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the provisions of the Revised Statutes, authorising the appointment of trustees to take charge of his property and pay his debts withi, should apply.

The committee have therefore prepared an act, in conformity with these views, and have directed their chairman to bring in the same

February 11, 1831.


Of the committee on the erection and division of towns and counties, on the petition of inhabitants of the town of China, Genesee county.

Mr. Knight, from the committee on the erection and division of towns and counties, to whom was referred the petition of the inhabitants of the town of China, in the county of Genesee, for a division of said town,


That the territory comprehended in the town of China, is twelve miles long by eight broad; and by the late census of the United States, contains a population of about 2,400 inhabitants. That the peculiar location of the inhabitants and course of the roads, render it necessary for many of the inhabitants to travel ten miles to attend

the annual town-meeting.

And it further appearing that a majority of the taxable inhabitants asksaid division, the committee have therefore prepared a bill, which

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February 14, 1831.


Of the select committee on the petition of Henry F. Penfield.

Mr. Fillmore, from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of Henry F. Penfield,


That they have had said petition under consideration; and it appears from the petition that an act was passed in 1826, (see Sess. p. 37,) by which the said petitioner and Ogden Edwards, the proprietors of Squaw-Island, in Niagara river, were authorised to establish a ferry from said island to the Canada shore; the duration of which act was limited to the term of five years from the first day of May, 1826.

The said petition also states that the petitioner and his associate have complied with the provisions of the act of 1826, establishing said ferry, and have a good horse-boat in operation at said ferry; and for reasons which are stated in the petition, said ferry has hitherto afforded very little income; they therefore pray that the provisions of said act may be extended for the term of ten years beyond its present limitation.

It appears from the papers before your committee, that notice of this application has been published in the state paper and in a paper printed in the county where said ferry is established, for six weeks; and although your committee are of opinion that this notice is unnecessary, yet as no remonstrance has been sent in to oppose the ap

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plication, it is very strong evidence that there is no opposition to the prayer of the petitioner.

Your committee have therefore come to the conclusion that the prayer of the petitioner is reasonable, and ought to be granted, and have directed their chairman to ask leave to introduce a bill accord


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