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January 11, 1831.


From the Governor, transmitting the annual report of the Inspector-General of staves and heading for the city of New-York, with certain accompanying communications.



Accompanying the return of the Inspector-General of staves and heading in the city of New-York, which I transmit herewith, are communications from him recommending certain modifications in the law, under which he acts. The matter is submitted to your consideration.

E. T. THROOP. Albany, January 10, 1881.

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Of the Inspector-General of staves and heading, for the city and county of New-York.

To his Excellency the Governor of the State of New-York:

SIREnclosed with my annual report, your Excellency will find a recommendation to amend some of the sections of the law respecting the culling of staves and heading. I would therefore, in the first place, wish to make known to your Excellency, that the number of cullers is greater than requisite, except on some occasions; particularly in the full season, when there is a press of business, and the masters of the river craft are detained much to their disadvantage and cost. In the second place, the inspector-general, by appointing a deputy for the time being, has a better opportunity of judging if the person so appointed be a competent and proper one to fill any vacancy that may occur. Respecting tierce staves; these are coming into great demand as an article of export to France for the purpose of making half brandy pipes and claret casks; and as there is no provision in the law relating to them, they have been shipped coastwise from this port, to be exported to foreign countries. Large quantities of barrel heading have come down the river this season, which the buyers and sellers have left to my judgment, there being no law to regulate the same.

All of which I would respectfully submit to your Excellency. F. PECKWELL.


To his Excellency ENos T. THRoop,
Governor of the State of New-York.

Report of the Inspector-General of staves and heading in the city

and county of New-York.

Amount of staves and heading culled in the city of New-York, from 1st January, 1830, to 1st January, 1831.

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Total number of staves and heading 6,416,800, at 10 cents per

thousand, is $641.68.



To His Excellency Enos T. THRoop,
Governor of the State of New-York.

The Inspector-General of staves and heading for the city and county of New-York, in conformity with the duties of his office, respectfully recommends, for the protection of the articles of commerce under his inspection, that the following clause be added to section 122, art. 7, Revised Laws: “No registered ship or vessel shall take on board any staves or heading which have not been culled according to law, or which have been culled out and condemned as not merchantable, on any pretence or for any purpose whatever.” He also, for the convenience and interest of merchants and others dealing in said articles, and in accordance with their recommendations, suggests that the following clause be annexed to 3d of section 123 of said artiele 7, after hogshead staves: “And all tierce staves shall be thirty-six inches long and three inches wide, clear of sap; and shall be at least three-fourths of an inch thick on the thin edge, and otherwise good and sufficient.” Likewise, that the following sentence be added to 4th of section 123, art. 7, after barrel staves: “Barrel heading shall be inspected as three price heading, and shall be at least eighteen inches long and six inches wide, clear of sap, and three-fourths of an inch thick.” Further, for the purpose of despatch, he respectfully recommends the following clause as an appendage to section 130 of said article 7: “The inspector-general shall have the power, in cases of emergency, of appointing one or more persons under oath, for the time being, to act as cullers of staves and heading, and to discharge them immediately on the cessation of said emergencies.” FRANCIS PECKWELL.

The undersigned, merchants and others, dealers in the articles of staves and i. cordially and fully concur in the recommendations of the Inspector-General of said articles, and pray that the law may be altered accordingly.

Henry Stokes. Asa Mann. -
A. P. MPElwain. Jeremiah Clark.
Tredwell & Thorne. William F. Baker.
B. Blossom & Williams. Henry Waring & Son.
Henry W. Bool. Maitland, Kennedy & Co.

H. Harbeck. Tucker & Dauvies.

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