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and shall state to both Houses when assembled both Houses shall be presented to the Governor. the purposes for which they were convened. If he approve he shall sign the same; but if be

Sec. 8. In case of disagreement between the shall not approve, he shall return it with his obtwo Houses, in respect to the time of adjourn jections to the House in which it shall have ment, he shall have power to adjourn the Gene originated, who shall enter the objections at large ral Assembly to such time as he may think upon the journal, and proceed to reconsider the proper, but not beyond the regular meetings same. If after such reconsideration two-thirds thereof.

of that House shall agree to pass the bill, it shall Sec. 9. He shall be commander-in-chief of the be sent, with the objections, to the other House, military in the State, except when they shall be by which, likewise, it shall be reconsidered, and called into the service of the United States. if approved by two-thirds of that House, it'shall

Sec. 10. The pardoning power shall be vested be a law. But in such case the votes of both in the Governor, under such regulations and re- Houses shall be determined by Yeas and Nays, strictions as may be prescribed by law. and the names of the persons voting for or against

SEC. 11. There shall be a seal of the State, the the bill shall be entered upon the journals of the device of which shall be fixed upon by the Gov. House respectively. If any bill shall not be reernor and other State officers, be kept by the turned by the Governor within five days (Sunday Governor and used by him officially, and "shall excepted) after it shall have been presented to be called The Great Seal of the State of Kan- him, it shall be a law in like manner as if he had

signed it, unless the General Assembly, by their Sec. 12. All grants and commissions shall be adjournment, prevented its return, in which case used in the name and by the authority of the it shall also be a law, unless sent back within State of Kansas, sealed with the great seal, sign- two days after the next meeting. ed by the Governor, and countersigned by the Sec. 20. Contested elections for Governor, Secretary of State.

Lieutenant Governor, Judges of the Supreme Sec. 13. No member of either House of Con- Court, and all other State officers, shall be detergress, or other persons holding office under the mined by the General Assembly in such manauthority of this State, or of the United States, ner as may be prescribed by law. shall execute the office of Governor except as SEC. 21. The General Assembly shall have herein provided.

power to provide by law for the election of a Sec. 14. In the case of death, impeachment, Surveyor-General, State Geologist, and Superinresignation, removal, or other disability of the tendent of Common Schools, whose duties shall Governor, the Lieutenant-Governor shall exer- be prescribed by law. cise the duties of the office of Governor, until another Governor shall be duly qualified; but in

ARTICLE VI.-JUDICIAL. such case another Governor shall be chosen at

Section 1. The Judicial power of the State the next annual election for members of the shall be vested in a Supreme Court, Courts of General Assembly, unless such death, resigna- Common Pleas, Justices of the Peace, and in tion, impeachment, removal, or other disability such other Courts inferior to the Supreme Court shall occur within three calendar months imme- as the General Assembly may establish. diately preceding such next annual election, in SEC. 2. The Supreme Court shall consist of which case a Governor shall be chosen at the three Judges, a majority of whom shall form a second succeeding annual election for members quorum. It shall have such original and appelof the General Assembly, and in case of the late jurisdiction as may be provided by law. It death, impeachment, resignation, removal, or shall hold at least one term each year at the seat other disability the Lieutenant-Governor, the of Government, and such other Terms as may President of the Senate pro tem. shall exercise be provided by law. The Judges of the Suthe office of Governor until a Governor shall be preme Court shall be elected by the electors of duly qualified as aforesaid.

the State at large. SEC. 15. The Lieut.-Governor shall be Presi. Sec. 3. The State shall be divided by the first dent of the Senate, but shall vote only when the General Assembly under this Constitution into Senate is equally divided, and shall be entitled three Common Pleas Districts of compact Territo the same pay as the Speaker of the House of tory, bounded by county lines, and as nearly Representatives, and in case of his death, im- equal in population as practicable; and a Judge peachment, resignation, removal from office, or for each District shall be chosen by the electors when he shall exercise the office of Governor, thereof, and their term of office shall be for three the Senate shall choose a President pro tem. years.

Sec. 16. Should the office of Secretary of State, SEC. 4. The Courts of Common Pleas shall Treasurer, Auditor, or Attorney-General become consist of one Judge each, who shall reside with. vacant, for any of the causes specified in the in the district for which he is chosen during his fourteenth and fifteenth sections, the Governor continuance in office. shall fill the vacancy or vacancies until the disa- Sec. 5. The jurisdiction of the Court of Combility is removed or a successor is elected and mon Pleas and of the Judges thereof shall be qualified. Every such vacancy shall be filled fixed by law. by election, at the first general election that oc- Sec. 6. A competent number of Justices of the curs more than thirty days after such vacancy Peace shall be elected by the electors in each shall have occurred, and the person chosen shall township of several counties. The term of office hold the office for the full term fixed in the sec- shall be three years, and their powers and duties ond section of this article.

shall be fixed by law. SEC, 17. The officers mentioned in this article Sec. 7. All Judges, other than those provided shall, at stated times, receive for their services for in the Constitution, shall be elected by the compensation to be fixed by law, which shall electors of the judicial district for which they neither be increased nor diminished during the may be created, but not for a longer term of period for which they shall have been elected. office than three years.

SEC. 18. The officers of the Executive Depart- Sec. 8. The Judges of the Supreme Court shall, ment, and of the public State Institutions shall, immediately after the first election under this at least ten days preceding each regular session Constitution, be classified by lot, so that one shall of the General Assembly, severally report to the hold for the term of one year, one for the term Governor, who shall transmit the same to the of three years; and all subsequent elections the General Assembly.

term of each of said Judges shall be for threo Sec. 19. Every bill which shall have passed years.

Sec. 9. In case the office of any Judge shall | any exclusive right to, or control of, any part of become vacant before the expiration of the term the school funds of this State. for which he was elected, the vacancy shall be Sec. 3. The General Assembly may take measfilled by appointment by the Governor, until a ures for the establishment of a University, with successor shall be elected and qualified ; and such branches as the public convenience may such successor shall be elected for the residue hereafter demand, for the promotion of literature, of the unexpired term, at the first annual election the arts, sciences, medical and agricultural inthat occurs more than thirty days after such struction. vacancy ehall have happened.

Sec. 4. Provision may be made by the law Sec. `10. The Judges of the Supreme Court for the support of pormal schools, with suitable and of the Court of Common Pleas shall, at stat. libraries and scientific apparatus. ed times, receive such compensation as may be provided by law, which shall not be increased

ARTICLE VIII.--PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. or diminished during their term of office; but they shall receive no fees or perquisites, nor hold Section 1. It shall be the duty of the General any other office of profit and trust under the State, Assembly, at as early a date as possible, to proother than a judicial office.

vide State Asylums for the benefit, treatment Sec. 11. The General Assembly may increase and instruction of the blind, deaf and dumb, and or diminish the number of the Judges of the insane. Supreme Court, the number of the districts of SEC. 2. The General Assembly shall make prothe Courts of Common Pleas, the number of vision for the establishment of an Asylum for Judges in any district, or establish other courts, idiots, to be regulated by law. whenever two-thirds of the members elected to Sec. 3. The respective counties of the State each House shall concur therein ; but no such shall provide in some suitable manner for those change, addition, or diminution shall vacate the inhabitants who, by reason of age, infirmity or office of any Judge.

other misfortune, may have claims upon the SEC. 12. There shall be elected in each county, sympathy and aid of society; under provisby the electors thereof, one Clerk of the Court ions to be made by the laws of the General Asof Common Pleas, who'shall hold his office for the sembly. term of three years, and until his successor shall Sec. 4. The General Assembly, shall make be elected and qualified.

provision for the establishment of houses of reSEC. 13. The General Assembly shall provide fuge for the correction, reform, and instruction of by law for the speedy publication of the decis- juvenile offenders. ions of the Supreme Court made under this Con- Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the General Asstitution.

sembly to make provisions as soon as possible Sec. 14. The Supreme Court shall, upon the for a State General Hospital. decision of every case, give an opinion in writing of each question arising in the record in such case and the decision of the Court thereon.


WORKS. Sec. 15. There shall be elected by the voters of the State a Clerk and a Reporter for the Su

Section 1. No money shall be paid out of the preme Court, who shall hold their offices for treasury except in pursuance of an appropriation three years, and whose duties shall be pre

by law. scribed by law.

SEC. 2. The credit of the State shall never be Sec. 16. Judges may be removed from office given or loaned in aid of any individual associaby concurrent resolution of both Houses of the tion or corporation. General Assembly, if two-thirds of the members

Sec. 3. For the purpose of defraying extraorelected to each House concur therein ; but no dinary expenditures, the State may contract pubsuch removal shall be made except upon com- lic debts, but such debts shall never

in the aggreplaint, the substance of which shall be entered gate exceed one hundred thousand dollars, unless upon the journal, nor until the party thereof authorized by a direct vote of the people at & charged shall have had notice thereof, and an general election. Every such debt shall be au. opportunity to be heard.

thorized by law, and every such law shall proSec. 17. The several Judges of the Supreme vide for the payment of the annual interest of Court, of the Court of Common Pleas, and of such debt, and the principal within ten years such other

courts as may be created by law, from the passage of such law, and such approshall respectively have and exercise such power and interest shall have been wholly paid.

priation shall not be repealed until the principal and jurisdiction, at chambers or otherwise, as may be provided by law.

Sec. 4. The Legislature may also borrow Sec. 18. The style of all process shall be “The money to repel invasion, suppress insurrection, State of Kansas." All prosecutions shall be car

or defend the State in time of war; but the money ried on in the name and by the authority of the thus raised shall be applied exclusively to the State of Kansas, and all indictments shall con object for which the loan was authorized, or reclude Against the peace and dignity of the payment of the debts thereby created. State of Kansas."

Sec. 5. No scrip, certificate, or other evidence

of State debt whatever, shall be issued, except ARTICLE VII.-EDUCATION.

for such debts as are authorized by the third Section 1. The principal of all funds arising and fourth sections of this article. from the sale or other disposition of lands or other property granted or intrusted to this State

ARTICLE X.-MILITIA. for educational and religious purposes, shall for- SECTION 1. The militia shall consist of all able. ever be preserved inviolate and undiminished, bodied white male persons between the ages of and the income arising therefrom shall be faith eighteen and forty years : except such as may fully applied to the specific objects of the origi- be exempt by the laws of the United States or nal grants or appropriations.

of this State, and shall be organized, officered, SEC. 2. The General Assembly shall make armed, equipped, and trained in such manner as such provision, by taxation or otherwise, as, with may be provided by law. the income arising from the school-trust fund, Sec. 2. The Governor shall appoint the Adju. will secure a thorough and efficient system of tant, Quartermaster and Commissary Gene. common schools throughout the State ; but no rals. religious or other sect or sects shall ever have Sec. 3. All militia officers shall be commis

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sioned by the Governor and shall hold their ARTICLE XIV.-JURISPRUDENCE.
offices not longer than three years.
SEC. 4. The General Assembly shall determine

Section 1. The General Assembly, at its first the method of dividing the militia into divisions, whose duty it shall be to revise, reform, simplify

session, shall constitute three Commissioners, brigades, regiments, battalions and companies, and abridge the rules of practice, pleadings, and fix the rank of all officers.

Sec. 5. The militia may be divided into forms and proceedings of the Courts of Record classes, in such manner as shall be prescribed of this State, and to provide, so far as practicaby law.

ble and expedient, that justice shall be adminis. Sec. 6. No person conscientiously opposed to tered by intelligent and uniform proceedings, bearing arms shall be compelled to do militia without any distinction between law and equity. duty ; but such person shall pay an equivalent

Sec. 2. The proceedings of the Commissioners for such exemption, the amount to be prescribed shall bo reported to the General Assembly, and by law.

be subject to the action of that body. SEC. 7. The first General Assembly shall offer

ARTICLE XV.-MISCELLANEOUS. inducements for the formation, uniforming and drilling of independent volunteer companies in SECTION 1. The first General Assembly shall the different cities and counties in this State. locate the permanent seat of government.

Sec. 2. Lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets ARTICLE XI.-FINANCE AND TAXAtion.

for any purpose whatever, shall forever be proSection 1. The General Assembly shall

hibited in the State.

provide, by law, for uniform and equal rate of as.

Sec. 3. No person shall be elected or appointsessment and taxation ; and taxes shall be levied ed to any office in this State unless they possess upon all such property, real and personal, as the the qualifications of an elector. General Assembly may, from time to time, pre

Sec. 4. There may be established in the Secrescribe ; but all property appropriated and used tary of State's office a Bureau of Statistics and exclusively for municipal, literary, educational, Agriculture, under such regulations as may be scientific or charitable purposes, and personal prescribed by law, and provision shall be made property to an amount not exceeding one hun by the General Assembly for the organization åred dollars, for each head of a family,

and all and encouragement of State and county Agriproperty appropriated and used exclusively for cultural Associations. religious purposes to an amount not exceeding

Sec. 5. The first General Assembly shall pro$200,000, may, by general laws, be exempted from vide by law for securing to the wife the separate taxation.

property acquired by her before or after coveSec. 2. The General Assembly shall provide ture, and the equal right with the husband to the by law for an annual tax sufficient to defray the custody of their children during their minority; estimated ordinary expenses of the State for each and in case of death, insanity, intemperance, or year.

gross impropriety of the husband, their exclusive Sec. 3. Every law imposing a tax shall state custody. distinctly the object of the same, to which it shall be applied.

ARTICLE XVI.-AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTI. SEC. 4. On the passage, in either House of the General Assembly, of any law which imposes, continues or renews a tax; or makes, continues to the Constitution shall be made by the General

Section 1. All propositions for amendments or renews an appropriation of public or trust money; or releases, discharges or commutes a

Assembly. claim or demand of the State, the question shall

SEC. 2. A concurrence of two-thirds of the be taken by

Yeas and Nays, which shall be duly members elected to each House shall be necesentered on the journal ; and three-fifths of all the sary, after which such proposed amendments members elected to such House shall, in all such and Nays, and the Secretary of State shall cause

shall be entered upon the journals with the Yeas cases, be required to constitute a quorum.

the sanie to be published in at least one news. ARTICLE XII.—COUNTY AND Township OFFI- | paper is published, for at least six months pre

paper in each County in the State where a news

ceding the next election for Senators and Repo Section 1. The General Assembly shall pro- resentatives, when such proposed amendments vide by law for the election of county, city, town shall be again referred to the Legislature elected and township officers.

next succeeding said publication. If passed by SEC. 2. All officers whose election or appoint- the second Legislature, by a majority of twoment is not provided for by this Constitution thirds of the members elected to each House, shall be elected by the people, or appointed as

such amendments shall be re-published as aforethe General Assembly may by law direct. said for at least six months prior to the next

Sec. 3. Provision shall be made by law for the general election, at which election such proposed removal, for misconduct or malversation in office, amendments shall be submitted to the people for of all officers whose powers and duties are not their approval or rejection, and if the majority local or legislative, and who shall be elected at of the electors voting at 'such election shail general elections, and also for supplying vacan. adopt such amendments, the same shall become cies created by such removal.

a part of the Constitution. Sec. 4. The Legislature may declare the cases

SEC. 3. When more than one amendment is in which any office shall be deemed vacant, submitted at the same time, they shall be so subwhere no provision is made for that purpose in mitted as to enable the electors to vote upon this Constitution.

each amendment separately.

Sec. 4. No convention for the formation of a ARTICLE XIII.-CORPORATION.

new constitution shall be called, and no amend

ment to the Constitution shall be by the General Section 1. The General Assembly shall not Assembly made, before the year 1865, nor more create, corporations by special act, except for than once in five years thereafter. municipal purposes. Sec. 2. Corporations may be formed under

ARTICLE XVII.-BANKS AND CURRENCY. general laws, but such laws may at any time be Section 1. No banks shall be established altered or repealed.

otherwise than uuder a General Banking Law.



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Sec. 2. If the General Assembly shall enact a proclamation of the same; and in case the ConGeneral Banking Law, such law shall provide stitution be ratified by the people, the Chairman for the registry and countersigning by the Au- of the Executive Committee shall cause publicaditor of State of all paper credit designed to be tion to be made by proclamation that an election circulated as money, with ample collateral se will be held on the third Tuesday of January, curity, readily convertible into specie for the A.D. 1856, for Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, redemption of the same in gold or silver, shall be Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, Judges required; which collateral security shall be of the Supreme Court, State Printer, Attorneyunder the control of the proper officer, or officers General, Reporter of the Supreme Court, Clerk of State. Such law shall restrict the aggregate of the Supreme Court, and Members of the Geneamount of all paper credit to be circulated as ral Assembly, which said election shall be held money, and the aggregate amount to be put in by the same Judges, under the same restrictions, circulation in any one year; and no note issued and conducted in the same manner as is hereinunder the provision of this section shall be of after provided for the election of Members of the a less denomination than ten dollars.

General Assembly; and the Judges herein named SEC. 3. The stockholders in every bank or are hereby required, within ten days after said banking company shall be individually liable to election, to seal up and transmit duplicate copies an amount over and above their stock equal to of the returns of said election to the Chairinan their respective shares of stock for all debts and of the Executive Committee, one of which shall liabilities of said bank or banking company: be laid before the General Assembly at its first

SEC. 4. All bills or notes issued as money shall meeting. be at all times redeemable in gold or silver ; and Fourth: At the same time and place, the quali. no law shall be passed sanctioning, directly or fied voters shall, under the same regulations and indirectly, the suspension by any bank or bank- restrictions, elect a Member of Congress to reping company of specie payments.

resent the State of Kansas in the XXXIVth SEC. 5. Holders of banknotes shall be entitled, Congress of the United States; the returns of in case of insolvency, to preference of specié said election to be made to the Chairman of the payment over all other creditors.

Executive Committee, who shall deposit the Sec. 6. No bank shall receive, directly or in- same in the office of the Secretary of State as directly, a greater rate of interest than shall be soon as he shall enter upon the discharge of the allowed by law to individuals loaning money. duties of his office.

Sec. 7. Every bank or banking company shall Fifth : The General Assembly shall meet on be required to cease all banking operations the fourth day of March, a. D. 1856, at the City within twenty years from the time of its organi- of Topeka, at 12 m., at which time and place the zation, and promptly thereafter to close its busi- Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary of

State, Judge of the Supreme Court, Treasurer, Sec. 8. The State shall not be a stockholder Auditor, State Printer, Reporter and Clerk of the in any bank or banking institution.

Supreme Court, and Attorney-General shall apSkč. 9. All banks shall be required to keep pear, take the oath of office, and enter upon the offices and proper officers for the issue and re- discharge of the duties of their respective offices demption of their paper at some accessible and under this Constitution, and shall continue in ofconvenient point within the State.

fice in the same manner and during the same Sec. 10. The said Banking law shall contain period they would have done had they been a provision reserving the power to alter, amend, elected on the first Monday of August, A. D. 1856. or repeal said law.

[The Constitution then goes on to give the Sec. 11. At the time of submitting this Consti- boundaries of the Eighteen Election-Districts into tution to the electors for their approval or dis- which the State is to be divided, to apportion the approval, the articles numbered in relation to a Senators and Representatives, and to appoint General Banking Law shall be submitted as a the voting places and the Judges of election. distinct proposition in the following form: Gen. We subjoin the concluding sections :] eral Banking Law; Yes, or No; and if a majority of the votes cast shall be in favor of said article,

INSTRUCTION TO JUDGES. then the same shall form a part of this Constitution ; otherwise it shall be void and form no part poll ballot-boxes for depositing the ballots cast

Sec. 7. The three Judges will provide for each thereof.

by electors ; shall appoint two clerks, all of whom shall be sworn or affirmed to discharge the du

ties of their respective offices impartially and SCHEDULE.

with fidelity; and the Judges and Clerks shall

have power to administer the oath or affirmation In order that no inconvenience may arise from to each other; and the said Judges shall open the organization and establishment of a State said election at 9 o'clock. A.M., at the place desig. Government, and that the wishes of the people nated in each precinct, and close the same at 6 may be fully accomplished, it is declared : o'clock P. M. In case any of the officers ap

first : That no existing rights, suits, prosecu- pointed fail to attend, the officer or officers in attions, claims, and contracts shall be affected by tendance shall supply their places, and in the a change in the form of Government,

event of all of them failing to attend the qualiSecond: That this Constitution shall be sub-fied voters shall supply their places, and the said mitted to the people of Kansas for ratification on Judges shall make out duplicate returns of said the 15th day of December next.

election, seal up and transmit the same within Third : That each qualified elector shall ex. ten days to the Chairman of the Executive Compress his assent or dissent to the Constitution by mittce, one copy of which is to be laid before voting a written or printed ticket labeled “ Con the General Assembly. If at the time of holding stitution" or “ No Constitution,” which election said election it shall be inconvenient, from any shall be held by the same Judges, and conducted cause whatever, that would disturb or prevent under the same regulations and restrictions as is the voters of any election-precinct in the Terrihereinafter provided for the election of Members tory from the free and peaceable exercise of the of the General Assembly, and the Judges therein elective franchise, the officers are hereby aunamed shall, within ten days after said election, thorized to adjourn said election into any other seal up and transmit to the Chairman of the Exe- precinct in the Territory, and to any other day cutive Committee of Kansas Territory the re- they may see proper, of the necessity of which sult of said election, who shall forthwith make they shall be the exclusive judges, at which time and place the qualified voters may cast, cation of the Kansas troubles, as also de their votes.

cidedly against Gov. Seward's proposition Sec. 8. Until otherwise provided by law, the Chairman of the Executive Commitee of Kansas to admit Kansas as a Free State, under her Territory shall announce by proclamation the Topeka Constitution. Mr. Collamer, being result of the elections and the names of persons the minority of the Territorial Committee, elected to office.

made a brief and pungent counter-report. Sec. 9. No person shall be entitled to a feat Mr. Douglas gave notice that he would ask in the first General Assembly at its organization except the members whose names are contained for a final vote on the day after the next. in the proclamation of the Chairman of the Exe- July 1st. — Bill debated by Messrs. cutive Committee; but after the General As Thompson of Ky., Hale of N. H., Bigler of sembly is organized seats may be contested in Pa., Adams of Miss., and Crittenden of the usual way.

Sec. 10. Certificates of_indebtedness may be Ky; issued by the Territorial Executive Committee, July 2d.-Debate continued through the for all necessary expenses accruing in the forma- day and following night, the majority retion of the State Government, not exceeding sisting all motions to adjourn.

Messrs. $25,000; provided no certificates shall be issued except for legitimate expenses. All claims shall Wade, Pugh, Biggs, Bigler, Toombs, Claybe made in writing, and shall be numbered and ton, Crittenden, Bell, Seward, Hale, and kept on file in the Secretary's office, and all cer- nearly half the Senate participated. An tificates of indebtedness shall be signed by the amendment moved by Mr. Adams of Miss., President and Secretary, and countersigned by the Treasur,er and numbered to correspond with the day before, striking out so much of the the numbers of the claim or bill for which it was bill as secures the Right of Suffrage, in ihe issued. The certificate shall bear ten per cent. proposed reorganization of Kansas, to alien interest per annum.

residents who shall have declared their inSec. 11. The first General Assembly shall pro tention to become citizens, and renounced vide by law for the redemption of the certifi. cates of indebtedness issued under the provisions all allegiance to foreign governments, was of the foregoing section.

adopted : Yeas 22 ; Nays 16, as follows : SEC. 12. Until the great seal of the State of

YEAS—Messrs. Adams and Brown of Miss., Kansas is agreed upon and procured, as provi- Bayard and Clayton of Del., Biggs and Reid of ded for in the eleventh section of the fifth article N. C., John Bell of Tenn., Brodhead of Penn., of this Constitution, the Governor shall use his C. c.' Clay and Fitzpatrick of Ala., Collamer own private seal as the Seal of State.

and Foot of Vt., Crittenden and J. B. Thompson Sec. 13. At the election for the ratification of of Ky., Fessenden of Maine, Foster of Conn., this Constitution, and the first election for State Geyer of Mo., Hunter and Mason of Va., Iverson officers, a representation in the Congress of the of Ğa., Mallory and Yulee of Fla.—22. United States and members of the General As

NAYS–Messrs. Allen of R. I., Bigler of Pa., sembly of this State, an actual residence in the Butler and Evans of S. C., Bright

of Ind., Cass Territory of thirty days immediately preceding of Mich., Dodge of Wisc., Douglas of III., Jones said election shail be sufficient as a qualifica of Iowa, Pughoof Ohio, Seward of N. Y., Slidell tion for the elector; and an actual residence of of La., Toombs of Ga., Weller of Cal., Wilson ninety days for the candidates, provided said of Mass., Wright of N. J.-16. election and candidates possess all the other qualifications required by the provisions of this

Sometime in the morning of July 3rd, the Constitution.

following annendment, reduced to shape by Sec. 14. The first Legislature shall provide by Mr. Geyer of Mo., was added to the 18th law for the enforcement of the provisions of the section of the bill—only Brown of Miss., 6th section of the Bill of Rights on or before the 4th day of July, 1867, as to all persons in the Fitzpatrick of Ala., and Mason of Va., Territory before the adoption of this Constitu- voting against it : Yeas 40. It provides tin, and as to all others, the provisions of said that section shall operate from and after the ratifica

“No law shall be made or have force or effect tion of this Constitution by the people.

in said Territory [of Kansas) which shall require

any attestation or oath to support any act of Con-

gress or other legislative act, as a qualification for

any civil office, public trust, or for any employ-

ment or profession, or to serve as a juror, or vote

at an election, or which shall impose any tax

W. Y. ROBERTS, upon, or condition to, the exercise of the right of

suffrage, by any qualified voter, or which shall

J. G. THOMPSON. restrain or prohibit the free discussion of any

| law or subject of legislation in the said Territory,


or the free expression of opinion thereon by the

people of said Territory.”

An amendment proposed by Mr. Clayton,


to the same effect as the above, but rather
M. F. CONWAY, more comprehensive in its terms, was super-
0. C. BROWN, J. 8. EMERY, seded by the adoption of the foregoing, by

J.H. LANE, President. SAX. 0. SMITH, Secretary,

a party vote : Yeas 34 ; Nays, l1 [FreeCHARLES A, FOSTER, Assistant Secretary.

State men].

Mr. Trumbull of Ill, moved the follow-
June 30th.—Mr. Douglas reported to the ing :
Senate on several bills submitted by Messrs.

And be it further enacted, That it was the Clayton, Toombs, and others, for the pacifi-| true intent and meaning of the act to organize

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