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vide thorough technical instruction in the arts of | libraries of the professional schools, 17,000. The painting, sculpture, and architecture ; and (2) to | Peabody Museum of Natural History was furnish an acquaintance with all branches of founded, in 1866, by George Peabody, by a gift learning relating to the history, theory, and of $150,000. One wing of the building has been practice of art. The course of technical in- completed. In 1876—7, there were 87 instructors struction covers three years. No provision has in all the departments, besides special lecturers. been made for instruction in the departments of The students were as follows: theological, 95; sculpture and architecture; but it is hoped that, law, 60 ; medical, 36; department of philosophy before long, this will be provided. There is a and the arts, 860 (graduate students, 67; special professor of painting, a professor of drawing, students, 2; academic under-graduates, 569; sciand an instructor in geometry and perspective. entific, 205; fine arts, 16); total, deducting repThe chairs of sculpture, architecture, and anat- etitions, 1,021. The number of degrees conferred, omy are unfilled. The school is open to both prior to 1875, was 10,605, including 870 honorsexes.

s. The charge for tuition is $36 for three ary degrees ; the number of academic alumni months. In the departments of philosophy and was 8,464. The government of the college is adthe arts, there are various post-graduate courses, ministered by the president and 18 fellows, of which may be pursued by candidates for the de- whom the governor and lieutenant-governor of grees of A. M., Ph. D., and civil and dynamical Connecticut are, ex officio, two. Six are elected engineer, or by graduates not candidates for a by the alumni; and the remaining ten, who are further degree. In the theological department, Congregational clergymen, are chosen by the there is no charge for tuition or for room rent. fellows themselves. The rectors and presidents There are several scholarships for the aid of have been as follows: Abraham Pierson, 1701 needy students. In the law department, the-7; Samuel Andrew (pro tem.), 1707—19; under-graduate course is two years. There is a Timothy Cutler, 1719–22; Samuel Andrew post-graduate, course of one year for the degree (pro tem.), 1722–5; Elisha Williams, 1725of Master of Law, and of two years, for the 39; Thomas Clap, 1739—66; Naphtali Dagdegree of Doctor of Civil Law. The libraries of gett, 1766—77; Ezra Stiles, 1777–95 ; Timothy the institution contain 117,000 volumes; namely, Dwight, 1795–1817; Jeremiah Day, 1817-46; college library (exclusive of pamphlets), 80,000 ; Theodore Dwight Woolsey, 1846—71; and Linonian and Brothers (society) library, 20,000; 1 Noah Porter, since 1871.

ZOOLOGY (Gr. Çwov, an animal, and aóyoç, 1 elementary instruction in this subject, see Horn a discourse) treats of the structure, classification, to Teach, N. Y., 1874.) In the higher grades habits, etc., of animals. It is an important of instruction, the three different departments branch of descriptive natural science, or natural of the science - morphology, physiology, and history, and usually forms a part of the course distribution, should systematically be treated. of study in various grades of schools. In ele- | In every grade of instruction, however, the mentary instruction, it constitutes, with its sister teacher or professor cannot too closely follow science, botany, one of the most effective and the principle laid down by Huxley: “The great available subjects for training the observing fac- business of the scientific teacher is to imprint ulties; and, hence, is often comprised in the the fundamental, irrefragable facts of his scicourse of instruction prescribed for common ence, not only by words upon the mind, but by schools. This subject has peculiar attractions sensible impressions upon the eye, and ear, and for children ; since, as is well known, they in- touch of the student, in so complete a manner, that variably manifest a deep interest in animal life. every term used, or law enunciated, may afterThe principles by which the teacher should be wards call up vivid images of the particular structguided in giving instruction in this, as in other ural, or other, facts which furnished the demonbranches of natural science, have been to some stration of the law, or the illustration of the term." extent explained in previous articles. (See Moreover, every teacher should bear in mind that ASTRONOMY, and BOTANY.) In teaching zoölogy, a good share of his own knowledge should be at care must be particularly taken to exhibit as first-hand-acquired by his own observation, not much as possible the natural objects themselves; simply gleaned from books—or he will not sucand, in elementary teaching, this comes first. ceed in awakening an interest in the minds of That is to say, the pupils are not to be required his pupils. The proper method of teaching this to commit to memory dry definitions and for subject has been clearly shown by one of its greatmulated statements; but their minds should be est masters. (See HUXLEY, On the Study of Zoolbrought in contact with the living realities. ogy, in The Culture demanded by Modern Life, (For a full synopsis of topics and methods for N. Y., 1867.) (See SCIENCE, THE TEACHING OF.)



(Titles of special articles in full-faced letters; all others, in Italics.]



| Alabama-area and population, edu- | Anglo-Saxon-origin of, modificar
Abbassides-36, 414

cational history, state superin-

tions of by other languages, pe-

tendents, 14; school system, edu- | culiarities of, its value in com-
Abbot, Benjamin-1

cational condition, school statis mon schools, 29; in the high
Abbott, Jacob-1

tics, normal instruction, 15 ; school or academy, in normal

teachers' institutes : secondary, schools, in colleges and univer-
A-B-C Book-1

superior, professional, scientific, sities, 30; text-books for the study
A-B-C Method - see Alphabet and special instruction, 16

of, 31. See also 673
Method. See also 721
Alabama, University of-16

Anselm, of Canterbury-31
A-B-C Shooters-1. See also 67 Albemarle Female Institute-845

Anselm, of Laon-1
Albert, Prince--266

Anthon, Prof.-392, 514
Abélard, Pierre-1
Albert University-668

Antioch College-32
Abercrombie, John-1. See also Albigenses-83

Albion College--17

Aberdeen, University of_774

Aphorisms, Educational-value of
Aberdeen Theological Hall-711
Alcott, A. B.-17

education, 32; scope of education,
Abingdon College--2
Alcott, W, A.-17

teacher and pupil, 33; training
Alcuin-17, 122, 300, 315, 357

and habit, development of the
Abstract and Concrete-2
Alexander the Great-39

faculties, language,self-education,
Académie française-3
Alexandra College -479, 566

34 ; moral education, discipline
Academies of Art-308
Alexandria, Museum of-3

and government, 35
Academy--its origin and ordinary Alexandrian Schoo1-17

Apollonius poet;-18
meaning, 2 ; secondary meaning, Alfonso of Naples --482

Apparatus, School-35, 764
Accademia della Crusca, Académie Alfonso X.. of Spain--790

Appleton, Samuel-549
française, etc., 3. See also 706 Alfred the Great - biographical Apportionment-see School Fund
Academy of Music-3

sketch, influence on education,l. Apprentices-811
Acadia College - 656

See also 246, 262, 676

Approbation, Love of -525
Accademia della Crusca-3
Alfred University-18

Aptitudes. Special-332, 401
Accomplishments - distinguished Algebra-definition of. literal nota Arabian Nights-307

from culture, kinds of, 3; tend tion, 18; positive and negativa, Arabian Schools-36
ency in regard to at the present 19; exponents, methods of dem Arabic Numbers-37
time; proper object of, 4. See also onstration, 20; range of topics Arabs-792

embraced, 21; class-room work, Arcesilaus-2
Ackworth School - 327

Acquaviva, Ciaudio de-359, 492 Algerla-education in, 24

Architecture-see Fine Arts

Architecture, School-see School-
Acquisitive Faculties--469
Allegheny College-24

House. See also 765
Acroamatic Method
AU Hallows College-479

Aretino, Guido-780
Adam, Alexander
Alma Mater--24

Argentine Republic-area, popula-
Adams, Francis-191, 305, 3 422 | Alphabet-Greek and Latin alpha tion, religion, etc., 37; history,
Adams, John-4

bets, etc., origin of the English political and educational, schools
Adams, John Quincy-809

alphabet. imperfections in it, and universities, 38
Adams Female Academy-627

table of vowel elements, 25. See Ariosto-483

also 131, 390, 673, 674

Aristophanes of Byzantium-390
Adelphi Academy-104
Alphabet Method -25, 721

Aristotle-his early life.38;appointed
Altenstein-364, 528

teacher of Alexander, the peri-
Adrian College-5
Alumneum — 26

patetic school, method of teach-
Adults, Schools for-in Germany, Alumnus-26

ing, theory of education, ante-
in Austria, in the United States, 5 Ambulatory Schools-417

natal influences, habit as an edu-

American Annals of Education — 17, cator, when instruction begins,

400, 864

classes of subjects to be taught.
Esthetic Culture - see Esthetic American Education Society-170, 171 mechanical work, fine arts, vi-

American Institute of Instruction-253, olent exercises opposed to

400, 430

growth, 39 ; antagonism of bod-
African Free School-157, 638
American Journal of Education-828

ily and mental activity, music,
Agassiz, L. J. R.-6
American Lyceum-430

political economy, works of Aris-
Age, in Education-6

American Missionary Association-16 totle, 40. See also 32, 33, 34, 36,
Amherst College-26

68, 330, 471
Agram, University of-438

Arithmetic-faulty method of teach-
Agricola, Johann-118
Analogy, Sense of_313

ing, 40; what should constitute
Agricola, Rodolphus-biographical Analysis, Grammatical-definition the course in, 41; principles and

sketch, educational works and of, 26; parsing, value of analysis maxims to be kept in view, 43;
as a mode of teaching, 27; diagram

reasons for the rule in short di-
Agricultural Colleges - congres system, 28. See also 3:1

vision, pure and applied arith-
sional land grants for, 8; progress Analysis, Mathematical - see metic, 44 ; stages of mental de-
of, state appropriations for, 9; Mathematics

velopment to be kept in view in
laboratories, workshops, farms, Analytic Method of Teaching-28. teaching arithmetic, 45. See also
etc., expediency of grants for, 10; See also 221, 336

555, 635
course of study in, European Anaxagoras--786

Arizona - organization, area, and
schools, 11; statistical table, 12, Anaximander-371

population, educational history.
13. See also 271
Anderson, Hans-307

45; school system, educational
Ahn, J. F.-14
Anderson School Penikese I. -

condition, 46
Ahn's Method.-593
Anderson's University_775

Arkansas-organization, and admis-
Aimwell School Association-690
Andover Theological College-170

sion as a state, educational his-
Ainsworth, Robert--14

Andrew, J. V.-reforms introduced tory, 46; state teachers' associa-
Air Space in School Rooms-439, 838

by, 28

tion, 47: state superintendents,
Andrews, E. A.-224

school statistics, present law;


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Bantal of Fulda

Bapterosses Dests of, early his engiand Bethel College in the views ofening

us aspects. to


Austro-Hungarian Monarchy-62 Bell, Andrew
elementary, normal, superior, | Authority-its twofold application

controversy with Lancaster, the
and special instruction; educa-

its dual nature, limits of, mode National Society, the British and
tional journal, etc., 48

of enforcing, description of, 65: Foreign School Society, his be-
Arkansas Industrial University

its use in intellectual instruc-1 quests, Madras College, 78. See

tion, expressive use of hurtful to also 263, 594, 774
Army Schools - see Military mental growth, 66. See also 374, Bell, Dr. A. N.--838


Arndt, E. M.-49

Belles-Lettres - early instruction
Arnobius-142, 246

in, 78: order in which the es-
Arnold, Thomas_49
Bacchants-67. See also 1, 247

thetic is developed in the mind,
Arnold, Thomas K.-50, 515
Bach, Johann Sebastian-605

method of instruction to be pur-
Arnold Arboretum, The-405

sued, proper text-books, original
Arrangement of Desks-764
Backus, Dr.-44

composition one of the most ef-
Art-Education - necessity of, con- | Bacon, Francis - early education, fective means for fostering a taste

dition of among the ancients, po appointed lord high chancellor, for the beautiful, the esthetic in
litical value of, 50; history of in Novum Organum, convicted of cor foreign literature, text-books to
the U.S., methods of art-instruc ruption, philosophical views, 67; be used, 79; illustration of the
tion. 51; art-schools in the U. S., experiment, Instauratio Magna, esthetic criticism of a scene from
table of art institutions in the Essays, influence on education, 68. Julius Cæsar, etymology of single
U. S.; instruction in drawing. See also 179, 307, 494

words sometimes a department
52 : mode of establishing art Bacon, Roger -- 676

of belles lettres, 80
schools, importance of art-edu Bacon, Rev. Thomas--544

Beloit College-80
cation, 53

Baden-see Germany. See also 725 Belper, Lord-833
Articulation-701, 819
Bagdad, Schools at -36

Bembo, Cardinal-4
Artisans, Education of-see Tech Bahrdt, C. F.-68

nical Education
Bailey, Nathan-223

Benedict-178, 246
Art Schools-52, 266
Bain, Prof -424

Benedictines, Schools of the-their
Arts, Liberal-53
Baldroin, Theresa-171

origin, peculiar features of in-
Asbury, Bishop-797
Baldwin University-69

struction in, 80, list of the most
Ascham, Roger--54
Ballarat College-712

famous, 81. See also 178
Ashmolean Museum--678

Baltimore-history of education in, Beneke, F. E.-81, 220, 248
Ashmun, John Hooper-517

school statistics, school system, Benevolence-81

examination and qualification of Bengel, J. A.-81
Assembly Catechism-118

teachers, 69; industrial educa Bennett, J.A.-109

tion, training of teachers, 70 Benseler-224
Association of Ideas-54, 470
Baltimore City College-70

Bentley, Richard-82, 514
Astronomy claims of in education, Baltimore Female College-70 Berea College-82
54; practical uses of, proper Bangor Theological College--170

Berkeley Divinity School—176, 177
method of teaching, elementary Bangulf of Fulda-123

Berlin, University of_368
course in, 55; diagrams and ap Banks, N. P.- 550

Bern, University of_805
paratus, religious aspects, 56 Bapterosses Desks and Seat-763

Bernhardi, A. F.-82

Baptists-sects of, early history, 70; Berquin-307
Atheneum–56, 745

principal colleges in England | Bethany College-82
Athenians-300, 396

and Wales, history of in America, | Bethel College-82
Athens (Ancient)-Athenian educa colleges and theological semi- Bible-difference in the views of Cath-

tion distinguished from Spartan, naries in America, 71; epochs in olics and Protestants concerning
grammatist and critic, writing, educational work, distinguished the, use of the Bible in schools,
use of ink and stylus, 56; music, Baptist educators, 72

the Bible question, 82, See also
gymnastics, baths, education of Barbanld, A. L.-72

219, 362, 532, 826
girls and orphans, 57. See also 300 Barbier, Charles-100

Bible Expositions-731
Atherton, G. W.-10
Barcelona, University of792

Bible History-84
Athletics--153, 234, 397, 702

Bienrod's Primer-715
Atkinson, Prof.--10
Barnard, F. A. P.-72

Bifurcation, System of_366
Atlanta University--57

Barnard, Henry-his early life, edu- | Biology-703

cational works-73. See also 173,
Attendance, School -annual aver-

177, 736

Bishop Scott Grammar and Divinity
age, how found, 57 : table of, in Bartlett, R. M.-109

the U.S., school age in different Basedow, J.B.-his early life, 73;edu. Bishop's College, Unirersity of-718
. states, percentage of population cational views and publications, Blackboard substitutes for its

enrolled, school attendance in Eu Elementarwerk, the philanthro- uses, 84. See also 764

ropean countries, 58; in cities, 59 pin, its failure, his death, his in- Blackburn University-85
Attention-great value of, interest fluence-74. See also 249

the chief agent, not to be ex Basel, University of_804

ercised too long, memory de Basil of Casarea- 178

Blair-733, 734
pendent upon, 69: attention de Basques-790, 792

Blake, Mrs. Je r
pendent upon physical condi Bates, Joshua-540

31ind, Education of the statistics

the statistics
tion, proper time for its exercise, Bates College-74

of the blind, first public asylum
60. See also 463, 469
Bavaria-see Germany

for, first attempts at teaching, 85;
Auburn Theological Seminary-712 Baylor University-75

institutions for, in the U. S.
Augustana College-60
Beach Grove College-75

methods of instruction,86; music,
Augustine, Saint - his early life, Beale-290

mechanical training, government
teaches eloquence and rhetoric, I Beania-367

and discipline, systems of print-
is converted to Christianity, the Beauty--- 284, 285

ing and notation, 87
Confessions, objects to the use of Bebel-360

Blochmann, K. J.-88, 695
the pagan classics in schools, lays Bébian, R. A. A.-73

Blochmann'sche Institut--88, 199
the foundation of Episcopal sem Bec, Monastery of-31

Block Combinations-313
inaries, 60; and of Christian cat Becker-352

Blue-Coat School -- see Christ's
echetics, 61. See also 185, 204 Bede-75, 204

Bedford College (London)—269

Board of Education-see School
Austin, John--515

Austin College-61
Beecher, Catharine E.-260, 303

Boarding-School-its stctus in dif-
Australasian Colonies - area and Beers, Seth P.--174

ferent countries, relation to pub
population, educational systems, Beethoven-606

lic schools, 88
New South Wales, Victoria, 61 ; Belfast Theological Hall_711

Böckh, August--362
South Australia, West Australia, Belgium-area and population, 75; | Bodleian Library-678
Queensland, Tasmania, New Zea educational history, primary and Boehm, Martin-823
land, 62

secondary instruction, 76: sala- | Boethius-481
Austria -- area and population, 62; ries of teachers, educational sta- | Bolivar-154
school history present school sys tistics, 77. See also 165

Bolivia - area and population,
tem, school statistics, 64: educa-

condition of education in, 89
tional periodicals, 65. See also 105 Frisken, 77; monitorial system, Bologna, University of --208, 486

Shiel carly life, so

[blocks in formation]

Boston ollege_aso 124

Bonaventura College-624
Buisson, M.-763

Catechism -- definition and origin,
Bonet, J. P.-89. 204
Bureau of Education, National-

117; history, 118
Bonn, University of 368

its organization, objects, officers, | Catechists--18
Bonnycastle, John-89

and functions, 107. See also 827 Catechumen-118
Book-Keeping-single and double | Burgher School-108, 247

Cathedral and Collegiate Schools
entry, 89; philosophy of, increase Burlington University-109

-their history, 118; scope of,
of number of schools for, 90 Burney-606, 607

decline of, 119. See also 178
Burrowes, Thomas-686, 6


Catholic Free Schools-647, 649
Bopp-352, 377
Busby, Richard-109

Catholic Universities-742, 818
Borgi, Giovanni-91

Business Colleges-their origin and
immvements in 109.

Catlin, John-622

progress, improvements in, 109; Cato_98. 744
Boston-population, school history, differences in, 110

school system, 92; salaries, pri- | Buss, Miss--862

Cavendish College-115
vate schools and other institu Butler, B.F.-637

Cecilian College-119
tions, 93. See also 124
Buttmann, Ph. K.--110

Boston College-94
Byzantine Literature-385

Celtes, Conrad-353
Boston University-94

Celtic Languages-464
Botany - the educational value of, Cadet - see Military Schools, and Census, School-see School Census
method of studying, 95; simplic Naval Schools

Census Reports-450
ity in manner of teaching, sys. Cadets' College-110

Centenary College--119
tematic botany, herbarium, mi. Cagliari, University of_486

Central America-area and popula-
croscope, identification of plants Cairo, University of —256

tion,educational condition of Gua-
not the chief object, utility of, 96. Calasanza, or Calasantius-704

temala, Honduras, 119; San Salva-
See also 769

dor, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, 20
Boutwell, George S.-510

Central College-120
Bowdoin, James-540
Caldwell, Joseph--651

Central Tennessee College-120
Bowdoin College--97

Central University--120

California-organization, education Centre College-120

al history, 110; state superin Certifcate - see License, and In-
Boys, Education of--objects to be tendents, school system, 111; centives, School. See also 732, 808

kept in view, 97; systems of the educational condition, normal Certificated Teachers-522
ancients, Cyropædia, Spartan sys and secondary instruction, de Cervantes-792
tem, custos or pædagoguis, ludi nominational schools, superior Chapsal, C. P.-121
magister, Institutiones Oratoriæ, 98; instruction, list of colleges and Character, Discernment of - neg-
training and instruction in mod universities, special instruction, lect of, harm resulting thereby,
ern times, necessity of discrim-

teachers' associations, 112 : edu sacrifice of the individual to the
inating between the sexes, re-
cational literature, 113

mass, temperament, how to dig-
quirements of modern civiliza California College--113

cern it, 121; phrenology, 122
tion, 99. See also 793
California, University of -113

Charlemagne -- his educational
Brackett, Anna C.-303

aims, 122; education of the clergy,
Bradford Academy-301

Calisthenics - definition of, 113: course of study, system of public

value of, proper time for, precau-

instruction, 123. See also 118, 139,
Braidwood, Thomas-99, 206

tions to be taken, 114. See also 702 164, 246, 300, 357, 740
Braille, Louis-99

Charles, Duke of Brunswick-116
Brain -100, 702

Calligraphy-Bee Penmanship. See Charleston, College of -123
Brazil-area and population, 100; also 56, 685

Chart-123. See also 36
educational condition, school Calvin-183, 247

Charterhouse School --267
statistics, Collegio de Pedro II., Cambridge-549

Cheever, Ezekiel-his life, 123: his

Cambridge, University of-history, I work and characteristics, 124. See
Breslau, University of_363

organization, 114; professorships, also 547
Brethren of the Christian Schools-510, terms, members of colleges, de. Cheke, Sir John-124

grees, examinations, triposes, Cheltenham Ladies' College-269
Brethren of the Common Life-510

local examinations, names of col. Chemistry-its practical value, habit
Brewers' Company's School-269

leges, under-graduates, university of memorizing, 125; three meth-
Brian Boru-477

buildings, 115; societies, 116. See ods, lectures, text-book study, ar-
Bridgman, Laura-102. See also 435 also 269, 818

rangement of material, sensa-
Camden School for Girls-269

tional experiments, 126 ; proper
British Columbia-area and popula Camerino, Unirersity of-486

method illustrated, 127
tion, educational history and Camp, David N.-174

Cherokee Nation-462
condition, 102; school statistics Campbell, Alexander and Thomas-229 Cheve System-783
and finances, 103

Campe, J. H.- his educational the Chicago--population, school statis-
British and Foreign School Society-78, ories and works, 116

tics and system, 128; examina-
263, 266, 594

tion, licensing, and appointment
Brooklyn-first free public schools Canada, Dominion of-116

of teachers, salaries of teachers,
established there and in New Cane Hill College-116

private schools, 129
York, school history, 103; school Canisius-118

Chicago, University of-129
statistics and system, examina Canons Regular, 118, 119

Chicago Congregational Theological Sem-
tion and qualification of teach Canterbury-81
ers, private seminaries and Capital l'niversity-116

Chicago Theological Seminaries - 72,
schools, 104. See also 636
Capitularies of Charlemagne-164

170, 712
Brooks, Rev. Charles_809
Capo d'Istria, Count-386

Childhood-see Age
Brougham-263, 833
Caracas, University of_837

Chili -- area and population, educa-
Brown, George-444

tional condition, primary instruc-
Brown, Goold-105, $78, 379, 380 Cardan-204

tion, school statistics, 130: second-
Brown, Nicholas --72
Carleton College--116

ary, superior, and special instruc.
Brown University-105
Carlo Borromeo-301

tion, 131. See also 759

Carlsruhe Polytechnical School -369 Chilwell (Engl.) Baptist College-71
Bruno, Giordano-433

China Proper-area and population,
Brunswick-Celle, Duke of -165
Carpenter, Miss-457

early history, religion, alphabet,
Brussels, University of_77
Carthage College-117

131; classics, estimate of educa
Bucharest, University of_745

tion, primary schools, 132: lect-
Buchtel College-105

ures, degrees, examinations, in-
Caste- 451, 456

fluence of Europeans on Chinese
Buda-Pesth, University of-432
Catania, University of-436

instruction, University of Peking,
Buddhism-456, 456
Catawba College-730

133. See also 244, 299,378, 379, 380
Buffalo-population, educational his- Catechetical Method - its limits, | Chirography--684

tory, city superintendents, school true uses, superseded by the Christ Cross Row-134
system, educational condition, topical method, 117. See also 229 Christian VI., of Denmark-213
school statistics, parochial and Catechetical School - see Alexan Christian Brothers, College of-134
private schools, 106

drian School

Christian Brothers' College-134
Bugenhagen, Johann-107
Catechetics-61, 463

Christian College-134

Chicinary Pegationa; 01-129

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i lentisic superior lenomain

Christiania, University of_802

College-history of in France, 150: 1 Concordia College-170
Christianity-245, 246, 247, 300, 672

in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Concordia Theological Seminary-534
Christian Schools, Brethren of-510

U.S., 151; Harvard, Yale, 152; table Condillac-204
Christian University--134

of colleges in the U.S., con ven. Condorcet-316

tion of college presidents in the Confucius-132
Christina, of Sweden-801

U.S. in 1874, 163

Congregationalists-their history.
Christ's Hospital-135
Collége de France-151, 316

originators of common schools,
Chrodegang, Bishop-118
College of Teachers-665

list of schools and colleges, 170;
Chronology-see History
Colleges, Denominational-153

American Education Society,
Church Catechism - 118
College Society (Congregational)-171

church government, educators,
Church of God--135

Collegiate Schools-see Cathedral 171
Chrysoloras, Emmanuel -139, 482


Congregations (University)-115

Colombia, United States of-area Connecticut - area and population,
Cicero—2, 312, 565, 744, 745

and population, educational his educational history, 171; taxes,
Cincinnati-population, educational tory, school system, 164

172; tuition fees, permanent tund,
history, school system and statis- | Colony School, New Haven-175

173; state superintendents, state
tics, 136

Color - value of instruction in, teachers' association, school sys-
Cincinnati, University of-137

method of teaching, harmony ot tem, educational condition, 174;

colors, 155. See also 778

statistics normal and secondary
Civil Government - see Science of Colorado - organization, area and instruction, 175; denominational

population, educational history, schools, superior, professional,
Civil Rights Bill-157

school system, 156; educational scientific, and special instruction,
Claflin University--137

condition, secondary and other 176: educational literature, 177.
Clarke, Dr. E. H.-147, 302

instruction, 157

See also 166
Clarke Institution for Deaf Mutes-206, Colorado College-157

Conscience, Culture of-its compar-
Color-Blindness - 241, 293

ative strength or weakness, moral
Class - definition of, 137; size and Color Charts--293

precepts not necessarily a culti-
constitution of, basis of classifi | Colored Schools--their number, ex vator of, 177. See also 597, 731
cation, teaching by classes or by pediency of, 157; state laws in re Conservatory, Musical-606
subjects, 138; loose classification, gard to, advocates of, 158

Constantinople, University of_385
Columbia College--158, 637

Constitution of U. S.-178
Classical Studies --- Latin, Greek, Columbia, District of-see District Convent Schools - their history,
139; decline in study of, 140; ob-
of Columbia

178; influence of Reformation on,
ject for which taught, method of | Columbian University-159

basis and distinguishing features
teaching,text-books, translations, Columbia Theological Seminary_713

of, 179. See also 246, 715
141. See also 224, 225, 373, 511 Comenius, J. A.-his early life, 159; Conversation--its uses, 179
Classics, Christian--history of, 142; Janua linguarum reserata, Didac Conversational Method-its value
peculiar value of, 143
tica magna seu omnes omnia do-

in early education, 180
Classification-see Class

cendi artificium, Orbis sensualium Convocation, University-646
Class Rooms-439

pictus, and other works, his posi- Cooper Institute-see Cooper, Pe-
Claxton, Timothy-430

tion as an educational reformer, ter

ideal order of instruction, equal Cooper, Peter-his early life, in-
Cleator, Joseph--636

instruction of both sexes, educa-

tentions in regard to the ednca-
Clement-18, 246

tion and development identical, tion of the industrial classes,
Clerc, Laurent-206,

physical education, school rooms Cooper Union for the Advance-

and play-grounds. words to be ment of Science and Art, course
Cleveland-population, educational learned in connection with

of instruction in, 180, 181
history, 143; school system and things, 160; language to be Cooper Union, 180, 181
statistics, 144

learned by practice, anniversary | Coote, Edward-182

of Comenius's death, statue Copenhagen, Unirersity of-214
Clinton, De Witt - biographical erected, 161. See also, 33, 34, 248, Copy-Books-see Penmanship
sketch, political career, his aid to 599, 720

the cause of education, 144; be Comer, George N.-109

comes president of the Society Commencement-161

Corderius, Mathurin-183
for Establishing a Free School in Commercial Colleges - see Busi Cordova-36, 790
the City of New York, advocates ness Colleges

Cornelia_98, 302
the Lancasterian system, is made Commissioner of Education-see Cornelissen, Jan-636
president of the Presbyterian

Bureau of Education

Cornell, Ezra_9
Society for the Promotion of the Commodian--142

Cornell College--183
Education of Youth, the Infant Common-School Fund--638

Cornell University-183. See also 9
School Society of New York, New Common Schools-162

Corporal Punishment - advocates
York Hospital, New York His Communal Colleges-150

of, abuse of, History of the Rod.
torical Society, estimate of his Communal Schools--165

185; the Terrors of the Rod, hors-
ability, 145. See also 621, 594, Companionship-necessity of, 162

ing. 186; disciplinary value of,
Comparative Philology-275, 378, 464

187: justifiable as a last resort
Clinton, George-144, 637, 825

Competitive Examinations - see statistics, 188; present practice of
Cloister Schools-382


the civilized world, legal aspects,

Composition-oral composition, ac offenses justifying the use of. 189.
Clowes, T.-830

curacy of expression, method of See also 246, 319, 359, 630, 793

composing, preliminary train Correa de Oliveira-101
Cobb, Lyman-186

ing, 163; daily practice necessary, Corvallis College-190
Cobbett, William--747

correction of compositions, rhet Costa Rica - 120
Codrington College-270

oric, 164

Council of Trent-742
Co-Education of the Sexes - how Compulsory Education-first inti Counterpoint-604

regarded in the U. 8., 145; argu mation of, history of, 164; school I Course of Instruction proper
ments for and against, statistics, age first defined by law, 165; pres curriculum, 190; division into
146; progress of co-education in ent aspect of, 167. See also 154, 213 grades, 191. See also 11, 132
the U. S., 147; effect of the ordi- Comstock, J. L.--167

Cousin, Victor-192. See also 1, 165,
nary college course on the health Comte-553, 554

of women, progress of co-educa Conception--the concept, predomi Couteulx St. Mary's Institution—645
tion in Europe, 148

nance of conceptive faculty dur Cowper-196, 260, 434
Coimbra, University of_708, 709

ing infancy, basis of judgment, Cracow, University of_64
Colburn, Dana P.-737

ends to be kept in view, value of Cramming-192
Colburn, Warren-149

object teaching, illustrations, Crèche-193, 658
Colby, Gardner-540

168; conceptions dependent upon | Crime and Education-their rela.
Colby Cniversity-149

feelings. 169. See also 453, 469

tion, 193: prison congresses, sta-
Colden, Cadwallader-197
Conceptive Faculty-167

tistics, 194; prison schools, crime

Concert Teaching a kind of rote governed by fixed, natural laws,
Colet, Dr. John-379, 524

teaching, memorizing, excessive 195
Collard, Roger-192

rote teaching injurious, tone of Crocheting-466
Collections College -101

voice in responses 169

Crooks, Dr.-224
Collective Lessons -1:9
Concord College--170

Croton, School of-384

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