his heirs had any valid claim in 1808, to more than the 200 acres which were granted in addition to the 500 previously granted, it is unaccountable why it was not then recognized. But your committee are of opinion that those heirs were not entitled to the 200 acres last mentioned, and that the grant thereof was improvident. In every view, your committee deem this claim one of the most frivolous and unfounded that has been presented to the Legislature; and they recommend to the House the adoption of the following resolution:

* Resolved, That the prayer of the petition of Joseph Minard be denied.

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Of the committee on the militia and the public defence, on the petition of the officers of the ninth brigade of New-York State Artillery.

Mr. Myers, from the committee on the militia and the public defence, to whom was referred the petition of the officers of the ninth brigade of New-York State artillery,


That the ninth brigade has been organized as field artillery, and that the regiments composing the same, are trained to the use of cannon only, and that they may be considered a corps of cannoniers from the nature of their service : Their duties are arduous and laborious, and under the existing law, expensive to the officers; it requiring a large number of horses to drag their field pieces, which are six and nine pounders, and to draw their caissons or ammunition wagons. As no privileges are by law granted to the privates who conduct the same, more than is allowed to other privates of that or any other brigades of artillery, for their services, including the use of their horses, although by the 35th section of title ten, chapter ten, first part of the Revised Statutes, every officer, non-commissioned officer, musician and privater, in any troop or company of light artillery, attached to the 1st and 6th brigades, are exempted from the payment of taxes on $1000 of their real and personal estate. And they ask the same extension of privileges for the horsemen of their brigade. And in consequence of the heavy duty they are bound to perform, they also petition to have the number of parades reduced

[A. No. 182.] 1

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to six and not exceeding eight times in each year; and that the number of brigade drills of officers be reduced to two in each year.

The committee having taken into consideration the peculiar nature of their service, are of opinion that the prayer of the petitioners is reasonable and just, and have directed their chairman to report a bill.

- February 10, 1831.


Of A. Wilson, an Inspector of Beef and Pork for the city and county of New-York.

To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New-York.

I beg leave to report for your information, that I have inspected in this city, from the 1st of January, 1830, to the 31st December, 1830, the undermentioned provisions.

284 barrels mess beef.
101 half barrels mess beef.
2,430 barrels prime beef.
16 half barrels prime beef.
98 barrels cargo beef.
168 “ unbrandable.
238 “ mess pork.
637 “ prime “
363 “ unbrandable.

Amount of fees received, ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $632 70

I remain, respectfully, Your ob’t. servant. A. WILSON, Inspector. New-York, Feb. 7th, 1831.

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