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Public Acts of Congress.

per centum on the amount thus sold, or for which military, civil, and judicial powers exercised by subscriptions shall be obtained, may, by the Sec- the officers of the existing government of the same retary of the Treasury, be allowed to such agent territories, shall be vested in such person and peror agents; and a sum, not exceeding four thou- sons, and shall be exercised in such manner as sand dollars, to be paid out of any moneys in the the President of the United States shall direct, Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, is hereby for the maintaining the inhabitants of said territoappropriated for that object, and subscription cer- ries in the free enjoyment of their liberty, propertificates, and certificates of stock, and other ex- ty, and religion; and the laws of the United States penses incident to the due execution of this act. relating to the revenue and its collection, subject

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That so much to the modification stipulated by the fifteenth arof the funds constituting the annual appropriation ticle of the said treaty, in favor of Spanish vessels of ten millions of dollars for the payment of the and their cargoes, and the laws relating to the imprincipal and interest of the public debt of the portation of persons of color shall be extended to United States, as may be sufficient for that pur- the said territories. And the President of the pose, after satisfying the sums necessary for the United States shall be, and he is hereby, authorpayment of the interest, and of such part of the ized, within the term aforesaid, to establish such principal, of the said debt, as the United States districts for the collection of the revenue, and, duare now pledged annually to pay and reimburse, is ring the recess of Congress, to appoint such offihereby pledged and appropriated for the payment cers, whose commissions shall expire at the end of of the interest, and for the reimbursement of the the next session of Congress, to enforce the said principal, of the stock which may be created by laws, as to him shall seem expedient. virtue of this act. It shall, accordingly, be the Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Presiduty of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund dent of the United States be, and he is hereby, auto cause to be applied, and paid out of the said thorized to appoint, during the recess of the Senfund, yearly, such sum and sums as may annually ate, a Commissioner and Surveyor, whose combe necessary to discharge the interest accruing on missions shall expire at the end of the next session the said stock, and to reimburse the principal, as of Congress, to meet the Commissioner and Surthe same may become due, and may be discharged veyor who may be appointed on the part of Spain, in conformity with the terms of the loan. And for the purposes stipulated in the fourth article of they are further authorized to apply, from time to said treaty; and that the President be, and he is time, such sum or sums towards discharging, by hereby, further authorized to take all other measpurchase, and at a price not above par, the prin ures which he shall judge proper, for carrying into cipal of the said stock, or any part thereof; and effect the stipulations of the said fourth article. the faith of the United States is hereby pledged to Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That a board establish sufficient revenues for making up any of three commissioners shall be appointed, condeficiency that may hereafter take place in the formably to the stipulations of the eleventh article funds hereby appropriated for paying the said in- of the said treaty; and the President of the Uniterest and principal sums, or any of them, in man- ted States is hereby authorized to take any measner aforesaid.-Approved, March 3, 1821. ures which he may deem expedient for organizing

the said board of commissioners, and, for this pur

pose, may appoint a secretary well versed in the An Act for carrying into execution the Treaty between French and Spanish languages, and a clerk ;

the United States and Spain, concluded at Wash- which appointments, if made during the recess of ington on the twenty-second day of February, one the Senate, shall, at the next meeting of that body, thousand eight hundred and nineteen.

be subject to nomination for their advice and Be it enacted, fc., That the President of the consent. United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the comtake possession of, and occupy, the territories of pensation of the respective officers, for whose apEast and West Florida, and the appendages and pointment provision is made by this act, shall not appurtenances thereof; and to remove and trans- exceed the following sums: port the officers and soldiers of the King of Spain, The commissioner to be appointed conformably being there, to the Havana, agreeably to the stipu- to the fourth article, at the rate, by the year, of lations of the treaty between the United States and three thousand dollars. Spain, concluded at Washington on the twenty- To the surveyor, two thousand dollars. second day of February, in the year one thousand To each of the three commissioners to be apeight hundred and nineteen, providing for the ces pointed conformably to the eleventh article of the sion of said territories to the United States; and treaty, three thousand dollars. he may, for these purposes, and in order to main- To the secretary of the board, two thousand tain in said territories the authority of the United dollars. States, employ any part of the Army and Navy of To one clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars. the United States, and the militia of any State or Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That, for carTerritory, which he may deem necessary. rying this act into execution, the sum of one hun

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, until the dred thousand dollars be, and her is, ar end of the first session of the next Congress, unless ated, to be taken from any moneys in the Treasury provision for the temporary government of said not otherwise appropriated. territories be sooner made' by Congress, all the Approved, March 3, 1821.

Public Acts of Congress.

An Act to establish the District of Pearl River. sleigh, or other person bringing merchandise as Be it enacted, fc., That, from and after the first aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to deliver the day of July next, all the bays, waters, and shores, manifest herein required, or pass by or avoid such on Lake Borgne and the Gulf of Mexico, and all office, the merchandise subject to duty, and so the rivers emptying into the same, within the lim- imported, shall be forfeited to the United States

, its of the State of Mississippi, shall be a collection together with the vessel, boat, canoe, or raft, the district, to be called the district of Pearl river; of tackle, apparel, and furniture of the same, or the which a port near the mouth of Pearl river, at carriage or sleigh, and harness and cattle drawing such place as the President of the United States the same, or the horses, with their saddles and shall designate, shall be the port of entry; and a bridles, as the case may be; and such master, concollector for the district shall be appointed, to re- ductor, or other importer, shall be subjected to pay side at such place as the President shall direct, at a penalty of four hundred dollars. or near the said port, who shall be entitled to re- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That any deceive, in addition to the fees and other emolu-puty collector, stationed in any district of the casments established by law, the annual salary of two toms contiguous to a foreign territory, to whom a hundred and fifty dollars.

manifest of merchandise, subject to duty, shall be Approved, March 2, 1821.

delivered as aforesaid, is hereby authorized to require of the importer of such merchandise the

payment of the duties thereon, or good and ample An Act confirming the location of the seat of govern- security, either by bond, with one or more suffiment of the State of Illinois, and for other purposes. cient sureties, for the payment thereof, or by the

Be it enacted, fc., That the four sections of land, deposite of a portion of such merchandise, equal, including the section number sixteen, in township at least, to double the amount of the duties on the number six north, range number one east, of the whole importation ; which bond shall be cancelled, third principal meridian, heretofore selected by or the merchandise so deposited shall be delivcommissioners appointed for that purpose, for the ered to the owner, on the producing to the deputy seat of government of the State of Illinois, be, and collector a certificate of the collector of the disthe same are hereby declared to be, confirmed to, trict, that the duties have been duly paid. and vested in, the said State, for the purpose Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all penalaforesaid.

ties and forfeitures incurred by force of this act, Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Gov- shall be sued for, recovered, distributed, and acernor of said State be, and he is hereby, authorized counted for, in the manner prescribed by the act, to select any unappropriated section in said town- entitled "An act to regulate the collection of duship, for the use of the inhabitants thereof, which ties on imports and tonnage," passed on the second shall be in lieu of the said sixteenth section. day of March, one thousand seven hundred and Approved, March 2, 1821.

ninety-nine, and may be mitigated or remitted in the manner prescribed by the act, entitled "An act

to provide for the mitigating or remitting the forAn Act further to regulate the entry of merchandise feilures, penalties, and disabilities, accruing in

imported into the United States from any adjacent certain cases therein mentioned," passed on the territory.

third day of March, one thousand seven hundred Be it enacted, fc., That it shall be the duty of and ninety-seven. the master of any vessel, except registered vessels, Approved, March 2, 1821. and of every person having charge of any boat, canoe, or raft, and of the conductor or driver of apy carriage or sleigh, and of every other person An Act establishing the salaries of the Commissioners coming from any foreign territory adjacent to the

and Agents appointed under the Treaty of Ghent. United States, into the United States, with mer- Be it enacted, f-c., That, from and after the first chandise subject to duty, to deliver, immediately day of January, one thousand eight hundred and on his or her arrival within the United States, a twenty-one, each commissioner now appointed, or manifest of the cargo or loading of such vessel, who may be appointed agreeably to the provisions boat, canoe, raft, carriage, or sleigh, or of the mer- of the Treaty of Ghent, shall be entitled to receive chandise só brought from such foreign territory, at the rate of twenty-five hundred dollars per anat the office of any collector or deputy collector num; and each agent appointed, or who may be which shall be nearest to the boundary line, or appointed, as aforesaid, shall be entitled to receive nearest to the road or waters by which such mer- at the rate of twenty-five hundred dollars per anchandise is brought; and every such manifest shall num; which said sums, so allowed to said offibe verified by the oath of such person delivering cers, respectively, shall be a full compensation for the same; which oath shall be taken before such services, and all the personal expenses incurred collector, or deputy collector; and such oath shall while in the performance of the duties of their state that such manifest contains a full, just, and respective offices : Provided, That the compensa, true account, of the kinds, quantities, and values, tion by this section allowed, shall not be continued of all the merchandise so brought from such for- longer than two years from the said first day of eign territory; and if the master, or other person January, one thousand eight hundred and twentyhaving charge of such vessel, boat, canoe, or raft, one. or the conductor or driver of such carriage or Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That each

Public Acts of Congress.

commissioner and agent shall not be entitled to second section of the act, approved on the twentyreceive, for services performed in their respective fourth day of February, one thousand eight hunoffices, before the said first day of January, one dred and nineteen, for issuing military land warthousand eight hundred and twenty-one, any rants to the officers and soldiers of the Revolutiongreater sum than the rate of four thousand four ary army, shall be extended to the fourth day of hundred and forty-four dollars per annum, which March, one thousand eight hundred and twentyshall be considered a full compensation for services, three; and the time for locating the unlocated and all personal expenses, incurred while in the warrants shall be extended to the first day of Ocdischarge of their respective duties.

tober thereafter. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the sum Approved, March 2, 1821. of twenty-five thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated for the payment of the An Act to extend the time for unlading vessels arrivsalaries of the said commissioners and agents, and

ing from foreign ports, in certain cases. for the expenses under the several commissions under the Treaty of Ghent, for the present year.

Be it enacted, fc., That, when the capacity of Approved, March 3, 1821.

any vessel arriving with a cargo from a foreign port shall exceed three hundred tons, the term for

unlading such vessel shall hereafter be twenty An Act to authorize the Collectors of Customs to pay days from the report of arrival, Sundays excepted.

debentures issued on the exportation of loaf sugar, Approved, March 3, 1821. and spirits distilled from molasses.

Be it enacted, foc., That all debentures which have been, or may hereafter be, issued upon the An Act to continue in force an act, entitled " An act exportation of spirits distilled from molasses, or

regulating the currency within the United States of

the gold coins of Great Britain, France, Portugal, sugar refined within the United States, shall be

and Spain," passed on the twenty-ninth day of payable within thirty days after the passing of this

April, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, so act, or thirty days after the date of their issue, as

far as the same relates to the crowns and five-franc the case may be, and shall be discharged by the

pieces of France. collector of the customs, by whom they may have been, or shall be, issued, out of the product of the titled "An act regulating the currency within the

Be it enacted, fc., That so much of the act, enduties upon imports and tonnage ; any thing in United States of the gold coins of Great Britain, any act or acts of Congress to the contrary not- France, Portugal, and Spain," passed on the withstanding Approved, March 3, 1821.

twenty-ninth day of April, eighteen hundred and sixteen, as relates io the crowns and five-franc

pieces of France, shall be, and the same hereby is, An Act making appropriations for the Public Build- continued in force for the further term of two ings.

years, from and after the twenty-ninth day of Be it enacted, fc., That, for continuing the work April next. on the centre building of the Capitol, and other Approved, March 3, 1821. improvements on the public buildings, the following sums of money be, and hereby are, appro- An Act to extend the charters of certain Banks in the priated :

District of Columbia. For continuing the work on the centre building, the sum of eighty thousand dollars.

Be it enacted, fc. That the acts incorporating For covering the roof of the President's house the several banks in the District of Columbia, with copper, seven thousand eight hundred and herein named, that is to say: the Bank of Alexforty-five dollars.

andria, and the Farmers' Bank of Alexandria, in For graduating and improving theground around the town of Alexandria ; the Bank of Washingthe Capitol, two thousand dollars.

ton, the Bank of the Metropolis, and the Patriotic For improvements in the Senate Chamber, and Bank of Washington, in the City of Washington; in the Hall of the House of Representatives, and the Union Bank of Georgetown, the Farmers and in the Library, seven hundred dollars.

Mechanics’ Bank of Georgetown, and the Bank Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the un- of Columbia, in the town of Georgetown, be, and expended balances of appropriations to other pub- the same are hereby, extended and limited to the lic buildings, are hereby appropriated to the cen- third day of March, which shall be in the


of tre building:

our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirtySec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said six, under, and subject to, such limitations, modiseveral sums of money be paid out of any moneys fications, and conditions, as are hereinafter enacted. in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, if any Approved, March 3, 1821.

one of the banks herein named shall, at any time, fail, or refuse to pay on demand, any bill, note, or

obligation, issued by such bank, in lawful curAn Act extending the tiine for issuing and locating rency of the United States, when required, or shall

military land warrants to officers and soldiers of the neglect or refuse to pay on demand in like curRevolutionary Army.

rency, if required, any moneys received by such Be it enacted, fc., That the time limited, by the bank on deposite, to the person or persons entitled to

Public Acts of Congress.

receive the same; then, and in such case, the holder by proxy, ten directors, being citizens of the Uniof any such note, bill, or obligation, or the person ted States, for the term of one year thereafter, and or persons demanding such deposite as aforesaid, on the same day annually, for and during the conshall respectively be entitled to receive and re- tinuance of this act, a like election shall be made; cover interest on the same, at the rate of twelve and in case of death, resignation, refusal, or disper centum per annum, from the time of the de- qualification, of any director, the remaining dimand until the same be fully paid and satisfied. rectors, at their next meeting, or as soon as conAnd further, It shall be lawful for Congress, forth- venient thereafter, shall elect, by ballot, another with, to revoke the charter of such bank, and to person, qualified as aforesaid, in his place, for provide for liquidating and settling the accounts the residue of the year. The directors, or any and affairs thereof, in such manner as to their seven of them, shall, at their next meeting after judgment may seem expedient.

every general election, elect, by a majority of Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That any presi- members present, by ballot, from among themdent, director, cashier, teller, clerk, or other officer, selves, a president, who shall retain all the powers or servant, of any of the said banks, or of the Bank ond privileges of a director; and in case of refusal, of Potomac, hereinafter named, who shall with death, resignation, or disqualification, of the presihold, withdraw, conceal, or embezzle, or connive dent, the directors shall meet as soon as conveat the withholding, withdrawal, concealment, or niently can be thereafter, and, after filling the embezzlement, of the money or other property of vacancy in the number of directors required by the bank whereof he is an officer or servant, with this act, elect another person for president in manintent to defraud the said bank, shall be subject to ner before directed. prosecution therefor, in the name of the United Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall States, by indictment, on presentment or informa- not be lawful for any of the said banks, after the tion, in the circuit court of the county wherein first day of January next, to make, issue, or reissue, such offence shall have been committed, and, on any bill, note, or obligation, payable to bearer or conviction thereof, shall be adjudged a felon, and order, of a denomination under five dollars. suffer an imprisonment of not less than one year, Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the fournor more than ten years, and forfeit and pay a teenth section of the act incorporating the Ban sum not less than one thousand, nor more than of Columbia aforesaid, passed the twenty-eighth twenty thousand, dollars; one moiety whereof day of December, one thousand seven hundred shall go to the United States, and the other to the and ninety-three, be, and the same is hereby, reinformer.

pealed and annulled : Provided, That the said Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That, unless fourteenth section shall remain in full force and the president and directors, for the time being, of effect in relation to all debts contracted with the each of the banks respectively, whose charters are said bank previous to the passing of this act. hereby extended, shall, on behalf of their stock- SEC. 9. And be it further enacted, That it shall holders, and in virtue of an authority from them, be lawful for the Central Bank of Georgetown or a majority in interest and number of them, file and Washington to proceed, forthwith, to liquitheir declaration, in writing, in the office of the date and close all the concerns of the corporation, Secretary of the Treasury, within six months and, after paying and satisfying the debts, confrom the passage of this act, assenting to and ac- tracts, and obligations, of the corporation, to dicepting the extension of charter hereby granted, vide the capital and profits which may remain under the terms, conditions, and limitations, con among the stockholders, in proportion to their retained in this act, such bank shall forfeit all title spective interests; and for this purpose, and for no to such extension of charter.

other intent or purpose whatever, all the necesSec. 5. And be it further enacted, That every sary powers, as fully as they are now enjoyed by stockholder of the Bank of Alexandria, of the the said corporation, shall be, and the same are Farmers' Bank of Alexandria, and of the Bank hereby, continued to the said corporation, for the of Washington, (being a citizen of the United term of five years from the first day of January States, and not otherwise,) shall be entitled to next, and no longer. vote by himself, his agent, or proxy, appointed Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That it shall under his hand and seal, at all elections, in virtue and may be lawful for the stockholders of the of this act, and shall have as many votes as he Central Bank of Georgetown and Washington has shares, as far as thirty shares, and not more aforesaid, at their next annual meeting for the than one vote for every five shares thereafter. election of directors, to reduce the board of direc

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That a meeting tors for the said Central Bank, to any number not of the stockholders of the Bank of Alexandria, in less than six. the town of Alexandria, shall be held on the third Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That the corMonday of January in every year, during the con- poration of the Bank of Potomac be, and the same tinuance of this act; previous notice whereof shall is hereby, continued and extended to the tbịrd day be published in some newspaper printed in Alex- of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand andria or the City of Washington, for the space eight hundred and thirty-six, during which time of four weeks successively; and the stockholders it shall hold, and be possessed of all the rights, assembled in consequence of such notice shall privileges, and immunities, now secured to it by choose by ballot from among themselves, by a an act, passed on the sixteenth day of February, majority of votes of such as shall be present, or one thousand eight hundred and eleven, entitled

Public Acts of Congress.

"An act to incorporate the Bank of Potomac," Bank shall, forth with, become stockholders in the and shall be subject to all the restraints and limi- said Bank of Potomac, and shall be entitled to the tations expressed in the said act, except so far as same privileges and advantages, and the stock of the same shall be altered by any provisions here the said Union Bank shall

, to all intents and purinafter contained.

poses, be considered as forming a part of the capiSec. 12. And be it further enacted, That an elec- tal of the said Bank of Potomac; and the proper tion for directors of the Bank of Potomac shall be officers of the said Bank of Potomac shall forthheld in the town of Alexandria, on the first Mon- with issue to the stockholders of the said Union day in November in each year, of which notice Bank certificates of stock in the said Bank of shall be given in one or more newspapers pub- Potomac, at the rate of one share, or one hundred lished in said town, for four weeks at least before dollars of Potomac Bank stock, for every hundred the day of election; and the stockholders shall dollars of the Union Bank stock so subscribed, acchoose, by ballot, to be given in person or by cording to the respective interests of the said stockproxy, by a majority of votes, from amongst the holders in the stock so subscribed. stockholders, thirteen directors, for the term of Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That, on the one year thereafter, and, on resignation, disquali- said union being made as aforesaid, all contracts fication, or removal, of any director out of the legally made by the said Union Bank shall, forthcounty of Alexandria, or out of the county of with, become obligatory on the said Bank of PoFairfax, in Virginia, the other directors, at their tomac, and all debts due by the said Union Bank next meeting thereafter, may elect, by ballot, an- on notes issued by it, or otherwise, shall become other person, qualified as aforesaid, in his place, chargeable on, and payable by, the said Bank of for the residue of the year. The directors of said Potomac; and the parties to such contracts, and bank shall, at the first meeting after every general the creditors of the said Union Bank, shall have election, elect, by ballot, from among their own the same remedies to enforce the performance of number, by a majority of their whole number, a such contracts, and the payment of such debts, president; and in case of his death, resignation, or against the said Bank of Potomac, its property, removal out of the county of Alexandria, or out and effects, as are now, by law, given to them of the county of Fairfax, or of his refusal to ac- against the said Union Bank; and that the said cept his office, the directors shall meet, as soon as Bank of Potomac may, in its own name, sustain conveniently can be thereafter, and elect another all actions and suits which may be necessary to person as president, in the manner before de- enforce the payment of debts due to, and the perscribed.

formance of contracts made with, the said Union Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That every Bank, and for the recovery of any lands, tenements, stockholder of the Bank of Potomac, being a cití- goods, and chattels, belonging to, and improperly zen of the United States, shall be entitled to vote withheld from, the said Union Bank. at all elections to be holden by the stockholders of Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That all bonds, said bank, in pursuance of this act, and shall bills, notes, or other securities for money, which, have as many votes in proportion to the stock he by the terms thereof, have been, or shall be made may hold, as follows, that is to say: For every payable at the said Union Bank, which shall share, from one to iwenty, one vote; for each fall due after the said union shall have been share, from twenty to fifty shares, one vote for carried into effect, shall, from thenceforth, be contwo shares; from fifty to one hundred, one vote sidered as if the same had been made payable at for four shares; above one hundred shares, one the said Bank of Potomac; and that a demand of vote for six shares: Provided, That no share, or payment at the said Bank of Potomac shall, to all number of shares, pledged to the said bank as intents and purposes, be as effectual in law as if security for any debt due, or to become due, to it, the same were made at the said Union Bank. shall be considered as conferring any right to vote Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That, from at the said elections.

the time the said union of the said banks shall be Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That it shall carried into effect, the twenty-seventh section of be lawful for the president of the Union Bank of the act of Congress, passed on the third of March, Alexandria, at any time before the first day of one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, entitled April next, with the consent of a majority in in- “An act to incorporate the subscribers to certain terest of the stockholders thereof, to subscribe to banks in the District of Columbia, and to prevent the said Bank of Potomac the full amount of the the circulation of the notes of unchartered associacapital stock of the said Union Bank, and, on tions within the said District, shall be, and the such subscription being made, to deliver over and same is hereby, repealed : Provided, That such retransfer to the said Bank of Potomac all the books, peal shall not in any way, impair the right of the papers, money, property, and evidences of debts, said Bank of Potomac to the money, property, belonging to the said Union Bank, and to convey debts, and effects, which shall be transferred or to the said Bank of Potomac the real estate be- conveyed to it, as aforesaid, nor its remedies in its longing to said Union Bank, for passing the title own name for the recovery thereof; nor shall any of which bank in the said estate, to the said Bank suit now brought in the name of the said Union of Potomac, the deed of the President of the said Bank, thereby abate, but the same may be carried Union Bank shall be effectual; on which sub-on and prosecuted for the benefit of the said Bank scription, delivery, transfer, and conveyance, be- of Potomac, to final judgment and execution; and ing made, the stockholders of the said Union that proceedings on such judgments or executions

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