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Cape Palmas-Coley's Rock, and opinion respecting it

Bereby-Drewin-St. Andrew's Cape Lahoo, town and river-Bassams, great and little-AssineeAppolonia-British forts on the Gold Coast-Fantees, their customs-Chambas, or Duncos, their character.

CAPE PALMAS lies in latitude 4° 30' north and longitude 7° 30' west of Greenwich. Off the


there is a reef, in the inside of which, and near the shore, small vessels

may anchor. To the westward of Cape Palmas, a rock was discovered by Captain Coley, of the ship Queen, of London, in the year 1794, and the account which he gave of it and its bearings, is as follows: “Two high trees above Garraway, bearing north five leagues,


pitch of Cape Palmas, E. N. E. six and a half leagues. On the top of the rock I found ten feet water, and it tapers down to seven fathoms, as close as you can chuck a biscuit. The depth of water, after clearing the rock is thirteen fathoms.*"

The natives of the Cape are poor and in

* The distance which captain Coley has estimated this rock to be from the land, must certainly be erroneous, because neither Garraway, nor Cape Palmas, would be visible from the quarter-deck of his vessel, at the distances which he has given; and it is to be presumed, that he took the bearings of the land from his boat, when sounding on the rock. From Garraway to Cape Palmas, including both these places, the land is so very low, that, in approaching it from the sea, the trees growing on it are first visible above the horizon, and have the appearance of a fleet of ships. Therefore, if he took the bearings and distance of the rock from the boat, a line drawn from his eye, and terminating at the distance of five leagues, would require an object to be 160 feet high to be seen at that point; and at the distance of six and a half leagues, an object 180 feet high would be requisite for the same purpose, supposing the atmosphere to be unusally clear, which is by no means common on this

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