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5. Should any member of the Legislature fail to return any book taken by him, he shall be held responsible for its value. And if it belongs to a set of volumes, for the value of the set, unless he shall supply the chasm.

6. Should any book be injured while in the possession of any member of the Legislature, the treasurer of the board shall settle with and receive from the said member, a compensation equal to the injury, or the said member shall, at his own expense, cause the injury to be repaired.

7. That no book, map, or other publication, shall be at any time taken out of the library, by any other person than a member of the Legislature, for any purpose whatever.

January 8, 1831.

Standing Committees of the Assembly.

JANUARP, 1831.

Committee on Ways and Means.

Mr. Selden, Mr. Walker,
Mr. Comstock, Mr. Willcox.
Mr. C. Griswold,

Committee on Grievances.

Mr. Birdsall, Mr. Conklin,
Mr. J. Benton, Mr. Manchester.
Mr. Harris,
Committee on Privileges and Elections.
Mr. Van Buren, Mr. Boyd,
Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Constant.

Mr. Hudson,

Committee on the Judiciary.

Mr. Robinson, Mr. Gardner,
Mr. Crippen, Mr. P. C. Cook.
Mr. Potter,

Committee on Expiring Laws.

Mr. Thorn, Mr. Tredwell,
Mr. Halsey, Mr. Ellis.
Mr. Earll,

Committee on Claims.
Mr. J. C. Spencer, Mr. Richardson,
Mr. Bigelow, Mr. Sayler.
Mr. Cole,

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Committee on Colleges, Academies and Common Schools.

Mr. Morehouse, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Bettis. Mr. Budd, Committee on Engrossed Bills. Mr. Jermain, Mr. Blodget, Mr. Van Buren, Mr. Andrews. Mr. Phillips, Committee on the Erection and Division of Towns and Counties. Mr. Remer, Mr. Walker, Mr. Hulse, Mr. Knight. Mr. Yawger, Committee on the Incorporation of Cities and Villages. Mr. Ostrander, Mr. Eldredge, Mr. Mapes, Mr. Ashley.

Mr. Lawyer,

Committee on Agriculture.

Mr. Gilchrist, Mr. Pike,
Mr. Pine, - Mr. Watson.
Mr. Howard,

Committee on the Incorporation of Religious and Charitable
Mr. L. Benton, Mr. J. E. Townsend,
Mr. Stackhouse, Mr. Eckerson.
Mr. Brandow,

Committee on the Incorporation and Alteration of the Charters of
Banking and Insurance Companies.
Mr. Gansevoort, Mr. L. Benton,
Mr. Livingston, Mr. Crippen.
Mr. Gardner,

Committee on the Petitions of Aliens.
Mr. Cargill, Mr. Conklin,
Mr. Thorn, Mr. Eddy.
Mr. Hager,

Committee on Canals and Internal Improvements.
Mr. Edwards, Mr. Litchfield,

Mr. Robinson, Mr. J. B. Spencer.
Mr. Turrell,

Committee on Roads and Bridges, and the Incorporation of

Turnpike Companies.

Mr. Fowler, Mr. Keith,
Mr. Juliand, Mr. Tilford.
Mr. Winne, -

Committee on State Prisons, and the Penitentiary System.
Mr. Livingston, Mr. Love,
Mr. Downing, Mr. Dunlap.
Mr. Wark,
Committee on the Militia, and the Public Defence.
Mr. Myers, Mr. Vark,
Mr. Worthington, Mr. Blake.
Mr. Weed,
Committee on Indian Affairs.
Mr. Turrell, Mr. S. Griswold,
Mr. Parker, Mr. Henry.
Mr. Shepard,
Committee on the Manufacture of Salt.

Mr. Gansevoort, Mr. Moulton,
Mr. Bogert, Mr. M’Dowell.

Mr. Litchfield,

Committee on Medical Societies and Colleges.

Mr. Trowbridge, Mr. Hooker,
Mr. Harrison, Mr. White. *
Mr. Clark,

Committee on Two-third Bills.
Mr. Fillmore, Mr. Hough,
Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Lacey.
Mr. Hoffman, -

Committee on Public Lands.
Mr. Sprague, Mr. Collier,
Mr. Whitman, Mr. Tyler.
Mr. Halsey,

Committee on Trade and Manufactures.

Mr. Bogert, Mr. Murphy,
Mr. Wells, Mr. Freeman.
Mr. Springer,

Select Committees on the Governor’s Message.

On so much as relates to Imprisonment for Debt.
Mr. Stilwell, Mr. Edmonds,
Mr. Percival, Mr. L. Benton.
Mr. Remer,

On so much as relates to the Poor Laws and Insane Paupers.

Mr. Potter, Mr. W. Townsend,
Mr. Gansevoort, Mr. Price.
Mr. Varian,

On so much as relates to the Controversy between this State and
the State of New-Jersey.
Mr. M'Dowell, Mr. Horsford,
Mr. Downing, Mr. Woodruff.
Mr. A. Cook,


On so much as relates to the Abduction of William Morgan.

Mr. Otis, Mr. Selden,
Mr. Jermain, Mr. Sayre.
Mr. J. C. Spencer, -

On so much as relates to the Surviving Officers of the Revolution.

Mr. Otis, . Mr. Gilbert,
Mr. Rob, Mr. Woodworth.
Mr. Hubbard, -

On so much as relates to the House of Refuge and the Marine
Mr. Crippen, Mr. Rawson,
Mr. Morgan, Mr. Brown.
Mr. Jarvis,

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