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Christian Character. By Harvey Newcomb. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Boston: James B. Dow. 1841. 12mo. pp. 384.

The Nestorians; or, The Lost Tribes. Containing Evidence of their Identity, an Account of their Manners, Customs, and Ceremonies, together with Sketches of Travel in Ancient Assyria, Armenia, Media, and Mesopotamia, and Illustrations of Scripture Prophecy. By Asahel Grant, M. D. New York: Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff Street. 12mo. pp. 385.

The Tragedy of the Seas; or, Sorrow on the Ocean, Lake, and River, from Shipwreck, Plague, Fire, and Famine. By Charles Ellms. Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait, & Co. 12mo. pp. 432.

The Vital Statistics of Boston ; containing an Abstract of the Bills of Mortality for the Last Twenty-Nine Years, and a General View of the Population and Health of the City at other periods of its History. By Lemuel Shattuck. Philadelphia : Lea BI chard. 8vo. pp. 35.

Taste; A Suggestive Essay. By Discipulus. Boston : W. D. Ticknor. 32mo. pp. 93.

The Philosophical Emperor; A Political Experiment; or, The Progress of a False Position. Dedicated to the Whigs, Conservatives, Democrats, and Loco-Focos, Individually and Collectively, of the United States. New York: Harper & Brothers. 18mo. pp. 112.

A Plea for the Intemperate. By David M. Reese, A. M., M. D., Late Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic in the Albany Medical College. New York: John S. Taylor & Co. 18mo. pp. 86.

Family Secrets; or, Hints to those who would make Home happy: By Mrs. Ellis, Author of “ Women of England,” “ Poetry of Life," &c., &c. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 18mo. pp. 180.

A Reply to the Personal Attack of Mr. O. A. Skinner and Others. By M. Hale Smith. Boston: Published by the Author, and for sale by Tappan & Dennet. 12mo. pp. 47. Gems of Irish Eloquence, Wit

, and Anecdote. By James Hoban, of the Washington Bar. Baltimore: John Murphy. pp. 316.

Essays, by R. W. Emerson. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 12mo. pp. 303.

Treatise on Strabismus, or Squinting, and the New Mode of Treatment. Ilustrated by Engravings and Cases. By John H. Dix, M. D., Member of the Massachusetts Medical Society. Boston: D. Clapp, Jr. 12mo. pp. 105.

Lectures on Phrenology. By George Combe, Esq. Including its Application to the Present and Prospective Condition of the United States. With Notes, an Introductory Essay, and an Historical Sketch. By Andrew Boardman, M. D. Third Edition, with Corrections and Additions. Boston: Saxton & Pierce. 12mo. pp. 390.

Sketches of lowa, or the Emigrant's Guide; Containing a Correct Description of the Agricultural and Mineral Resources, Geological Features, and Statistics of the Territory of Iowa, &c. By John B. Newhall, Burlington, Iowa. New York : J. H. Colton. 18mo. pp. 252.

A Treatise on the Structure, Color, and Preservation of the Human Hair. By Thomas Bogue, Hair Cutter. Philadelphia: J. Perry. 18mo. pp. 107.

An Essay on the Connexion of Mental Philosophy with Medicine. By Nathan Allen, A.M., M. D., Editor of the American Phrenological Journal and Miscellany. Philadelphia: Adam Waldie. 8vo. pp. 32.

Reviews of a Part of Prescott's “History of Ferdinand and Isabella," and of Campbell's “ Lectures on Poetry." Boston: J. H. Francis. 12mo. pp. 199.

The Physiognomist's Own Book; an Introduction to Physiognoiny. Drawn from the Writings of Lavater. With numerous Engraved Physiognomies. Philadelphia : James Kay & Brother. 32mo. pp. 96.

The Animal Magnetizer; or History, Phenomena, and Curative Effects of Animal Magnetism; with Instructions for conducting the Magnetic Operation. By a Physician. Philadelphia : James Kay, Jr. & Brother. 32mo. pp. 94.

Eighth Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester. Dec. 1840. Boston: Dutton & Wentworth. 8vo. pp. 100.

Speech on Productive Corporations, delivered at Spartanburg Court-House, Feb. 1st., 1841. Greenville: D. H. Wells. 8vo. pp. 16.

Mr. Pierpont's Remonstrance against the Action of the Ex-Parte Council, with his Offer of a Mutual Council, the Committee's Reply to that Offer, and his Answer to the Offer of the Committee, Feb. 15th – 17th, 1841. Boston : S. N. Dickinson. 8vo. pp. 23.

Review of the D'Hauteville Case, recently argued and determined in the Court of General Sessions, for the City and County of Philadelphia. By a Member of the Boston Bar. Reprinted from the January Number of the Law Reporter. Boston: Weeks, Jordan, & Company. 8vo. pp. 44.


Musical Anecdotes and Stories. Lives of Haydn and Mozart. Written for the Young. With Sixteen Pieces of Original and German Music. By the Singing Master. Boston: Saxton & Pierce. 12mo. pp. 96.

The Vestry Singing Book. Being a Selection of the most Popular and Approved Hymns now extant, designed for Social and Religious Meetings, Family Devotion, Singing Schools, &c. Compiled by Asa Fitz and E. B. Dearborn. Boston: Saxton & Pierce; and D. S. King. pp. 256.


Journal of the Ministry at Large. C. F. Barnard, Editor. Monthly. $1 per annum. Boston: William Crosby & Co. 8vo.

The Musical Reporter. Asa Fitz and E. B. Dearborn, Editors. Monthly $3 per annum. Boston : Saxton & Pierce.

NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. Powhatan. A Metrical Romance, in Seven Cantos. By Seba Smith. 12mo. New York: Harper & Brothers. pp. 199.

Ella V- or the July Tour. By One of the Party. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 219.

The Merchant's Widow, and other Tales. By Mrs. Caroline M. Sawyer. New York: P. Price. 18mo. pp. 192.

Carleton, a Tale of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy-Six. Two vols. 12mo. pp. 263 and 289.

The Tyrolese Minstrels, or the Romance of Everyday Life. Ву a Lady. Boston: George W. Light. 18mo. pp.

200. Tales from Life, designed to illustrate certain Religious Doctrines and Practices which prevail at the Present Day. By George Rogers. Boston: Abel Tompkins. 18mo. pp. 180.


Address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Boston Natural History Society, Weduesday, May 5, 1841. By J. E. Teschemacher. Boston : Dutton & Wentworth. 8vo. pp. 55.

An Address, delivered in the Tabernacle before the Tippecanoe and other Harrison Associations of the City of New York, at the Celebration of the Anniversary of the Birthday of Washington, and the Recent Triumph of Sound Principles in the Election of William Henry Harrison to the Presidency of the United States, February 22, 1841. By Daniel Ullmann. New York. 8vo. pp. 44.

Music as an Auxiliary to Religion. An Address before the Handel Society of Dartmouth College, April, 1841. By Joseph Bartlett. Published at the Request of the Society. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 8vo. pp. 32.

A Discourse, delivered before the Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, on Friday, Feb. 12, 1841. By William Bacon Stevens. 8vo.

Agriculture of the United States. An Address delivered 14th April, 1841, before the American Institute in New York. By Henry Colman, Commissioner for the Agricultural Society of Massachusetts. New York: H. A. Chapin & Co. Svo. pp. 32.

Eulogy on William Henry Harrison, late President of the United States, delivered before the Citizens of New Bedford, April 27, 1841. By Ephraim Peabody. New Bedford : William Howe. 8vo. pp. 39.

Eulogium on the Life and Character of General William Henry Harrison, late President of the United States; delivered before the Legislature of Pennsylvania, on the 24th of April, 1841. By Thomas Williams, Esq., Senator from Alleghany County. Harrisburg: Elliott & M'Cready. 16mo. pp. 30.

pp. 40.

POETRY AND THE DRAMA. The Poetry and History of Wyoming; containing Campbell's Gertrude, with a Biographical Sketch of the Author, by Washington Irving, and the History of Wyoming, from its Discovery to the Beginning of the Present Century. By William L. Stone. One vol. pp. 324. New York: Wiley & Putnam.

Marathon, and other Poeins. By Pliny Earle, M. D. Philadelphia: Henry Perkins. 12ino.


120. The Poetry of Flowers, and Flowers of Poetry; to which are added, a Simple Treatise on Botany, with Familiar Examples, and a Copious Floral Dictionary. Edited by Frances S. Osgood. New York: J. C. Riker. 12mo. pp. 276.

A Poetical Geognosy. By Mrs. H. B. Allen. Boston : Charles C. Little & James Brown. 12mo. pp. 35.

The Siege of Agrigentum, A Poem. By Eleanor Allen. Boston: Charles C. Little & James Brown. 12mo. pp. 75.

The Sovereignty of Mind; a Poem delivered before the Philomathean Society of Pennsylvania College, Feb. 16th, 1841. By John N. M'Jilton. Baltimore: Joseph N. Lewis. 12mo. pp. 57.


Claims of Civil and Ecclesiastical History as Indispensable Branches of Ministerial Education ; a Discourse delivered in the Chapel of the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution, August 19, 1840. By George W. Eaton, Professor of Civil and Ecclesiastical History. Published by Request of the Students of the Institution. Utica: Bennet, Backus, & Hawley. 8vo. pp. 30.

Discourse on the National Fast, (May 14, 1841,) observed on Occasion of the Death of President Harrison. By Charles W. Upham, Pastor of the First Church in Salem, Mass. Published by Request. Boston : Dutton and Wentworth. 8vo. pp. 28.

A Discourse on the Life and Character of the Rev. Joseph Tuckerman, D. D., delivered at the Warren Street Chapel on Sunday Evening, January 31, 1841. By William E. Channing. Published for the Warren Street Chapel. Boston : Crosby & Co. 16mo. pp. 80.

The Bible and its Literature; an Inaugural Address, delivered in the Mason Street Church, in the City of New York, January 20, 1841. By Edward Robinson, D. D., Professor of Biblical Literature in the Union Theological Seminary of New York. With the Charge, by the Rev. William Patton, D. D., Pastor of the Spring Street Church, New York. Published by Request of the Board of Directors. New York: American Biblical Repository. Svo. pp. 46.

Spiritual Culture; or, Thoughts for the Consideration of Parents and Teachers. Boston: Joseph Dowe. 12mo. pp. 108.

The Holy Voice; a Discourse delivered before the Society of the Rev. David Dainon, in West Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Friday, May 14, 1841, the Day of the National Fast, appointed in consequence of the Death of William Henry Harrison, President of the United States. By Norwood Damon. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 8vo. pp. 16.

A Discourse on the Occasion of the Death of William Henry Harrison, ninth President of the United States, delivered at Roxbury, April 16th, 1841. By George Putnam, Minister of the First Church in Roxbury. Boston: William Crosby & Co. 8vo. pp. 30.

The Closet; being an Aid to Private Devotion, containing Directions and Helps for reading the Scriptures, Meditation, Self-Examination and Prayer. By Harvey Newcomb. Boston: James B. Dow. 24mo. pp. 144.

A Companion to the Book of Genesis. By Samuel H. Turner, D. D., Professor of Biblical Literature and the Interpretation of the Scriptures, and Professor of the Hebrew Language in the Episcopal

pp. 227.


Theological Seminary. New York: Wiley & Putnam. 8vo. pp. 405

Remarks on the “Oxford Theology” in Connexion with its Bearing upon the Law of Nature, and the Doctrine of Justification by Faith. By Vanbrugh Livingston. New York: John S. Taylor & Co. 16mo.

Sermons of the Rev. Joseph I. Foot, D. D., Late President Elect of Washington College, East Tennessee. With a Brief Biographical Sketch. By the Rev. George Foot. Philadelphia : Hooker & Ag

8vo. pp. 600. Sermons on Revivals. By the Rev. Albert Barnes. With an Introductory. By the Rev. Joel Parker, D. D, President of the New York Union Theological Seminary. New York: Jobn S. Taylor & Co. 18mo. pp. 210.

A Discourse on the Moral Influence of Railroads. By L. F. Dimmick, Pastor of the North Church, Newbury port, Massachusetts, Boston : Tappan & Dennett. 12mo. pp. 125.

The Trinitarian Tenet, not a Doctrine of Revelation but of Human Invention. By One who has searched the Scriptures for Fifty Years. Boston: 16mo. pp. 70.

A Discourse, delivered at Dedham, May 14, 1841, the Day of the National Fast, on Occasion of the Death of Williain Henry Harrison, late President of the United States. By Alvan Lamison, D. D., Pastor of the First Church in Dedham. Dedhain: H. Mann. 8vo. pp. 23.

Injuries done to Christ. A Sermon preached to the Essex Street Congregation, Boston, March 21, 1841. By Nehemiah Adams, Pastor of Essex Street Church. Boston: Tappan & Dennett. 16mo.

The Congregational Manual; or, a Concise Exposition of the Belief, Government, and Usages, of the Congregational Churches. By John Le Bosquet, Acting Pastor of the Congregational Church, Nottingham, N. H. With an Introduction by the Rev. Benjamin P. Stone. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co. 18mo. Pp. 127.

Rey. Mr. Adams's Answer to a Letter addressed to him by a Unitarian in the Christian Register of April 24, 1841. Boston : Tappan & Dennett. 12mo. pp. 14.

Unitarianism Defined and Defended ; being Extracts from Lectures delivered at Liverpool in 1839, by three Unitarian Ministers, in Answer to Lectures against Unitarianism, by thirteen Clergymen of the Episcopal Sect. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 12o. pp. 60.

The Antiquities of the Christian Church. Translated and Compiled from the Works of Augusti, with numerous Additions from Rheinwald, Seigel, and others. By the Rev. Lyman Coleman. Boston: Tappan & Dennett. 8vo. pp. 557.

The Pastor's Daughter; or, the Way of Salvation explained to a Young Inquirer. From Reminiscences of the Conversations of a late Distinguished Divine. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 16mo.

The Moral Influences, Dangers, and Duties, connected with Great Cities. By John Todd, Northampton. J. H. Butler. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 18mo. Pp. 267.

The Crook in the Lot; or, a Display of the Sovereignty and Wis

pp. 19.

pp. 236.

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