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Beethoven, Life of, reviewed, 289-

style of his music, ib. - Moscheles
copies his "Pathetique," 292-
Moscheles's acquaintance with,
293-biographical sketch of, 295


his parentage and education, ib.
his deafness, 296, 302, 303-
organist to a chapel, 296- -anec-
dote of Heller and, ib. — becomes
acquainted with Mozart, 297-
patronized by Prince Lichnowsky,
ib.-instructed by Haydn, 298 -
his temper, ib., 307-style of his
performances, 299-habits and
peculiarities of, ib. influence of
Goethe on, 300-private griefs
and sufferings of, 302- his will,
ib., 303-feelings of, towards Na-
poleon, 304-acquaintance of, with
Goethe, 305- often changing
lodgings, ib. influence of Ma-
dame Streicher on, 306-his
works and genius, 313- Nägeli's
lectures on, ib. ideal beauties
of, 314-seldom understood, ib.

on the difficulty of performing
his music, 315, 320-ignorance
respecting it, 316-analysis of a
sonata by, 317-quarrels with
Maelzel, 306- keeps house, ib. —
meetings for the performance of
his music, 309- last scenes of his
life, ib.funeral honors to, 310
-inscriptions, 311 his personal
appearance, ib. - remarks on his
works, 312.
Bentley, Dr., 333.

Benton, Mr., Speech of, on the case

of McLeod, reviewed, 412.
Berlin, favors shown to Robinson at,

Berzelius, on humus or geine, 164,

Biblical learning, importance of, to
Oriental travellers, 179.
Bingham, Luther G., efforts of, for
education in Ohio, 354.
Biographies, naval, 79.

Bladensburg, on the battle of, 236,
237, 239.

Bodies, on the final disposition of,
385, 399.

Bolingbroke, Lord, works of, noticed,

Bond, W. Cranch, 520.
Book-farming, 149.

Books, good American editions of,


Borromeo, Carlo, corpse of, 401.
Boston Academy of Music, pieces
performed by the, 314, 316.
Bowditch, Nathaniel, on a monu-
ment to, at Salem, 398.
Boylston Prize Dissertations, by
Edward Warren, noticed, 274.
Bradford, William, History of Ply-
mouth by, 265-other works by,
in Young's Chronicles, 266, 267.
British Navy, increase of power in
the, by the Royal Mail steam-
packets, 363- statistics respect-
ing the, 369-number of vessels
in the, 370 of lieutenants in ves-
sels, 379.

Brooklyn, Green-Wood Cemetery
there, 399.

Buffalo, burnt, 231.
Burckhardt, as a tourist, 177, 179.
Burials, remarks on, 385, 399.
Burlamaqui, cited, 419, 429, note.
Burlington Heights, on getting pos-
session of, 233.

Burnap, George W., his Lectures on
the Sphere and Duties of Woman,
and other subjects, noticed, 244.
Burnet, Jacob, Letters by, on the
First Settlement of the North-
western Territory, 322, 355-
cited on Cincinnati, 356- - on jour-
neying in Ohio, 357.
Byron, Lord, epitaph by, 405.


Cabrera, Paul Felix, Report by, on
Palenque, 480.

Camden, quoted by Weever, 404.
Capitol at Washington, on the de-
struction of the, in 1814, 238.
Carbon, as the food of plants, 154,

Caroline, outline of the affair of the,
and remarks on it, 413.
Castañeda's designs of ruins near
Palenque, 482, 487.

Categories of Aristotle and others, 7.
Catherwood, Mr., accompanies Ste-

phens to Central America, 482 -
his designs of ruins there, 486 -
his visit to Quirigua, 497.


Caudivorous snakes, as emblems,

Cemeteries. See Rural Cemeteries.
Cemetery Interment, reviewed, 385.
Central America, Stephens's Inci-
dents in, reviewed, 479-succes-
sive Indian nations in, ib.. - inter-
est in the antiquities of, 480, 493


architectural piles in, 489
living Indian city in, 501 on the
antiquity of the monuments in,
503. See Catherwood, Copan,
Ocosingo, Palenque, Quirigua,
Stephens, Utatlan, and Uxmal.
Chajul, living Indian city near, 501'
Chapels, in rural cemeteries, 397.
Chateaubriand, a poetical traveller,

Chatterton, on ornamenting graves,

Chauncey, Commodore, 84, 223 —
operations of, on Lake Ontario,
225-his pursuit of Sir James
Yeo, 233-objects of, in 1814, ib.
Chemistry. See Liebig.

Chess Player, &c., by W. S. Ken-
ney, noticed, 540.
China, agriculture in, 147.
Chippewa, battle of, 234.

Choate, Rufus, Speech of, on the

case of Alexander McLeod, re-
viewed, 412-cited, 430.
Chronicles. See Young.
Cicero, on sepulture, 400.
Cincinnati, rapid growth of, 355.
Citizens, obligations of, to govern-
ments, 423, 425.

Clarke, E. D., the Oriental tourist,

Clouds of Aristophanes, with Notes
by C. C. Felton, noticed, 526..
Colleges in Ohio, 353, 354.
Collins, on ornamenting graves, 408.

Colonial papers, importance of pro-
curing copies of, 478.

Columbia, the frigate, at Guayaquil,


Combe, George, Notes on the United
States of America, during a Phre-
nological Visit in 1838-1840, no-
ticed, 534.



Common Schools in Ohio, 352, 354.
Condillac, school of, 5, 15, 27, 39.
Confederation of the States, obstacles
to the adoption of the, 47-im-
portance of its history, ib. 76
cause of its failure, 47- practi-
cal effects of its operation, 48, 49
-cause of its death, 50-benefit
of the, 51 — substitution for, 55.
Congress, Continental, resolutions in
the, for a Declaration of Indepen-
dence, and for a frame of govern-
ment, 46-wanted power, 48-
negotiation and contract with, for
the Ohio Company, 334.
Congress, conduct of, 78-interest
of, in the Home Squadron, 360,
on appeals to, by junior
naval officers, 370.
Consciousness and reflection, 17.
Constitution, Federal, the formation
of, a lucky accident, 42- abnega-
tion of power to form the, 45
details in regard to its formation,
45-the Legislative department,
65-the President, ib -on the
balances of the, 69- the Judi-
ciary, ib. operation of the, 76 —
apprehensions for the, 77.
Convent on Mount Sinai, visited,
187, 188.




Convention, Federal, election of de-
legates to the, 51 their charac-
ter, 52 on the secrecy in the,
53-first great principle adopted
in the, as to three branches of gov-
ernment, 55, 65-discussion in,
as to representation, 57- Frank-
lin's motion for prayers in the, 57
-citations from speeches there,
on democratic tendencies, 60-
character of the speeches there,
64-conclusion of the, 70.
Cooper, James Fenimore, on Per-
ry's victory, 84.



Copan, visit to, by Galindo, 491
by Stephens, 493 - deserted city
near, 501.

Corpses. See Dead.

Country life, on a taste for, 259.

Cousin, Victor, Philosophical Writ-
ings by, reviewed, 1- popularity
and reception of his philosophy in
America, ib. - a skilful borrower,
3— on Eclecticism, ib. — on Me-
thod of investigation, 4-has given
no connected view of his system,
6, 8 his classification of mental
processes, 7-on the Finite and
the Infinite, 8, 21-on the Im-
personality of Reason, 9- his
review of Locke, 13- his miscon-
ceptions of him, 14, 15, 26-as
to the Origin of Knowledge, 15-
on Reflection and Consciousness,
17 on Space, 18, 30 –
-on Dura-
tion and Succession, 19, 20-on
the idea of the Infinite, 21 - on
Personal Identity and Substance,
23, 34 on the order of the ac-
quisition of ideas, 27 on general
ideas, 28 on Freedom of the
Will, 31- -on Materialism, 33-
on the proof of a God, 35.
Cowen, Opinion delivered by, in the
Matter of Alexander McLeod, re-
viewed, 412-analyzed and criti-
cized, 415.



Crops, rotation of, 161.
Cumberland Island, named, 463.
Currency. See Appleton.
Cushman, Roger, Discourse by, on
the Sin and Danger of Self-Love,

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Dead, on the final disposition of the,
385, 399, 400, 403—ancient reve-
rence for the, 388
-Roman prac.

tices respecting the, 401, 406.
Dead Sea, Robinson's visit to the,
and remarks, 203.

Dearborn, General, conduct of, on
Lake Ontario, 223.


Debtors, Oglethorpe's exertions for
poor, 450.
Democracy, in the Federal Conven-
tion, apprehensions as to, 52, C6,
72 — distinguished from a repub-
lic, 63 increase of the element
of, in the United States, 77 — of
Ohio, when she became a State,
321. See Dumas.
Dibdin's sea songs, 79.

Diogenes, on the disposition of his
body, 386.

Disobedience of military orders, 220.
Douglass, the brig, British seizure
and detention of, 435.

Downing, A. J., Landscape Garden-
ing, by, noticed, 258-on country
houses, 260-on trees, 261.
Dudevant, Madame. See Sand.
Dudley, Colonel, conduct of, at Fort
Meigs, 220.

Dumas, Alexandre, The Progress
of Democracy by, illustrated in
the History of Gaul and France,
noticed, 277.

Dupaix, work of, on Palenque, 481.
Du Ponceau, P. S., error corrected
respecting his work on the Cochin
Chinese language, 280.
Dupouy, Captain, treatment of, by
Captain Seagram, 435, 436.
Duration, origin of the idea of, 19.


Ebenezer, in Georgia, the settlement
at, 458, 462.
Eclecticism, 3.

Edom, Robinson's visit to, 199.
Education, in Ohio, 352, 354.
Egypt, reverence in, for the dead,
388, 401.

Electors of President, remarks on, 66.
Elliott, Commodore, and Perry, 84.
England, relations of the United

States with, considered, 413-
affair of the Caroline and Alex-
ander McLeod, ib. search of
American vessels, 433- refusal
of, to give up American slaves,
439-the Northeastern and North-



French language, remarks on the,


western boundaries, ib.- her es- French Academy, admissions to the,
tablishments in Oregon, 442-
on a war between the United
States and, ib. - her love of fight-
ing and lust of conquest, 443-
exposed situation of, 445-antici-
pations from her change of minis-
try, 447.

English language, on translations in
the, 510.

Enlistment of seamen, 380.
Epitaphs, remarks on, 404.
Erie, Fort, siege of, 234.
Erie, Lake, manning of the fleet be-
fore the battle of, 84-notice of
the battle on, ib. — operations on,
in 1813, 229.

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Erysipelas, Warren on, 274, 276.
Etruria, sepulchral monuments in,

Evelyn's Sylva, cited on flowers,

[blocks in formation]

Flint, Mr., on early Ohio emigration,
and Dr. Cutler, 333.
Flowers, on graves, 405.
Fontaine, Wright's Translation of,
reviewed, 506- excellence of his
fables, 507, 508- Grandville's il-
lustrations of, 509-difficulty of
translating, ib.

Food. See Plants.

Foreign Quarterly Review, cited and

criticized respecting ruins in Cen-
tral America, 491.

France, naval force of, 87 - Roman-
tic school in, 105-on the pres-
ent state of manners in, 110—
produce of sugar in, 147.
Franklin, Benjamin, favorite doc-
trine of, in the Federal Conven-
tion, 52- his motion for prayers
there, 57- -on Whitefield, 464.
Frederica, in Georgia, settled, 463-
treachery there, 465 - Spanish in-
vasion of, 474.
Fredericksthal, Chevalier, 491.
Free Agency, the doctrine of, 31.

French literature, recent change in,
104 remarks on, 523.

French navy, steam ships in the,
363-proposals respecting it, by
Bostonians, 364.

Funerals, on conducting the reli-
gious services of, 397-on priva-
cy in, 400.

[blocks in formation]

Georgia, Biographical Memorials of
James Oglethorpe, Founder of,
by Thaddeus Mason Harris, re-
viewed, 448-project for settling,
452 charter obtained, 453
fund for aiding emigrants to, ib.



boundaries of, 454- tenure of
the lands in, ib. first expedition
to, ib. Savannah settled, 455,
457 Indian treaties in, 456, 463,
arrivals of Saltzburgers in, 458,
460 new regulations respect-
ing, 459-slavery excluded from,
ib-arrival of Highlanders, ib.·
of Jews, 460-of the Wesleys,
ib.- six hundred emigrants to, in
three years, 463 difficulties with
Spaniards, 464 - Whitefield in,
ib. attempts to raise silk in, 466
dissatisfaction at Savannah,
467, 469- measures for introduc-
ing slaves into, 468-threatened
with war, 470-Spanish invasion,
474 wants a historian, 478-
procures copies of colonial papers,
ib. See Oglethorpe.
German language, for translations,




Gerry, Elbridge, on democratic ten-
dencies, 62.

Gilpin, Henry D., as an editor of the
Madison Papers, 42, 54.
God, proof of, 35.

Goethe, influence of, on Beethoven,

300 their acquaintance, 305.
Golgotha, site of, at Jerusalem, 197.
Goshen, locality of, 183.
Government. See Self-government.
Governments, obligation of citizens
to, 423.

Grandville's illustrations of La Fon-
taine's Fables, 509.
Graves, tombs and, contrasted, 399,
400, 402-on adorning, 405-
symbols and emblems on, 409.
Great Britain, navy of, 86, 87
prehensions from, on slavery, 91.
Greek Exercises, by E. A. Sopho-
cles, noticed, 255. value of writ-
ing, 256.


Green, poetry of, cited, 271.
Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore,
Kennedy's Address on the Dedi-
cation of the, reviewed, 385, 393
- remarks on, 394, 403.
Greenwood Cemetery, 399.
Guano, value of, in vegetation, 158.
Guatemala, antiquities there, 480.
See Palenque.

Guayaquil, the frigate Columbia in
the, 89.

Gueguetenango, ancient ruins at, 500
-on their antiquity, 504.
Gypsum, operation of, 158.




Hale, Salma, History of the United
States by, noticed, 246.
Hamilton, Alexander, monarchical
views of, 53, 61 on the reëligi-
bility of the President, 68-
marks on his services and charac-
ter, 70.
Harmony Grove Cemetery, in Salem,
White's Address at the Consecra-
tion of the, reviewed, 385, 394
remarks on the, 396-reservation
in, for a monument to Bowditch,
398, note.
Harris, Thaddeus Mason, cited re-
specting Ohio, 348-on Marietta,
in 1803, 349 -Biographical Me-
morials of James Oglethorpe,
founder of the colony of Georgia,
by, reviewed, 448-his success,
ib., 478-cited on the arrival of
missionaries and the condition of
the colony, 460 -on a stratagem
by Oglethorpe, 475. See Georgia
and Oglethorpe.
Harrison, William Henry, Arm-


[blocks in formation]

Holy Land, character of tourists to
the, 175 causes of ignorance as
to it, 178 Jews in the, 197.
See Jerusalem and Robinson.
Holy Sepulchre, Robinson on the site
of the, 197.

Home squadron, importance of a, 91,
93- attention of Congress to, 360,
361 steam-power in the, ib.
insufficiency of force provided for
the, 363.


Homer, on translations of, 510.
Honduras, antiquities there, 480.
Horeb and Sinai, Robinson's remarks
on, 186. See Sinai.

Hour-glass, as an emblem, 411.
Houses, Downing on, 260.
Houston, William, collects plants for
Georgia, 462.

Hudson's Bay Company, intrusions
by the, 442.

Hugo, Victor, honored, 105.
Hull, General, blunders as to letters
sent to, 215-remarks on his cam-
paign, 216, 240 -errors of, 217.
Humus, or geine, the doctrine of,
153, 160 nature and action of,
156, 160 office of, ib.-differ-

ent views as to, 164.

Hutchins, Mr., Geographer of the
United States, gives advice to Dr.
Cutler, 335.

Hydrogen, the food of plants, 157.

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